Chapter 115: Sasori’s Plan (Part 1)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2787 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1353 words
Editor(s): Fire

「Ohh, you can even do something like that? That’s wonderful. Let’s try that.」

Once Mira heard everything Sasori had to say, she was amazed at Sasori’s versatility and was on board with her plan. Considering it would be difficult to capture the woman later, they decided to do it there. Sasori’s plan would come in handy after that was accomplished.

Thanks to her skills as a spy, if everything went well Sasori would be able to stop anyone from noticing the disappearance of the woman, giving them ample time to investigate the Melville Trading Corporation. They moved swiftly once their plan was decided, and the two carefully returned to the fourth floor.

Inside, the lady was still looking inside the coffin, though now she looked slightly different than before. There was a bloated black sack on the floor next to her. She was moving the contents of the coffin into that sack. After observing that for a short moment, the two girls nodded to each other, and Sasori lit the black ball on fire and gently threw it inside the room, making it roll on the floor. The ball stopped right next to the woman’s feet, white smoke rising from it. Seeing that, Sasori walked backwards, away from the entrance. If they remained too close, there was the danger they would get affected by the drug as well.

「So, what happened?」

After five minutes of extreme silence, Mira could not bear with the suspense anymore and spoke. During that time, they had heard no reaction from the woman, neither a noise of her noticing the smoking pellet and running out, or a sound of her throwing it away, not even a single footstep.

「The pellet should be completely burned by now.」

The most likely outcome was that the drug was so potent that as soon as she noticed it, she was asleep. But then again, the smoke was rather thick, and it was not odorless, so it was easy to notice it. Even a complete novice would react in some loud way, as soon as they noticed the smoke.

The woman was also probably one of Chimera Clauzen’s heads, so it was also likely she had noticed an intruder and held her breath waiting for them to enter the room. Either way, the two girls knew to always expect a bizarre reaction from Chimera, so they kept their guard up and slowly approached the entrance ready to fight.

They stopped for a moment at the sides of the entrance, then matched their movements and stormed into the room. Mira instantly designated a spot to summon something while Sasori unsheathed her dagger and lay with a low stance. But a moment later…

「…Somehow this was so easy it’s slightly anticlimactic…」

Mira said with a strained smile. The woman was still beside the coffin like they had seen earlier, though she was sound asleep, her body supported by the coffin. Her breath was regular and comfortable, a drop of drool trickling down from the corner of her lips. She was clearly in a deep sleep.

Still, there was a possibility she was only pretending to sleep to get the intruders to lower their guard. To verify that, Sasori slowly and carefully approached her from behind, fully restraining her body once she was close enough. There was no resistance at all. She did not even twitch as Sasori firmly held her body. Sasori then poked and tickled her all over her body, but even then there was no reaction. Sasori’s drug had worked.

「I knew to trust those secret books!」

Apparently the sleeping drug recipe only known in Sasori’s secret village could put someone to sleep without resistance. Even she seemed taken aback at first, seeing how effective it was, but she quickly brushed that feeling away and puffed her chest. Her sleeping drug had put their target to sleep, that was all that mattered. Now that they had captured their enemy, they quickly began moving onto their next plan.

(Ohh, she’s quite the beauty herself!)

First they took off her mask, leaving her face exposed. Once Mira saw her well proportioned face, her mood got even better.

「Somehow… I was expecting something different from a Head.」

Peering into the woman’s face, Sasori muttered that. As a fellow female, Sasori thought she looked like an average person. While she was not that beautiful to turn the heads of everyone around, she still had her own charm and it was impossible to not call her pretty. Her short purple hair was well kept and glossy, while her face showed tidiness and wisdom. On top of that, the way she was sleeping so soundly with some drool trickling down her face gave her a juvenile cuteness. All in all, she was definitely the type of woman that was popular amongst men.

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Once the two finished observing her face, they mercilessly stripped her of all possessions. Sasori took the coat with spirit power off of her, while Mira started taking her shoes off with a suspicious grin on her face. Once Sasori moved onto her shirt, Mira’s grin deepened as she began pulling down on the woman’s slacks.

With the woman fully naked except for her underwear, Sasori took out some cloth rolled up like a bandage from her items. The cloth was painted with many incantations and charm-like images, and was known as an Arresting Cloth. It was a binding cloth that when tied around someone, would impede any movement while keeping the victim sentient with all five senses functional, but unable to resist. It was used similarly to the police’s handcuffs, and most people working in public defense carried them.

But the ones the Fifty Bells used were strengthened by Uzume aka the wiseman Kagura’s onmyoji magic. That made them ninety percent more powerful, making it virtually impossible for anyone to escape once wrapped in them.

「Alright, time to wrap her up. Mira, can you lift her legs please.」
「But of course!」

Mira would have been willing to do that whether Sasori asked or not, embracing her legs and lifting them up. Since the woman was asleep, Mira used the situation to feel her skin and warmth as much as she could. It was truly a vile act only a pervert and molester would ever do.

But no one seemed to notice that side of Mira. It was extremely hard to tell what was going through her head only by looking at her face, which still looked like that of a beautiful girl even while having lecherous thoughts. At least for those who did not know her true identity. Sasori was oblivious to what Mira was doing and thinking, simply saying 「Okay, just hold her still like that」 as she tied her legs together.

「Alright, that’s done. Time to tie her hands behind her back too now.」

Mira replied loudly and in high spirits, slowly lowering the woman’s legs, then hugging her chest tightly and raising her upper body.

「Umm… okay, I’ll tie her hands now so try to not let her go.」

Sasori believed it would have been better to just turn her around face-down on the ground, but not letting Mira’s efforts go to waste as she hoisted the woman up, she quickly tied her hands behind her back. During that time Mira enjoyed the warmth to its fullest.

Thanks to Sasori’s swiftness, it barely took any time at all to tie the woman. All they had to do now was gag her and she was ready to be taken away.

Mira took a few steps back to look at their work. There was not much that stood out on the woman’s body, though her limbs were plump like a regular lady’s. On top of that, her skin tone stood out greatly as only underwear covered her body, which was only accentuated by the gag on her mouth. In a way, it looked like a true crime scene.


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