Chapter 95: The Spirits’ Reunion (Part 1)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2965 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1431 words
Editor(s): Fire

The fight happening inside the shrine entombed in a cave below the lake was nearing its end. Having lost an arm, the skeleton began spewing out the spirit devouring black mist from all over its body, running berserk overtaken by rage. Mira quickly stepped back, while Popotwise also flew away to keep a distance and only peek at the scene from a hidden place. Only Galum kept exchanging blows with the skeleton.

Since it lost its cool, the skeleton’s attacks were all repetitive and easy to predict, so Galum had an easy time sneaking in attacks and vanishing before it could counterattack. All the skeleton could do was shriek while mindlessly swinging its arms around, never hitting anything solid. Eventually the skeleton collapsed on the ground after a powerful blow from Galum’s claws.
From the ground, the skeleton’s vacant eyes caught a glimpse of the holy sword that had fallen amongst the greenery around, which lit a dark fire in its eyes.

The skeleton squirmed trying to reach the sword, his movement looking like that of a drug addict separated from his addiction, every movement erratic and crazed. But before its hand could reach, Arlawne’s vines took hold of the sword and dragged it deeper inside the greenery, hiding it from the skeleton’s view.

Still, that was not enough to stop it, it staggered onto its feet and ran towards the last spot it had seen the sword in. Everything it could see was the sword now, leaving its back defenseless against Galum. A large crimson column sprouted forth, swinging horizontally against the skeleton together with a roaring sound. It was Galum’s flame covered tail. He quickly turned his body around, increasing the speed at which the blazing column traveled. Once the collision happened, the column exploded against the skeleton, sending flames flying everywhere.

The impact sent the skeleton flying until it collided with the wall further inside, cracking it and sending tremors throughout the shrine.

「Ohh, that’s a really powerful attack.」

Mira was impressed as she muttered to herself, watching how the limp skeleton collapsed on the ground, before going to pet Galum’s snout. In response, he growled pleased while quickly swinging his flaming tail.

「I get it, I get it, but please calm down already.」

Mira waved away the bright embers floating from his tail as she watched the skeleton. The fire spreading through the podium area slowly died down, and at the same time silence returned to the shrine. But that was soon broken by a couple of dry sounds. It had stood up. Even after being relentlessly attacked by Galum before being blasted away by that explosion, which would have killed almost anything, it still managed to get on its feet.

But soon after its skull began to wobble, the cracks riddling its torso showed just how much damage it had sustained. Mira then looked at the holy sword held by vines, making sure it was safe before looking at the skeleton again and heaving a deep sigh before stepping forward.

「That was tougher than expected, but it seems we don’t have to worry about the sword anymore. No need to hold back now.」

When Mira said that, Galum and Popotwise stepped back a considerable distance, while the greenery began to move again. From the lush green grass and bushes, vines sprang forth and firmly wrapping around the skeleton’s bones and impeding further movement and resistance from it.

The skeleton began to shriek and moan again, trying to tear itself apart from the vines, but the cracks all over its bones had debilitated it to such an extent it was impossible for it to get away. And that was pretty much a fatal outcome for the skeleton. Mira slowly put her palm forward, a Binding Arcana Circle manifesting in front, which soon turned into a Rosario Summoning Circle. That was usually the preparations needed to summon a high level entity, but there was something slightly different this time.

‘Radiance of the seven seas, unknown to time and shining brightly from beyond the sky, don’t let your heartbeat end nor your breath cease, so rise up again to manifest your brightness, dawn of time filling all realms!’

Summoning Spirit Magic: Cherubim Heart

As Mira chanted, the light coming from the summoning circle increased, turning to a red hue before spitting out crimson flames. The flames contorted wildly as if willingly controlled by some entity before quickly taking a humanoid shape. That was the shape Mira’s mana gave to the Great Spirit of Fire Demiurgos.

Summoning Spirit Magic, a skill that allowed one to summon a greater spirit and borrow their power for a very short time, which usually exceeded anything a person could do by a very large margin. The humanoid of flames mimicked Mira’s actions, turning straight ahead and extending its crimson arm towards the skeleton. An instant later scorching orbs flew and completely wrapped around the skeleton. The fire did not burn red, but a bright white like a small sun.

A low bellowing reminiscent of a blizzard came from it, and while the orbs shined extremely brightly, no one else could feel any heat coming from them. That was entirely due to the nature of the skill. Summoning Spirit Magic: Cherubim Heart would envelop a given area in scorching flames, but anything outside the area would be unaffected, and the smaller the area the stronger the flames became. But the flames did not discriminate against anything inside the area. The area Mira had designated for the attack was the smallest it could get, which also meant the flames were at their most powerful.

The podium shone brightly while the flames lasted. Afterwards all there was left was the floor covered in greenery with a perfectly circular spot cut off, filled only with ashes and a strong burnt smell.

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「Well, looks like it wasn’t able to resist this much.」

Not even the bones had been able to keep their shape after being submitted to that overwhelming heat. Confirming that, Mira smiled wide. Where the skeleton once stood, there was only a small amount of black ashes, and a few remains of the mist, but there was no sign of the main body. Mira had won.

To hammer the point home, Galum raised a victorious howl beside Mira, while Popotwise begged Mira to praise her. Arlawne also crawled up Mira’s body and reclined against her chest.

「Mm, you all did really well.」

She praised the three of them, adding 「Good job」 before sending them back. Garlum kept barking happily until the last second, Popotwise’s wings fluttered happily, while Arlawne seemed bashful while wriggling around.

「Thank you so much for rescuing our friend.」
「Thank you.」

As soon as the greenery vanished like an illusion, Worthramble and Anlutine came down from the ceiling. They both stood in front of Mira and deeply bowed in thanks to her, their faces overtaken with joy.

「No need to thank me. Now go and talk to your friend again.」

Saying that, Mira smiled at them before turning her gaze towards the holy sword laying on one of the corners near the podium. Just as they had wished, their friend had finally been released. Mira thought they should be happier about that, rather than waste time thanking her. The two bowed to Mira once again seeing how much she cared, and then happily ran next to the holy sword.

「Sanctia, can you hear me? Everything’s alright now.」

Anlutine dearly hugged the sword, while Worthramble gently touched the handle while calling out to her. A change began to happen. Particles of light began to float off the blade, as if it had been awoken from a deep slumber. Soon after the holy sword shook slightly, and the particles of light flashed brightly. When the light subsided, a woman stood next to the sword, as if she had been standing there the entire time.

「Oh! The mist is gone!」

The woman raised her hands while exclaiming with a lively voice.


Worthramble was overcome with emotion as he grasped her hands, while Anlutine began to cry of relief and hugged her. Clearly that was her, Sanctia, the spirit residing inside the holy sword.

「It feels like it’s been ages!」

Sanctia was still trying to comprehend everything that happened, pleasantly surprised as she smiled brightly and tightly hugged the other two spirits.

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