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Chapter 122: Escape from the Warehouses (Part 1)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2441 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1033 words
Editor(s): Fire

Mira and Sasori found Angelique and Anne, Johann’s wife and daughter, in one of the warehouses.

They were now gathering their important belongings as quickly as possible. But it was still dark inside the building, and Mira had already hit herself in many more places than just her shins, so now she simply watched the others work while holding back tears. When they were done Mira took the luggage from Sasori and Angelique and stashed it in her Item Box.

「Your bracelet sure has a large capacity. I’ve already filled mine up and can’t use it for almost anything now.」

Seeing Mira stash away such a large quantity of items, Sasori muttered jealous. The Operator’s Bracelet which had a common Item Box was a valuable item only given by the Union to high ranking adventurers.

「Just rank up then. With your skills I’m sure you can easily get to rank B or A.」

Sasori was already more skilled than most high level adventurers, and the Operator’s Bracelet was upgraded the higher rank one achieved, so Mira figured Sasori could easily get more storage space simply by ranking up.

「I would if I had enough free time, but I’ve been too busy with missions as of late.」

All adventurers started at rank G, then depending on the amount of requests completed and their difficulty they would slowly rise up the ladder. Usually it would take one at least three years to reach rank C or B, except for very particular cases.
While Sasori was very proficient, she did not have any particularly unique strengths of her own, and she was too busy working for the Fifty Bells to put in the time to rank up.

Sasori sighed after explaining that, as if holding back a complaint.

「Sounds like you are having a rough time then. I’ll put in a word with Uzume for you then, she has to know you’re being overworked.」

Mira smiled teasingly as she said that while storing the last bag. 「Please forget I said anythinggg!」 Sasori exclaimed in distress as her face twitched in terror. At least now they were ready to move out without much hassle.

「Well, let’s get going then. We’re only hidden in a small radius, so try to not get too far apart.」

Having activated Complete Suppression again, Mira warned them as they went out. There were dim street lamps scattered through the facility, guards patrolling amongst them at a leisurely pace. One of the guards took a turn near them, the lamp hanging from his hip illuminating the group’s faces and making Angelique shriek.

「Calm down, the area might not be big, but its effect is thorough.」

As Angelique covered her trembling mouth, Mira spoke gently trying to calm her down. A moment later they watched how the guard walked past them without noticing a thing. Mira had explained what Complete Suppression did, but Angelique was still surprised seeing it in action, looking at the guard passing by in disbelief. After that Sasori took the lead, as she remembered the way back the best, and they traversed through the warehouses. Anne was sleeping soundly on Worthramble’s back. Sasori had made her smell a weak somnifer so she would not wake up and get scared, and she would only wake up later in the morning.


Angelique muttered as she looked back at all the guards they had passed by. 「I know, it almost feels unfair,」 added Sasori with a grimace.

「Now you see, this is the might of summoners!」

Mira grinned proudly as she rejoiced in the praise.

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「I had never heard of spirits of stillness before, but I knew spirits were powerful beings.」

Angelique smiled softly seeing Mira’s reaction, then spoke as she watched Worthramble carefully carrying Anne on his back like she was his own daughter. Mira looked displeased, no one acknowledging it was her who had summoned the spirit. On the other hand, Worthramble also looked a bit sour, being reminded just how little known his spirit lineage was.

Angelique seemed oblivious to the effect of her words, while Sasori pretended not to notice Mira and Worthramble’s reaction, simply walking ahead silently trying to not get involved.

They were getting close to the exit now, but they noticed many lights gathering there.

「What’s happening?」

Sasori wondered seeing the tumult happening near the exit. They were too far away to tell exactly what was going on, but after walking a few steps closer they could see more clearly.

Guards were leaving their posts and gathering there, with five currently there. A moment later the group of guards began moving together, heading where Mira and the rest stood.

「I don’t know what happened, but we should try keeping our distance.」

Saying that, Sasori pulled everyone to one side of the street and waited for the guards to pass by.

(Hm? He’s…)

Mira noticed one person was walking ahead leading the guards, so she instinctively Examined his face. His name was Isaac Meyer. He was a magician with long black hair and wore a robe. His face was very handsome with sharp eyes like an eagle’s, but Mira scowled, finding that look disgusting.

「Did they notice us?」
「I don’t know. We should probably hurry though.」

It was still late at night, but a group of guards had mobilized seemingly for no reason. Seeing that, Mira and the rest decided to hurry up and escape Melville’s territory as quickly as possible. Outside, they hurried to an alley where Complete Suppression was deactivated given Worthramble was near his limit, changed the effect to a simple optical camouflage, and they headed towards Johann’s mansion.

They spent many minutes going through the city, being mindful of Angelique. Once they reached the mansion, they crossed the unlocked front gates and walked towards the building while trying to not make any noise.


They were only camouflaged visually so any sound they made was still audible, but noticing something odd Sasori still took a chance and called out to Mira.

「I’ve noticed, the guards are gone.」


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