Chapter 55: Reunion

Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2639 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1342 words
Editor(s): Fire

「Thanks for your help.」
「We should be thanking you.」
「Good luck finding that person.」

After they were done eating and cleaning everything, Mira thanked them for letting her stay overnight and for the information they provided. Silver thought she had done more for them, while Blue wished her well in her travels.

Mira thanked all of the people there, then summoned Pegasus, mounting on while hugging the Pure Rabbit and they flew off in a magnificent sight.

Blue and Silver watched as the flying horse faded into the distance, lightning coming out of its wings as they flapped. They firmly believed that once the definitive battle came, she would be the perfect trump card.

(I hope everyone in the headquarters can properly receive her…)

Blue secretly wished with all his heart.

Mira traveled for a few hours, riding through the sky with the sacred tree standing in all its glory behind her. It was already past noon when she arrived at Hunters Village, where she ate a late lunch at the only inn in town. She had a sandwich of fried chicken with fragrant herbs, cheese, and vegetables, with a glass of honey ale to the side. Meanwhile, the Pure Rabbit was on top of the table eating a carrot. Mira would look at it every so often, her cheeks appearing to melt every time.

(This place… it’s the Forest of Four Seasons. They built their headquarters in the place known as the holy land of spirits… that’s quite an achievement in itself.)

As Mira stuffed her cheeks with the sandwich, she spread out the map she got from Silver, curious to see where the Fifty Bells Union’s base was located.

The Forest of the Four Seasons was located in the center of the continent, where three mountain ranges converged and formed a basin between them. It was said that the spirits of seasons live in that forest as well, so the forest is also sometimes referred to as the forest of spirits. Many spirits that are closely tied to the seasons also end up settling down there.

(It’s still pretty far if I went there now…)

The forest was located a long way north from where she was, and it would take her many days to get there even if she traveled on Isenfald. If she went there now, she would take longer to return with the information about Soul Howl, the Founding Seeds, as well as everything she learned about the Fifty Bells.

Thinking about it for a while, Mira decided it was best to just return and report everything.

「By the way, did Alfeil already leave?」

Putting the map away, Mira licked her finger that had some sauce stuck to it before talking to the owner.

「Yes, the day after you left he gathered all his things and went off somewhere. He looked happier than I’ve ever seen him before.」

Mira replied with a short 「I see」 as she finished drinking her honey ale, looking forward to the day when she would meet him again.

「You still have customers at this time? I was wondering whose voice I heard. And wait, aren’t you just a child? Were you forced to become an adventurer or something?」
「Oh, welcome home.」

Mira turned around to see who was talking, seeing a young man carrying a bag larger than his body. When their eyes met, he smiled kindly and walked inside the inn.

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「That’s my son Rattray. I think I told you about him before.」

Mira followed him with her eyes when the owner explained who he was. When Mira spent a night there, the owner had mentioned he had a son who was currently staying in a fortress. Mira slowly recalled the details of that conversation, her curious eyes following the young man, remembering he was described as the second strongest person in the village after Alfeil.

The owner’s son, Rattray, wore a simple and light armor made of multiple layers of leather, and his hip was lined with a single-handed ax. They all had marks of constant use, even having patches where the repair had been made. And his overall skill appeared to be just on par with Alfeil, neither being stronger or weaker.

(He is just like he was described.)

Thinking that, Mira’s gaze kept following him, until their eyes met again. Rattray’s reaction was to keep a composed face while-

「Dad. I think that girl just fell for me, what should I do?」

He earnestly asked the owner.

「Don’t be ridiculous. I heard you were the next strongest one after Alfeil, so I was just curious.」

Mira immediately tried to mend the misunderstanding, which left Rattray speechless for a second, before he reacted to a certain name.

「This… no, next time I’ll win!」

His thought seemed to be boiling as he explained that, flexing his muscles and going wild. Mira still did not know what kind of relationship those two had, but that sentence and reaction alone gave her a good idea.

