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Chapter 80: Maiden’s Flight (Part 3)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3579 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1863 words
Editor(s): Fire

Before she noticed, the red hue of the setting sun had filled the wagon. Having read through the entire manual, Mira looked at the silver and antiquated lamp hanging from the ceiling. It was a light developed through magic engineering. It used Magic Stones as its energy source, which she had gotten plenty of in the Ancient Temple Nevrapolis.
Mira stood up, placed one Magic Stone according to the manual’s instructions and turned the brightness knob. After she did that, a warm flame appeared inside the lamp, reflecting off the silver umbrella around it and illuminating the room in a warm orange color. That light alone was enough to change the mood inside the room, and once she had tweaked the brightness to her liking, she looked around.
Doing so, she caught sight of the Thin Mist Grass, which was releasing, as its name suggested, something that resembled a thin mist. That was something the manual also had described. As opposed to other plants that only released oxygen, the Thin Mist Grass also had a neutralizing effect on gases and poison. That effect manifested itself during photosynthesis, and the amount of thin mist indicated how effective it was.
She decided to check another detail she saw in the manual, so she grabbed the kotatsu table and lifted it, turning it upside down. There she saw countless glyphs and numbers inscribed. That was a Refining table made in the way she had described in the note she gave Solomon.
A piece of paper was stuck to the center of it.

‘You should be able to make Magic Sealing Stones on the fly with this. I might ask you for some the next time we meet, so good luck. -Solomon’

were its contents.
Mira grimaced reading it, before crumpling the paper into a ball and throwing it inside the empty sweet berry ale bottle.

(Well, it’s still useful to have around either way.)

Before, she would have to cling on with her entire body to not fall down while flying, but now her entire body was free and she had a lot of time in her hands. Realizing that, Mira quickly sat in front of the Refining table and took out two items from her Item Box. The devil’s horn she had gotten before and the loot from Gargoyle Keeper, the lightning orbs. Mira began Refining using those two items.
The first step was to make Refined Gems. The devil’s horn had an unusual amount of magic power infused in it which was easy to extract, so it was a really common ingredient with a lot of uses, but most of those were useless for Mira. The sole fact that it could be turned into Refined Gems was the only important use for her.
In the end, the devil’s horn produced fourteen high-quality Refined Gems.

(Devil horns are really good after all!)

Normally multiple jewels were needed to create just one Refined Gem, but a single horn could produce this many, and of a very high-quality, so Mira could not think of any other more beneficial use for them, or rather, she felt it was a waste to use them in any other way.
Either way, that was only the very first step. Next, Mira took the lightning orbs and prepared them for Refining.

After some time of arduous work, out of the fourteen Refined Gems, three turned into high-quality lightning Magic Sealing Stones, and two high-quality Magic Bomb Sealing Stones. The power of the lightning orbs was really strong given that they produced so many high-quality stones. It was also because of that reason that Danbulf once farmed Gargoyle Keepers recklessly.
She was already aware that Magic Bomb Sealing Stones could also be used when her spells were sealed, and not only for traps, so she made them as insurance for cases like that. These ones were more than five times as strong as the ones she had used in her fight with Kairos, so they were rather dangerous items.

(If someone thinks they can win against me by sealing my spells, I’ll win in a single strike with these. I’m sure they’ll be shocked out of their minds.)

Holding the high-quality Magic Bomb Sealing Stones in her hand, Mira spoke to herself while an ominous smile took over her lips.
Afterwards, she put the leftover Refined Gems and the stones she made into her Item Box to clean up some space, then she took a deep breath as if she had finished a long workout and looked out the window. It was already night, with the sky shrouded in darkness. The sky was filled with countless stars, the moon shining in front of the Milky Way, a bright halo surrounding it, shining like a watchful eye over the earth, fervently trying to overpower the stars.
The lamp inside the wagon was bright enough that it felt like it was still daytime inside. Mira had only noticed it was night then, so she checked her menu and saw it was a little before eight o’clock. She gazed at the scenery under her as she thought it was about time to call it a day. Grasslands covered by the darkness shook gently with the wind there, and when the angle was just right, they reflected the soft moonlight, and further along there was a long river that gave off the appearance of a scaly dragon crawling on the ground.
Mira ordered Garuda to land next to that river.

