Chapter 102: Spoils of War (Part 2)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2079 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1000 words
Editor(s): Fire

「You’re right, it’s turned into a regular sword. What’s the meaning of this?」

Mira muttered confused, moving even closer to look at the sword. Then her eyes shifted to the ground near them, to the sword with black mist wriggling around it. The sword that erased spirits from existence. The two swords had been right next to each other until moments before. Probably the curse of the black mist had completely devoured the spiritual power residing in the other sword. Thinking of that possibility, Mira recalled how during her earlier fight, the man would always return the black mist sword to its scabbard after attacking.

「I’m guessing this caused that.」

The swords’ owner was aware of the effect one would have on the other, so he only exposed the black blade when he needed it. Thinking of that, Mira kicked the mist sword away with disdain. As it rolled away on the ground, Kumo jumped to the side, as if evading some disgusting object. He glared at Mira after that, to which Mira responded with an apologetic 「Sorry sorry.」

「So it can even get rid of the spirits living in a sword.」

Arlon looked at the mist sword for a bit, then turned his eyes to the former spirit sword with a regretful look. That was because regardless of its source, spirit arms were all powerful weapons.

「Hmm, can I take a look at that?」

Arlon seemed to notice something, placing the coffin on the ground and taking the sword off Sasori’s hands. He closely examined the blade, wrinkles forming in his brow.

「What is it, Arlon?」

Sasori peeked from the side to see what Arlon was doing, the sword’s guard coming off, and then the blade detaching from the hilt.
「Ohh, amazing.」 he said, his voice getting louder. He gave the hilt and guard to Sasori, then continued examining the blade.

「And this is… I see, I get it now.」

As he muttered, Arlon’s face was overtaken with joy and surprise. Everyone was confused by his actions, he alone rejoicing at his find as he turned around and showed everyone the blade. It was a specialty blade that had been built independently of the rest of the sword.

Different from most mass-produced swords that were all made in one shape, this was a unique blade made by a specialist. Swords built with parts like that had different qualities depending on the makers, but they usually cost many times more than an average sword, so they were rare to come by. Sometimes a specialist would also be in charge of making the hilt and guard, many of the most famous swords being made by the combined work of multiple masters.

But there were some blacksmiths that had enough experience to be able to create such masterpieces on their own. Usually, blades had the name of their creator engraved at the base of the blade. And Arlon had found that in the former spirit sword. The name was Gregor, a renowned blacksmith.

「It’s said that there are no elemental swords superior to those built by this man. Last I heard he was staying at his workshop in Sentopolly. I’m starting to think that was no mere coincidence.」

Arlon was talking about one of the members of the Sky Denizens they had met in the Libra Fortress. He had told Mira’s group that Chimera Clauzen’s main base was located in that same city. And now the sword used by one of Chimera’s Heads was also made in Sentopolly. Both sources of information pointed at the same place, so there had to be something going on there.

「So you’re thinking that since Chimera had this sword, Gregor made it for them?」

Hearing what Arlon said, Sasori asked the first question that was in everyone’s minds. The issue was that they had no way of knowing where Gregor’s allegiances lay. With their current information, it was impossible to tell if he was a supporter of Chimera Clauzen, or if he simply sold the sword to someone who happened to be a member. If he supported them, then that would mean that a large part of their weapons were all crafted by a master before being turned into spirit arms. Which would mean there were potentially many more high-ranking Chimera Clauzen members who had gear tricky to fight against, as Mira had proven earlier.

「It’s hard to know that much, but asking him directly is probably the best way to find out. From what I heard, Gregor makes all his swords with a specific user in mind, and he only picks them from amongst his closest friends and relatives.」

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Saying that, Arlon looked at the sword with a bit of jealousy. It was not easy to get Gregor to build a unique sword like that, so any blade with his name engraved would be the envy of all warriors.

「I see. Then that Gregor character should know a lot about that man I fought earlier.」

Mira glanced at the name engraved in the blade for a while, then looked up at the sky, as if tracing the steps of that man who was sent flying away by the blast of the spirit bomb. That sword Arlon was looking at had been made specifically for the man Mira had fought. So if they traced his footsteps back, the sword could lead to a lot of personal information about one of the Heads of Chimera Clauzen.

「I feel like we’re getting closer to the final battle.」

While the Head had escaped, they had succeeded at obtaining some information. Chimera Clauzen had been shrouded in a mist of unknowns for a long time, but their outline was finally starting to become clear. Everyone present there could feel that much. That was a good enough result to consider the Fifty Bells’ strategy successful.


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