Chapter 105: Sentopolly (Part 2)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2511 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1209 words
Editor(s): Fire

The disciple forced a smile, displeased with the lack of information he could provide. Whenever Gregor was out immersed working, the disciple would keep the fort at the workshop, but now he was useless there, not even knowing when his master would return.

「Oh I see, sorry for disturbing you at such a busy time.」
「No worries, I wasn’t of much help anyway.」

The man bowed slightly and returned into the workshop, the rhythmical clanging of metal resuming shortly after.

「What awful timing to come here…」

Gregor almost never accepted orders, but he had done just that a few days before they arrived. That meant he would be away from home for a while impeding the verification or refuting of his involvement with Chimera Clauzen. Arlon could only chuckle despite himself at the extreme bad luck they had.

「Well, I guess we just have to search for him if he isn’t home.」
「That’s true. But we have another place to investigate, so maybe we should separate for that.」

Gregor was not the only person they were there to investigate. Their first lead connected to Sentopolly was the fact that Chimera Clauzen’s main base was located there after all. Before starting the big hunt for Chimera Clauzen’s base, they had chosen to inquire about Gregor first, given they knew the location of his workshop. But that had been fruitless.

Now they had two places to find, though luckily they had a few hints as to where Gregor might be. He was outside the city, but not too far away. And it was a place with breathtaking scenery.

「You can fly on some of your summons, right Mira? Maybe you should go search for Gregor then, I can only walk around so it’d take too long if I went.」

As he spoke, Arlon took out the former spirit sword from the cloth it was wrapped in and offered it to Mira.

「True, I’ll take care of it then.」

Mira nodded and took the sword, storing it in her Item Box. She then summoned Pegasus and climbed on his back to take off.

「Hohh, is that the holy beast Pegasus? You really are full of surprises.」

Arlon muttered in an entertained voice. He had seen one of such beasts before, but the one Mira summoned stood taller and more dignified than that one. Hearing him, Mira puffed her chest and happily declared 「I know I’m amazing like that」 while Pegasus neighed in sync with her.

「Alright, good luck with your search then. I’ll go check up on some friends and informants I have, maybe they know something.」
「Sure, hopefully you find something.」

After that exchange, Mira took to the skies. Thanks to that enhanced mobility, she quickly circled around the entire city in search of Gregor. He watched with a bit of envy the speed at which Pegasus and Mira left, then went to search for his contacts to see if he could get any leads on where to look for Chimera Clauzen. With that, both of them got busy with their searches.

Seen from the air, the residential area of the city looked like a place out of European fantasy, and past the metal fence the commercial district was a beautiful mix of modern day buildings and rococo architecture. The city was very broad as well, making it hard to believe the city was still in development. The country had existed for merely two decades, but the city was no inferior to the capitals of nations with a rich history. It was almost hard to believe all of this had been built by mere humans.

Mira soared from the residential district to the commercial one, heading north from there. Below her she saw countless buildings about five storey tall, chock-full of stores, and every once in a while larger business buildings stood out, as well as smaller brick buildings. The commercial district was not only filled with people, but also held a varied assortment of all types of items.
Around those stores was a ring of inns which housed the many visitors coming to Sentopolly. Looking there Mira even spotted a branch of the Moonlight Manor inn where she once stayed.

Mira forced the curiosity of knowing what was being sold down there out of her mind, a hint of disappointment filling its spot as she flew out of the city. Her eyes quickly darted around, trying to find places where Gregor might be as soon as possible. She was still far from giving up. Using her mobility advantage to its fullest, she quickly checked different places. The small forests growing in the wastelands, around lakes, atop small hills that allowed her to have a sweeping view of the surroundings, the border of cliffs that gave panoramic scenes of the sea. She went anywhere that would make her feel truly surrounded by nature.

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A couple of hours passed since her search began. The sun was already setting, disappearing beyond the sea far in the horizon, a red hue overtaking the western sky before the darkness of night reached it. The clouds floating above were illuminated orange on one side, only a thin strip of them visible with the rest melding into the dark sky.

The sky looked like a reflection of Sentopolly. As night arrived, the commercial district was bright with lights illuminating the streets, while the small houses in the residential area only showed tiny specks of light through their windows. A city with such contrasting sides was a mismatched and bizarre sight, but that only made it more interesting.

Seeing that change in Sentopolly, Mira decided to go for one last round. Unlike the streets, illuminated with artificial lights, the wilderness outside was shrouded in darkness, so if she found any spot of light there, it was highly likely a person was nearby. Hoping for Gregor to have a visible fire in the open, Mira took another look around. But her wish remained unanswered, her eyes unable to find a single speck of light outside. Under the starry sky, Mira finally gave up and returned to the city.

Back at the city, Mira flew over the brightly illuminated streets in search of the inn she spent the last night in, desperately looking for any familiar landmark. Eventually she found a sign she was familiar with. It was the logo of the United Adventurer’s Guild. Not only that, but there were both the marks of the Spellcaster’s Union and Warrior’s Union there. They were all on a sign in front of a white five stories tall building, adventurer-like people going in and out of it. Business seemed to be going well there.

Watching them for a while, Mira had an idea. Gregor was famous as the best blacksmith making magic swords, so all adventurers ought to know his name. So anyone who met him outside of the city would remember it, even if it was a passing glance, which would be enough to give Mira a direction in which to search. With that idea, Mira quickly made Pegasus land on the Union’s rooftop.


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