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Chapter 86: The City Below a Lake (Part 3)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2628 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1318 words
Editor(s): Fire

Mira had also been wanting to ask something similar, wondering what kind of lifestyle Kagura led in this world. They were thinking the same, so Mira sat down in front of Kagura and they began talking.
After that they spoke at length about their various experiences in that world.

Mira could only tell stories from the last month or so, while Kagura had a whole decade to pull from. Mira heard even more details of the foundation of the Fifty Bells Union, while also getting Kagura to promise she would return as one of the Nine Elders of Arkite when everything was resolved with Chimera Clauzen, and Kagura made Mira promise she would help with everything she could to accomplish the Fifty Bells’ goal.
After that the conversation delved into more mundane topics, and by the time Kagura began pressuring Mira to talk about Luna, the Pure Rabbit she brought to the tower, a maid came to announce the bath was ready.

「Well, I’ll go take a bath then. I hope you’ll fill me in with everything about Luna later.」

Saying that, Kagura headed to the bathroom first. As soon as the door she left through was closed, a profound stillness filled the room.
That made Mira take another look around the room. There was a circular table in the middle, while multiple bookshelves were placed against the walls and a conical lamp was hung from the ceiling, illuminating the entire room. There were some plants growing in one corner, Thin Mist Grass that was activated by the lamp.

(It’s a pretty well-kept room.)

That was the impression Mira got since she had seen Kagura’s real room in the past. She idly stared at the mist coming from the corner when she randomly remembered what she did the night before.

(I have nothing else to do, so I might as well go do that before I take a bath.)

Deciding that, she jumped on her feet and left Kagura’s room.
After loitering around for a while trying to find her way, Mira finally arrived at the garden where she faced Sasori, which was slightly illuminated by the light bleeding from the corridors.
Shortly after an orb of light appeared and dispelled the remaining darkness, thanks to Mira’s Concept Magic.
Standing on ocre colored ground, Mira took a deep breath and readied her stance to start training.

A considerable amount of time had passed since Mira started training when Sasori came to the garden, curious since it usually was much darker at that hour. There, she saw Mira moving around with a dexterity unimaginable from a spellcaster, a silver afterimage following her as she darted through the air.

(Isn’t that… Mira? Is she practicing some form of martial arts? Her movements look a bit like Enha…)

At first it looked like she was simply practicing a defined set of movements, but then every once in a while she would weave in summoning or sage attacks, forming an unpredictable and powerful pattern of attacks.

「Who would’ve guessed you could move like that as well. Is that any particular style?」

Driven by her curiosity, Sasori climbed the hedge around the garden and landed inside without making a single noise, then asking with intense eyes.

「Well, yes. Though I’ve forgotten its name.」

Sasori was silent like a cat, which surprised Mira as she replied. 「I see」 said Sasori, lowering her shoulders in disappointment.

「Did you learn that from Danbulf as well?」
「Well… pretty much.」

In reality it had been Meilin, the Sage Wiseman who had taught her that. Her reply had a pretty bad tone to it, but Sasori did not seem to mind, instead changing the topic while looking genuinely enthusiastic.

「By the way, do you want a partner to train with? I can help you if you’re training your body.」

Saying that, rather than preparing herself to train she leaped into the air, doing an entire flip before landing at the appropriate distance from Mira. Considering how little preparation she had before jumping, that just went to show how much power her legs had. Mira was already well aware of her strength though, given that she had defeated more than ten Dark Knights in direct combat. As long as physical strength went, she was probably even stronger than Mira.

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Mira took another breath, looking at Sasori in front of her, before lifting the corners of her lips into a smile.

「I’ll take this as an opportunity to learn a thing or two then.」

Hearing Mira’s words of assent, Sasori’s face lit up. She threw all the concealed weapons she had on her to the ground.

「That’s what I should be saying.」

With that, their sparring began. Mira used no spells, while Sasori put her skills and weapons aside, fighting purely with their physical strength.

Their training continued until a maid came to tell them the bathroom was available. The two had been so engrossed in their sparring that the moment they heard the maid both collapsed. Mira fell back on her knees, looking at the sky while wiping the sweat from her forehead with her sleeves. Sasori’s back bent forwards, her shoulders moving up and down with every breath as she looked at the drops of sweat falling down to the ground, ignoring all of the sweat still clinging to her body.
After that Mira followed the maid to the bathroom, and Sasori followed her like it was the most obvious thing to do.
The bathroom of the inner palace was entirely made of stone, looking almost like a cave. The bathtub was large and filled with hot water, big enough to easily fit ten people.
The sound from the drops of condensed steam that fell from the rustic ceiling was overpowered by the noise of a stream of hot water that resembled a waterfall. Overall, the water produced a pleasant tone that filled the entire room, together with the humid air that cling to one’s body like a thin piece of silk.

「Hmhm, she has a nice and lean body!」

Her view was slightly obstructed by white steam, but Mira still observed every corner of Sasori’s body while nodding to herself satisfied.
As their bodies soaked in the bathtub, they began talking about habits or openings they noticed in each other during their training, their voices more enthusiastic than the water was hot.
The bathroom was a wondrous place that let people be themselves, but the voices in this one spoke of things with no charm, but were loaded with plenty of passion.

Some time after their exchange of opinions reached its peak, their bath time came to an end when one of them was unable to suppress the cry of hunger of their stomachs. After that they bid each other a good night and Sasori returned to her personal room.
On the other hand, Mira put on the bathrobe readied for her and was taken by a maid to Kagura’s room. When the maid opened the door, a scent wafted out which aroused Mira’s stomach even more. Kagura’s table was filled with colorful and well made plates of food.

「Hurry hurry.」

On the other side of the table, Kagura was sitting wearing her tracksuit, urging Mira to sit down. She had been waiting for Mira to finish bathing, so she was also really hungry.

「Even the food looks magnificent here.」

Seeing that feast laid in front of her, Mira claimed the empty cushion and sat on it, nimbly like a cat. Afterwards she looked straight at Kagura, the master of that room.
Kagura had a welcoming look for her friend she dearly missed, even though she had a different appearance now.
Their dinner began after a toast in celebration of their reencounter.


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