Chapter 112: Infiltration (Part 2)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3261 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1459 words
Editor(s): Fire

Mira’s confidence began wavering. She was still getting used to the lifestyle of this world, so she doubted herself thinking that maybe older women also wore panties with stamps.

But in truth, the issue was Sasori being unaware of what proper underwear looked like. Because of that, stamps being a thing for children did not register in her mind.

「I wouldn’t know. I’ve only worn one type of underwear, just like what you took out of my bag in the inn.」

Mira then thought back to the events in the inn. She had taken out what looked like short black leggings from Sasori’s bag. But for some reason it seemed those were the only type of panties Sasori knew about.

「I see, you’ve got lots to learn then.」

Mira looked at Sasori with a disapproving look and continued talking about a theory she came up with by herself. Even if underwear is covered by other clothes, it still imparted a certain charm when a woman knew what she had hidden. That was why girls had to pay extra attention to the underwear they wore.

「Then you’re also wearing panties like that?」

Mira’s passionate speech seemed to have an effect on Sasori, as she asked with curiosity. Sasori had been trained for combat since she was small, so she had never really developed a femenine side. Still, her friends had always told her similar things, and now that Mira had also spoken about similar topics, she felt like it all boiled down to underwear. Apparently femininity started with panties.

「Don’t be ridiculous. I’m way too old to wear such childish things, I only use more sexy ones.」

With baseless confidence, Mira grinned and lifted her skirt. Her white thighs shone brightly under the soft light of the moon, while the sacred realm usually concealed by her skirt became visible. In contrast to her white skin, she wore a black set of panties with a suggestive design.

「Woah, that’s incredible. It’s so different from mine. Do you think I’ll be more charming if I wear something like that as well?」

She leaned down and examined Mira’s underwear from closer, touching and being astonished at the difference with her own, slowly being tainted by Mira’s ideology.

「Well, that’s the basis for it at least. Can you already tell?」

Mira nodded strongly, pushing Sasori further down that path. No one there could tell if that was a good idea or not. After that the two agreed to go shopping for underwear together and moved forward. Even if that building was being lived in, as far as they could see it was unrelated to the ruins.

Worthramble followed them from a distance, his face stiff in an awkward and speechless expression.

「Oh, this one doesn’t look like a warehouse either.」

The next building they checked also did not look like a storage space. There were no wooden crates inside, only a rectangular hole in the center of it, and it was brightly lit like daytime inside.

「You’re right, and there’s guards there too. That’s suspicious.」

Sasori narrowed her eyes as she looked at the guards posted there, smiling cunningly.
This was the first place that seemed to be worthwhile to investigate, so they went around to the entrance and Mira grabbed the door handle.

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Sasori freaked out and raised her voice seeing Mira do that. There were guards inside so they would notice if the door suddenly opened. But no matter whether she pulled or pushed, the door did not open. It was locked.

「You almost gave me a heart attack.」

Sasori sighed in relief. Seeing that, Mira noticed she had forgotten to tell her the true extent of the spirit of stillness’ power. Not only did it cover opening and closing bags, but opening doors was also possible without dispelling Perfect Suppression.

Once Mira explained that much, Sasori tried to push her embarrassing memories away as she looked at Worthramble. 「I see, I guess we’re fine then」 she said in a sad voice.

「Well, how shall we proceed now?」

No matter how well Perfect Suppression concealed them, they would be unable to get past the door without a key.

「This is a really elaborate lock.」

Sasori held a long and thin metallic stick in her hand and muttered that while testing the lock. 「I don’t think I can do this」 she stood up and glared at the lock, giving up after a moment. Sasori was also a seasoned lockpicker that had once opened a royal treasury.

With no key or picking methods left, the front entrance was a bust, so they went around the building trying to find a rear entrance, but even that was fruitless.

「I guess that leaves only one last resort left.」

Mira walked to the door and raised her right hand.

「A last resort? What are you thinking of doing?」

Sasori thought Mira was about to blow off the door and the lock together with her fist, but all she did was to lightly place it on the door.

「What if we knock and wait for someone to open the door from inside?」

Saying that, she lightly waved her fist mimicking a knocking action.

Her reasoning was like this: There were guards inside the warehouse, so if she knocked someone would come open the door. They would aim at that moment and slip through unseen.

「True, that might actually work…」

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Trying to find a key without knowing who had it was an impossible task. And using destructive force would inform all the guards about their presence, compromising their entire mission.

But a knock would not stand out, and if things went well they would just think they had misheard.

「Are you sure it will work though? What if they just open the door a little and peek out? We won’t be able to pass through.」

It was a simple and effective plan, but there were ways it could fail as well. Sasori knew there was a chance the door would be barely opened, and they would not be able to pass through without making their presence obvious by pushing the door against the guard.

Hearing that, Mira acted like she expected that response and slid her hand into her pouch with a grin.

「That’s where this comes into play.」

Saying that, she took out something from the depths of her pouch, which would be the last piece to complete her plan.

「You think you can bribe them? They’re stealing from ruins so I guess it makes sense for them to be greedy, but a silver coin won’t be enough.」

Mira had taken a single silver coin from her pouch, which was worth 5000 Rils. But Sasori grimaced, that amount was nowhere enough to buy a guard like that. But Mira still looked confident as she waved her index finger in denial, 「that’s not quite it」 she said while inviting the other two to follow her to a nearby lamp.

「This is how we use it!」

With an exaggerated motion, Mira placed the coin right below the light. Then she returned to the door and looked proudly at the coin glimmering on the ground.

「I see, so that’s your plan.」

Sasori nodded as she finally understood what Mira wanted to do. If someone looked from the door, they would immediately notice the silver coin, and any greedy person would quickly go pick it up. Even if money was not a motivation for them, they would get curious about it and get closer regardless, that was the power of money.

「Well, we just have to knock now and lure them out.」

Sasori walked up to the door, and then Worthramble warned them. If they wanted the people inside to hear the knock, he would need to dispel Perfect Suppression for an instant, so everyone had to be very watchful for their surroundings.


Sasori nodded, and then noticed a spot of light about to turn the corner. A guard with a lantern was getting closer.

「Let’s wait a moment, the patrol is here.」

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They waited for the guard to pass through, who strolled through the middle of the road while yawning. He turned the corner, passed them by, and walked away, but then…

「Oh, today’s my lucky day, a silver coin for me.」

He stopped and looked around, then leaned down and pocketed the coin glittering under the light, then walked away with light steps.

「My silver coin…」

Mira looked at the guard in disbelief. She looked sad in earnest, her eyes teary. Sasori and Worthramble were at a loss at how to react to that.


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