Chapter 116: Interrogation Start? (Part 1)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2968 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1340 words
Editor(s): Fire

Mira and Sasori successfully captured a suspect of being one of Chimera Clauzen’s heads, and that much faster than they had imagined. They then erased all traces and evidence of their presence inside the Graveyard of War Memorials, and retreated their steps out of the site.

They were now back in the tunnel illuminated by the light of a spirit. Behind Mira was Worthramble, who had been summoned again, and further behind a Dark Knight followed them.

That Dark Knight carried the sleeping undressed woman on its shoulders. Even for a strong man, carrying an unconscious person for a prolonged time was a back breaking task. On top of that, Sasori had to masquerade as the woman once they reached the warehouse, so Mira could not rely on her strength either. That left the Dark Knight as the only viable choice, though its burly and brutal appearance made it look like a demonic beast carrying a sacrifice.

Twenty minutes of walking inside the tunnel later, they reached the stairs, and after climbing them they returned to the empty warehouse. Sasori stepped out first, followed by Mira and the others concealed by Complete Suppression.

If they managed to go out without raising suspicion, the first step of their plan would be complete. Mira looked slightly nervous as she watched Sasori move on.

「Ohh, you’re back. I guess sometimes you have to work late at night too.」

One of the guards spoke in a lighthearted voice seeing Sasori dressed as the woman come out of the hole. Mira and Sasori were slightly bewildered hearing that, it was completely different to how they expected they would speak. That was definitely not the way to talk to one’s superior.

「It’s all part of the job.」

Maybe Chimera Clauzen’s Heads and Melville’s guards simply treated each other as equals. There was also the possibility that only the highest ranking guards were assigned to watch over the important places, or the woman they had captured was the lowest ranking Head. Either way, they would never know for sure by thinking about it there, so Sasori quickly adjusted to the situation and replied in a similarly friendly tone.

「Take care on your way back.」

The guard next to the door stood up and unlocked it, holding it open for Sasori. Her disguise was perfect.

「I will, thank you.」

Sasori stood still for a moment, giving Mira and the others time to quickly go past them. Once they were out, Sasori followed them outside.

「We passed the first step with flying colors.」

After being around the spirit lamp’s light for so long, Mira’s eyes took a while to adjust to the darkness outside as she muttered satisfied.

「Yeah, now we just have to step through the main gates and our mission will be complete.」

Sasori nodded and made sure the mask was still on her face, then walked straight towards the main gates of the facility. Whenever a guard came in sight, Sasori would let herself be seen, but maintained a certain distance to not prompt a greeting from the patrols. There had only been a limited time for them to observe the woman’s personality and mannerisms, so Sasori had to be careful to not let her cover slip. But they still had to let many guards see her leaving the facility, that way there would be little suspicion about her capture inside the company’s grounds.

A few minutes later the group reached the front gates. Without missing a step, they continued walking to go through the gates. It was then that something went wrong. Multiple red lights the size of marbles turned on and gathered around Sasori. That was so sudden she stood still, while two bored guards at the entrance turned around.

「Oh it’s you again? You’ve tripped the alarms.」

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Once the guards saw who it was, they sighed and one of them walked towards her. Apparently Sasori had activated the alarm. The guard stopped right in front of her and extended his hand towards Sasori’s cheek.

It was hard to tell what he wanted to do, making her freeze up. The mask was hiding her real face, so if it was taken from her they would know she was not the real person. But if she ran away, it would look unnatural as well.

Sasori prepared herself mentally, while Mira was ready to overpower the two guards at any moment. The guard touched the mask, feeling for somewhere around its nose and pressing there. Sasori took a few stiff steps backwards after that.

「How many times do we have to tell you to press the switch whenever you go through the alarms?」

The guard then turned around like nothing happened and returned to his post.

「Mm, thank you.」

Apparently the mask had a device to nullify the alarm. When Sasori looked around, she noticed all the red lights had vanished. Sasori thanked the guard, for being so gentle pressing the switch, and for not noticing she was an impostor. After that, they crossed the main gates without issue.

「I guess the plan worked well enough.」

When they reached an alley unrelated to the Melville Trading Corporation, and after checking that there were no onlookers, Sasori entered the protection of Complete Suppression. Then she went to look at the sleeping woman, smiling devilishly while planning a way to make her spit everything she knew.

「We don’t know how quickly they’ll notice. We should hurry and take her somewhere safe. Do you think the inn you’re staying at will be good enough?」

Mira also grinned while looking at the woman like Sasori, though her smile was a slimy one as if she was licking the woman’s body with her eyes. Seeing her fully restrained and wearing only underwear was starting to awaken something inside Mira.

「Yeah, it’s kinda pricey there but their security is worth that money. I’m sure we could keep her in our room.」

Sasori said that, not noticing the type of smile Mira had.

It was already past midnight but the city was still brightly lit, the business district thriving just like during daytime. Mira and Sasori kept exploiting the powers of silence, easily navigating through the city and reaching the inn without anyone noticing.

They skillfully evaded all the guests walking around in the lobby and went upstairs, stopping in front of their room while Sasori unlocked it. When they entered, they saw Hebi was back too. She was lying on her bed face down, sorting some sort of documents. Thanks to Complete Suppression she had not noticed the return of her companion, or that the door had been opened to begin with.

Hebi was just wearing a tank top and shorts, as opposed to her usual robe, and looked much more relaxed. On top of that, she seemed to be the type to look thinner when wearing clothes, two magnificent soft masses visible near her armpits. The rest of her body did not fall behind either, her white thighs looking perfectly plump and defenselessly separated.

Mira’s eyes were glued on her, seeing her change from her usual silent and mature appearance to this vulnerable girl.

「I’m homeee!」

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Hebi continued sorting her papers, not noticing Mira’s uncouth gaze while Sasori vigorously greeted her. But they were still inside Complete Suppression’s area of effect, so her voice did not reach Hebi.

「Ah, right.」

Sasori muttered as her lips curled into a grin.

「Hey you two, come over here.」

Thinking of a prank, Sasori, who was still wearing the suspicious mask, pulled on Mira and Worthramble’s hands, getting them next to Hebi’s bed. Then she leaned down, getting her face right next to Hebi’s as her grin deepened. Mira then understood what Sasori was planning, and with her eyes still affixed to Hebi’s chest, 「she doesn’t seem to have noticed yet」 she said in an offhand voice.

「Mira, reveal us.」


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