Chapter 119: Johann’s Request (Part 1)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2818 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1254 words
Editor(s): Fire

「If I understood correctly, if your family is safe you won’t have any qualms at ditching Chimera?」

Mira condensed all the information they had gathered into that conclusion.

Johann had been directly responsible for the creation of powerful weapons to harm spirits. He was fully aware of the effect his research had, but he had been forced to do it with his wife and daughter being kept hostage from him.

That meant that if his wife and daughter were returned safely to him, he would abandon his current path and stop producing the material for Chimera Clauzen, which would lessen their armament against spirits as well. Spirits were usually far more powerful than humans, and it was largely thanks to the black mist weapons that Chimera Clauzen had been successful so far. Stopping the production of it should slow them down too.

On top of that, if Johann became Mira’s ally, his knowledge of the black mist could help find a weak point in it. The Fifty Bells would definitely welcome that knowledge regardless of what he did in the past.

「I promise I’ll do anything in my hands to help your organization if my family is returned to me.」

Johann understood what Mira was getting at, replying in a straightforward manner. His response also sounded like a slight plea though.

「We’ll do our best at rescuing them then.」
「I’m sure you’ll see them soon.」

Mira and Sasori both vowed to help Johann with resolute voices.

「I feel like I can finally see the end of this. I’ll prepare a lot of documents in return for your favor later.」

Johann spoke happily as he sat down next to the table.

「Documents? That sounds useful, but exactly what kind of documents?」

Mira also sat down without much care, taking out a bottle of All-Seasons au Lait she had obtained in the Fifty Bells’ headquarters and sipping from it as she spoke.

「Everything I know about the black mist stones. While weapons produced with them have the main property of devouring spirits, they can have other properties depending on what they were mixed with. It should make it easier to fight against them if you know their effects beforehand.」
「I see, that does certainly sound useful.」
「Oh wow! So we’ll know their secrets!」

Mira was satisfied with Johann’s description. Behind them, still standing up, Sasori also sounded excited knowing they would find out more about the mysterious weapons used by Chimera Clauzen.

The Fifty Bells had scarcely any information about the black mist stones. Sasori had witnessed in horror how effective they were in combat though, having them escape from her grasp effortlessly.

But if someone who was not as trained as Sasori had to fight Chimera, it could end very painfully for the Fifty Bells’ side. Having knowledge of their weapons beforehand could overturn that completely.

「I’ll also throw in the receipts of all the materials I asked for from the Melville Trading Corporation. There’s a lot of things there that are directly used by Chimera. If you use the receipts properly, I’m sure you can expose the evil ways of the Trading Corporation.」

Johann kept adding enticing items to the reward for rescuing his family. To Mira and Sasori, that would mean obtaining definite proof tying Chimera Clauzen and the Melville Trading Corporation. But there was a small problem with that.

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「That would be helpful, but are you sure it’s a good idea? Doing that might incriminate yourself.」

As Mira said, those receipts had Johann’s name on them as well, so no matter what his reasons were, he would also be questioned. There were deep circumstances surrounding his involvement, but even then his research had led to piles of victims which could not be ignored. He might not get punished too severely by the law, but he would still get judged.

「I don’t mind, I know what I did. If anything, I only wish for my wife and daughter to not get blamed on my account.」

Johann looked at Mira and Sasori before bowing deeply.

「I’ll make sure they remain safe.」
「I’ll do everything I can as well.」

Mira and Sasori promised to do their best in response.

「Thank you a lot.」

Johann raised his face satisfied, smiling softly as he nodded.

The next issue was how they would rescue his wife and daughter. But Johann had no idea where they were being kept. He was sure the letters he received from them were written by his wife’s hand though, so he was certain they were still alive. That was enough to give him hope.

「Hmm, they’re a mother and daughter, where would someone hide them… hmm…」

Sasori muttered to herself, crossing her arms and letting her tail sway as she pondered. Mira finished her bottle of All-Seasons au Lait, then began rubbing her chin while knitting her brow. After a moment she raised her gaze.

「By the way, how old would your daughter be now?」

Thinking of something, she looked at Johann while asking that.

「Her age? She should be turning eight this year.」

Johann looked pained not being able to see his daughter’s growth, his eyes focusing on the distance as he replied in a sad voice.

Meanwhile Mira repeated 「Eight years old, huh」 to herself many times as her lips began twisting into a grin.

「Maybe it’s that place then.」

That age matched something she had seen. Thinking of that alongside the rest of the information she had, Mira kept grinning devilishly.

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「You’ve figured something-」
「Where are they?!」

Johann interrupted Sasori as he sprung on his feet and leaned forward towards Mira. His desperate reaction showed how worried he was as a husband and father, together with all his pent up grief. Sasori remained silent watching him.

「I believe they’re being kept in the Melville warehouses. There was a building near the entrance of the Graveyard of War Memorials that had a girl’s laundry hung to dry. It wouldn’t be a stretch to deduce they’re there.」

Mira slowly explained her reasoning while putting a hand on Johann’s shoulder to calm him down and make him sit again.

「Ah! That infantile underwear you showed me!」

Sasori quickly remembered the place, while voicing the one thing that remained more clearly in her mind.

「It should be worth investigating in more detail.」

Mira was almost completely convinced she had the right place, reclining her body back on the chair with an air of confidence.

The Melville Trading Corporation and Chimera Clauzen managed that warehouse facility. It was already under heavy guard as the entrance to the ruins was hidden there, so it made sense to keep hostages under watch in the same place.

「That’s where they’ve been…」

While they had no concrete proof, having an idea of where his family was brought Johann great joy. But he firmly grasped his thigh while biting his lips, 「How are we going to take them out of there though…」 he muttered to himself in dismay.

Melville’s warehouses were known as the place in all of Roseline under the strictest guard. Not even the most proficient thieves could cross the outer walls undetected.

「What are you muttering to yourself there?」 Mira quickly scolded Johann for his reaction.

There were many things he did not know yet, so Mira explained in short terms how they had found traces of his family in the warehouses.


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