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Chapter 130: A Good Interrogator (Part 4)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2628 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1164 words
Editor(s): Fire

Not wanting to endure torture again, Piisuke took a step back and spoke from a distance.

All shikigamis were given form through the mana of the caster, so Sense Sync could be used with any shikigami. Meanwhile with summons like Valkyrie, Isenfald, or Worthramble, mana was only used to open a portal for them to pass through.

But Armor Spirits like the Dark Knight were different, those were artificial objects and spirits, which manifested entirely through the caster’s mana just like a shikigami. That was something the wiseman Danbulf had discovered, and was one of the fundamentals of summoners.

An analogy would be that artificial spirits were like software, and mana constructed the hardware. Though the exact reason for that difference between contracted spirits and artificial spirits was still being researched.

「Hmm, interesting, very interesting. Then-」

「Let’s finish this conversation another day Grandpa! You called to report something, right? Tell me that first.」

Assuming there was something more important behind the call, Piisuke interrupted Mira.

Mira had gotten obsessed with Sense Sync, but she could not finish saying 「then teach me how to use it」, which left her pouting. But she also knew that reporting about the two prisoners was an important matter. So holding back bitter tears she gave up on learning about the skill, and spoke about her progress instead.

Mira started telling her about the black market auction, to the date seven days later given by the man in long clothes, and the truth of Sentopolly according to Isaac.

「And that’s about it. We’re about to try getting information out of the second prisoner, the assassin.」

With that, she finished her report.

「That’s a lot of progress Grandpa!」

Piisuke had listened attentively, only raising an energetic voice when Mira was done. Then it patted Mira’s shoulder, apparently in a good mood.

「It was nothing difficult for me. I was only planning on telling you about it, but if you can see, talk and hear already, it might be faster if I bring you into the interrogation too.」

Mira figured it was faster to take Kagura through Sense Sync to witness everything, instead of having to call and make yet another report..

「I’ll take over the interrogation. I’ll be there in a moment!」

With those last words, Kagura’s voice left Piisuke, who remained still like a lifeless statue.

「You’ll be here? What do you mean? You’re already here.」

Mira spoke to Piisuke, but unlike the previous movements, it only cocked its head to the side as if unable to understand a word.

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Kagura had probably cut Sense Sync already. Piisuke would have been enough for her to see everything that happened, so Mira went closer to Piisuke, lifting it up and shaking it violently, yelling into wherever she thought its ears were.

「Heyyy, what happened to youuu? Answer meeee!」

No matter how violently she shook Piisuke or how loudly she shouted, there was no reaction. Mira figured that meant Kagura had really stopped using the skill. Then she began thinking what she might have meant with, 「I’ll be there in a moment.」

Barely a few moments later, Piisuke began glowing, still held in Mira’s hand, and an instant later it vanished, Kagura herself taking its place.


Kagura had appeared held high above Mira’s head. And she was in the same position as Piisuke, namely upside down. The result was obvious. Mira’s arms were too weak to hold up a person, so Kagura fell to the floor head-first. Mira was below her so she did not come out unscathed either, the two colliding and tangling together as they fell down.

「Owwiee. Why is the floor above my head…」
「What happened? What did I just see…」

Mira and Kagura rolled around the floor, neither of them had anticipated that situation at all.

Kagura had not explained anything before cutting communications, and Piisuke was far lighter than it looked, allowing Mira to easily move and rotate it however she wished. The result was a rather strange scene, which looked like a fall right out of a manga, which sometimes were called lucky pervert scenes. The main difference was that this time both(?) of them were girls.

「Miraa! I heard a loud noise, what hap…pened?」

The extravagant fall had made a loud thumping noise which Arlon heard, so he returned to see what happened and was left speechless when he saw them. Mira was down on her back, with Kagura on top of her, their bodies turned around 180 degrees so it looked like they were showing each other a certain part of their bodies.

Kagura wore a red and white dress, which at first sight resembled that of a shrine maiden. Though there were a few considerable changes, she was covered in a wide coat with prints of cat faces and paws, and her skirt looked like a red hakama that went down to her knees. It was modified enough that it could fit into the Magical Girl Style umbrella.

「Oh, Arlon? Good evening.」

Holding her forehead in one hand, probably from the heavy blow she received, Kagura raised her face from between Mira’s thighs and dizzily greeted Arlon.

「I think greetings can wait…」

Meanwhile her hips rested right on top of Mira’s face, who somehow managed to wriggled her face out of Kagura’s skirt and tried to get free.

「Umm…err…sooo…okay, actually, why are you here, Uzume?」

Arlon struggled to figure out the right words, eventually deciding to pretend he never saw the situation the two were in, focusing only on the presence of Uzume, the commander of the Fifty Bells, in there.

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「And because of that, I decided to come to do the interrogation myself.」
「That seems to be it. Somehow she involved me in it and we ended up like that though. What a mess.」

Mira and Uzume were back on their feet, acting like nothing had happened. Uzume explained that she used a special onmyoji skill that allowed her to exchange places with Piisuke. Because Mira had been holding up Piisuke, upside down, Uzume was also in that position when she appeared there.

「I had no idea such a skill existed, but you’re our commander for a reason. But this speeds things up, I’ve already set up everything so you can start the interrogation anytime.」

Not wanting to hear any further explanation, Arlon decided to hasten their movements and turned around, walking through the iron gate again.

「Anyway, Grandpa, don’t you think your underwear is a bit too flashy?」
「Right back at you, aren’t you too old to be wearing underwear with cat stamps?」

Once Arlon was gone, the two glared at each other saying that, but it did not last too long. Uzume said a single word, ‘Pervert’, which left Mira without a chance at defending herself, so she just hung her head in defeat.


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