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Chapter 143: A Spellcaster’s True Strength (Part 1)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2238 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 939 words
Editor(s): Fire

Taking a step back after completing her summoning, Mira began apologizing to Isenfald, who looked sulky. The Chimera had retreated a distance at the sight of Isenfald too, so even though they were in the middle of a fight, there was a bit of time. And during that time…

「I’m truly sorry. I was scolded after that because people were freaking out seeing a huge dragon in the air…」

She was talking about the first time she summoned Isenfald after this world became reality. There, Mira had told him she would summon him often. But soon after that Creos had warned her that things could get messy if she flew on Isenfald near human settlements, so she had never summoned him again.

「I wish I had been told that much sooner. I really thought Mother had forgotten about me, and it was very lonely.」

It had been around one month of abandonment for Isenfald. That was enough time to make him think that, and Mira looked guilty for making him go through that.

「Yes, you’re right, I should’ve done that. But I’m really sorry. But I promise I’ll listen to anything you ask after this. So, what do you say, will you forgive me?」

Mira apologized sincerely and held her head down, though she still tried to peek up waiting for Isenfald’s reaction. He changed his attitude almost instantly.

「Anything… anything?! No going back on your word! If you break your promise again, I…I will end up hating you!」

He was clearly happy. But he was also trying to force himself to remain calm, accepting Mira’s offer.

「Yes, no going back. I swear I’ll keep my promise. I also don’t want to be hated by my dear son.」

Mira said that, approaching Isenfald and gently touching him.


Isenfald leaned his body against Mira, rubbing his cheek on her. Their parental relationship had been patched up again.

「It’s coming!」

Alfina announced, as the spirit chimera began moving under Gregorius’ orders. The power of nature contained in it was overwhelming, making Mira feel slightly nervous. But she laughed it away, as it was something she had gotten used to, and gave Isenfald orders.

「Son, take on that beast!」
「Yes, Mother!」

Isenfald listened, and got ready. His terrible presence was felt through the entire room, making even Alfina and her sisters tremble, even though they were on the same team. Even the fear of death could not compare to him.

A moment later, he leaped into the air, gliding forward like a dart and colliding with the spirit chimera that was shrouded in a destructive storm. Their claws clashed, the spirit chimera’s covered in lightning against Isenfald’s jet black ones. Powerful shock waves could be felt every time they hit each other.

Either due to a difference in experience, or because Isenfald had sentience, his claws and fangs slowly began to tear the spirit chimera apart. It was not enough to completely overpower the chaotic power of nature, which quickly closed the wounds, while the surrounding elements harmed Isenfald as well.

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Calamity against disaster. A scene beyond human understanding. It felt like reality itself was being deconstructed, everything being consumed near the two entities. The floor and ceiling trapping the violent fight was getting cracked, broken, and scorched.

The fight was reaching a level of destruction incomprehensive for human minds, when something happened. Isenfald’s thick tail tore through the spirit chimera’s torso. There was a terrible sound like a forest falling apart, and the spirit chimera was sent flying away.

The room they were in was large, around five hundred meters from one side to another. They were fighting in the center, and the chimera’s enormous body passed through the entire room and crashed into a wall, not touching the ground once.

「Its power output is too erratic… I guess trying to contain that without the Spirit King’s power was too ambitious after all.」

Gregorius frowned, muttering that to himself as he watched the fight unfold. The Spirit King’s power, apparently that was still needed to really complete the spirit chimera.

「You should learn to not get distracted.」

As Mira wanted, the battlefield had moved far away from their current location. Gregorius seemed too curious about the conflict though, his eyes glued to the two creatures. Mira used that opening to sneak behind him and swing her white staff. There was a bolt of lightning, the effect of one of Gregorius’ spirit arms. His body was constantly protected by the power of spirits.

「Tsk… Just how un-summoner-like can you get!」

Gregorius glared at Mira with disdain, turning around while unsheathing a sword and swinging at her. That was yet another spirit sword, the slash creating a barrage of flames that engulfed Mira.

(That’s quite a ways weaker than the one from last time.)

During their first encounter, Gregorius used a similar fire spirit sword, though that one had been made out of a piece forged by his father, the master blacksmith Gregor. Amidst the flames, Mira stood behind the shield of a Holy Knight, while noting the decrease in the sword’s power.

「At least the fight on this side is over.」

A moment later, Alfina knocked the sword out of Gregorius’ hand, before holding her blade against his throat. The flames borne from the spirit sword died down, and Mira walked out from the Holy Knight’s protection to confront Gregorius.

「You can’t win. Giving up would be the best choice for you now.」 She continued.



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