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Chapter 80: Maiden’s Flight (Part 1)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2761 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1295 words
Editor(s): Fire

The dinner reunion of the three friends came to a close after Luminaria drank to the point of being completely drunk. It appeared as though the training she had conducted earlier that day had troubled her a considerable amount as she was unable to let go of her drink.
After Luminaria was taken away by a maid, Lily guided Mira, who was also quite drunk, to her bedroom.

「It’s always in times like these when having a strong resistance to alcohol can be a bit of a problem.」

Solomon said that in a pouty voice as he headed back to his office to finish the work he had left.

As the sunshine made its way through the cracks of the curtain, spreading like a thin mist dispersing the vestiges of night, it slowly enveloped the girl sleeping soundly and raising drowsy sighs. The busy hours of the morning passing by, the maids who had finished their first duties gathered in the lounge as one of them approached the girl sleeping defenselessly.

「Mira, it’s morning already. Mira~」

The maid softly spoke into the girl’s ear, shaking her exposed white shoulder. A delayed 「Hnng…」 came from the girl, her eyelids lifting just a tiny bit. Through that gap, she saw the blurry embroidery of the canopy and Lily’s face smiling at her like the gentle light of the moon.

「Good morning, Mira.」
「Mmm… morning.」

Raising her upper body, Mira fought the drowsiness pulling her eyes closed like weights as she returned the greeting.

「What time is it?」
「It’s currently 10:40am.」

Ignoring Mira’s sleepy state, Lily lifted the sheets and blankets, putting them aside to reveal Mira’s body clad in a black negligee. That black-colored high-quality silk increased the contrast with her silver hair and shining white limbs. That marvelous sight was the result of Lily’s crime, giving in to Mira’s intoxicated state the night before and forcefully changing her clothes.
Lily was unable to pull her eyes away from Mira’s cute and alluring appearance, promptly getting everything ready for her to get up from bed.

「What, it’s that late already…?」

Figuring it was the alcohol’s fault she felt she had barely slept, Mira hurried to get herself ready for the day.

Once she was done getting up and grooming herself, she changed into the Robe Set that had just been washed. When she got to that point, she looked puzzled at the negligee which she did not remember seeing before, but knowing Lily, she easily guessed what had happened and decided to just let it go.
Next, Lily guided her to the dining room. It was way past the time for breakfast so not many people were there. There were only those who were preparing lunch, and a few maids taking a tea break while pocketing sweets.
「Wait here for a moment.」 Lily said while taking her to a chair. Mira did as told, and soon after, multiple maids swarmed around her.

「Mira, thank you for your gifts.」
「It was really tasty.」
「I could feel how much you care about us.」

They were the maids who had tried the sweets Mira had given Lily. Mira just smiled softly while saying 「I’m just glad you all liked them」.

「We also wanted to say this yesterday, but thank you so much for bringing Amaratte to us. We finally were able to take her measurements. All thanks to you!」

Lily added that as she poured a cup of black tea. She was talking about Amaratte, the Necromancer vice-elder, who had expressed a deep interest in Mira’s clothes and had asked her to talk to Lily and the maids who made it.
The maids already had been targeting Amaratte as a candidate to make clothes for, and Mira had finally created a bridge for that to happen. Because of that, their appreciation for Mira had spiked.

「That was nothing at all.」

Replying that way, Mira carried the teacup to her lips, eating breakfast while being spoiled by the maids.

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Once she was done eating breakfast, Lily gave her a large basket. Lily had heard from Solomon that Mira would leave to a faraway place again, so she prepared food rations that should last for a couple of days. She could only be grateful to how useful the Item Box was. From the weight of the basket, Mira could feel how much love and care Lily had poured into filling it. Thinking of how she was indebted to Lily again, Mira gratefully received it and then left the dining room.
Their break time over, Lily and the maids got busy with their duties as they saw Mira off who went to visit the office one last time before leaving.

「Hey there, good morning. Did you sleep well?」
「Yes, it was very comfortable.」

Solomon put the paperwork down and looked at Mira, who headed to sit on her usual place on the couch and replied with a cheerful voice. As was known for the king, there was no trace of a hangover or alcohol on him and he moved with ease.

「I’m glad then. And sorry for changing the topic, but here, your reward for accomplishing your mission.」

Saying so, Solomon took an envelope he had on his desk and threw it towards the couch. After drawing a curve in the air, the envelope landed near Mira together with a slightly metallic sound.

「Ohh, I was just about to run out of money.」

Mira picked up the envelope to check the contents. It had six golden coins, or 300’000 Rils.

「I’m looking forward to the next souvenirs.」
「What’s that now… Though, well, I will bring something if it catches my attention.」

Solomon made it sound like he was trading money for gifts, but Mira sighed and just accepted it. For him, the stories and gifts Mira brought back were enough to stir his adventurous heart, given that he was unable to go on trips like that himself anymore. It felt like opening a bottle filled with experience.

「Anyway, were you able to determine the age of the traces?」

As she spun the now empty envelope around, Mira recalled the wood shavings and asked about them.

「The report came in a little while ago. It will take some time to get any concrete answers, but it will be possible, it seems.」
「Hmm, I guess it was worth bringing them then.」

If nothing had come out of that weeklong trip, Mira was ready to return to the tower and cry into Mariana’s shoulder. But the castle’s researchers were proficient enough that they would find results given enough time.

「That’s that, so you can rest assured and head to the Fifty Bells Union headquarters.」

As if that was not enough, Solomon grinned as he added that. Mira let out a disgruntled sigh and stood up.

「It always ends like this… Either way, I guess I’ll be going then.」

Mira placed her hands on her hips while stretching her back, moving her head to relax her neck. Solomon wanted to point out how none of her movements fit her appearance, but he was not one to talk, so he resigned himself to just shaking his head.

「Have a safe trip! And thank you for everything.」

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Hearing him say that behind her, Mira replied waving her hand silently as she left the office. A bit before she was gone, she remembered about Kairos and wanted to know what happened to him in the end, but it was nothing important enough for her to turn back. The attack itself had been nothing major for Mira, and Solomon would deal with it in an… appropriate manner.


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