When she stepped out of the wagon, a calming noise similar to that of a rainy night hit her eardrums. At the same time, the grassy scent of the plains filled her lungs, while the feeling of freedom and loneliness that could never be felt in the inhabited areas assaulted her.
After a deep breath, Mira turned around and struck her hand out to touch Garuda.

「Good work. You must be tired, yes? Let’s rest here.」

Hearing that, Garuda gruntled softly and spread its wings broadly. It appeared to be saying this had been nothing, so Mira felt reassured and relaxed as she sent it back.

「Now then…」

Muttering to herself, Mira looked at the plains stretching far away under the moonlight, then she turned around and walked towards the river.
Once she had taken care of her business there, she summoned a Holy Knight to keep watch outside as she returned inside the wagon and prepared dinner. She ate a deep-fried hot dog dripping with tartar sauce Lily had included in the basket. The other items in the basket were all favorites of Mira, Solomon definitely had some input in choosing them.
As she chewed with her cheeks stuffed, Mira smiled happily just like Lily had imagined she would.

When she was done eating, Mira looked out to the grass swaying silently under the soft moonlight. Thanks to the wagon, she was able to have more free and pleasant time. She was probably going to spend a lot of time traveling in the wagon in the future, so that also meant more idle time.

(Since I have the chance now, I might as well do that after such a long time.)

Mira had still to decide on anything concrete, so she just stood up and exited the wagon.

On the plains devoid of people, there was only the rustling of the grass and the river, together with the scent of the plants. Other than that, there was the low rustling of clothes and the ragged breath of a girl, fading into the darkness. Those noises repeated faster, turning more intense until it ended with the noise of something cutting through the air.
Lowering her fist, Mira took another deep breath and changed her stance.
She was training her martial arts corresponding to her Sage class. It was something she had picked up back when she was still Danbulf and had only used while moving in the floating island. She did not have many chances to put it in practice as of late, so she felt like she was falling behind, but now was the perfect chance for it. These martial arts had been passed on to her from Meilin, one of the Nine Wisemen, who had grown up in an actual dojo, and while it had a complicated name Mira could not remember, it appeared to be really famous.
Since she had been away for so long, there were many moves she was uncertain about, so now she was practicing them from the beginning again.

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(It’s slowly starting to get hot here.)

When she had practiced her third stance, Mira noticed her body getting hot. She looked around but could not feel any other presence, there was only the moon looking at her from high up in the sky, and the silent Holy Knight.
Seeing that there was no problem with it, Mira took off her magic robe set until she was only wearing underwear, then resumed her training as she felt the soft breeze cooling her off while making the grass sway at the same time.

Once she was done practicing all her stances, it was time to train on the fundamentals set in this world. Which meant moving to the rhythm of the Sage class.
She ran through the air, kicked off the ground and leapt into the air, and exercised like that to let her body get used to the movements. At the same time, Mira recalled a skill that did not exist before, partial summoning. That was something she had done during the fight with Gargoyle Keeper, and could be combined with her current training to create a foothold.
Keeping in mind that she could try doing that again later, Mira resumed her training.

Later, she washed off the sweat in the cold river, which also helped cool down her warm body. When she was done soaking, she returned to pick up the underwear she had left at the river’s shore, took out a towel from her bag and wiped her body before she returned to the wagon. The traditional room welcomed her back, filled with a slight warmth, which together with the exhaustion from working out filled her with a sense of accomplishment. Those feelings soon guided her to feel sleepy.


She thought of just sleeping that way, but as she reached inside her bag for a new change of underwear her hand stopped. She kept both her used and clean underwear in the bag.

(Ugh… I forgot to ask Lily to help with this…)

Usually Mira only wore really plain underwear, but now she only had some rather provocative ones left.

「Well, I guess there’s no other choice.」

But Mira had started getting used to things like that recently. In the end, she wore a white translucent one with plenty of laces, a rather mature one, which made her inadvertently droop a side of her lips into a lewd smile. And wearing only that, she jumped inside the soft futon and quickly fell asleep.


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