「By the way, why are you curious about that? Does that mean you like strong men?! Listen, last time I lost… no, I just let my guard down a tiiiiny bit, but I’ll win next time. You still have time to change targets.」

Hearing Rattray’s quite foolish conclusion, the owner had a strained smile as he pushed a mug with honey ale across the bar.

「Son, calm down a bit. This girl is a spellcaster, and Alfeil was curious about her so they ended up fighting and she won.」
「Wha… that can’t…」

Rattray’s hand that had caught the mug and was carrying it to his mouth stopped moving, his eyes focusing more on the girl that was sitting at the bar. Her youthful yet beautiful face, silver hair that seemed fit to receive an angelic halo, and her white thin legs that peeked out of a short skirt. Everything was more beautiful than anything he had seen before, but he knew how much of a maniac Alfeil was when it came to fighting, and he could not see anything that indicated that this girl could beat him.

「A spellcaster… you have no reason to lie to me… but first there was that sage he lost to, and now this… It doesn’t sound right.」

It was common for a spellcaster’s real strength to not be reflected by their appearance. Rattray had only experienced Alfeil’s strength before, so he could not understand how this girl won as he downed the honey ale mug in frustration.

「But anyway. I’ve been wondering for a while, is that a Pure Rabbit… or am I drunk already?」

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Rattray spoke as he examined the blue rabbit eating beside Mira. It looked extremely cute, biting with all its might at a carrot with its tiny mouth.

「Yes, it is.」

As Mira replied, she slowly petted its back. 「So it really was one,」 he said, his eyes twinkling with joy, but seeing how intimate it seemed to be with Mira, he gave up the idea of trading his spoils of war for the animal, and instead asked 「Can I pet it too?」 To which Mira nodded in response, and things quickly devolved into a grooming session for the Pure Rabbit.

「By the way, you barely made it on time today. It’s about to come after all.」
「Yeah, I ran into a lot more prey than usual so I kinda lost track of the time while I hunted. But well, on the bright side this should fetch me quite a sum.」

As he spoke, he lifted his heavy backpack with one hand. Inside were the hides, fangs, claws, and all sorts of spoils from the animals he hunted while staying at the fortress.

「What will come?」

Mira was curious what the last half of the owner’s sentence meant, about something coming. But just as she asked, a very lively and busy noise came from outside.

Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2631 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1222 words
Editor(s): Fire

「Looks like it’s here already. I think you’ll get it if you see it for yourself, it’s really lively and fun.」

The owner smiled gently as he said that, trying to convince her with a proud tone.
Rattray fastened his backpack to his shoulders again.

「Either way, I’ll be going there now.」

Saying that, he quickly left the establishment. Mira slowly stood up, muttering to herself 「Looks like they’re having fun out there.」 She told the Pure Rabbit to stay inside before following Rattray.

For Hunters Village, that was the only day every month that they would stay up all night to feast. The only street of the village was already crowded with people.
When Mira saw all those people moving around busily, she quickly understood what was happening.

(This is a merchant caravan. I understand now, he came back today so he could sell everything he got to them.)

Multiple merchants came out of the many carriages lined up, displaying their wares on shelves. As Mira watched that unfold, her eyes found Rattray. He had already started to offer his items to a man, presumably a merchant, who wore well-made clothes while inspecting with impressed eyes what was offered to him.


Then, Mira recognized someone she knew standing close to the merchant. Without thinking, she ran up to the carriage he was standing in, giving instructions to the other travelers.

「Hey Sero! What a coincidence seeing you here.」

He was a tall man with striking long red hair. Sero, the leader of the Écarlate Carillon guild she had met in the Requiem City of Caranach. Hearing his name being called, the young man turned around and saw the cute girl speaking to him, which quickly made a smile sprout on his lips.

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「Mira! You’re right, fancy meeting you here.」

Sero looked surprised, but also glad as he returned the greeting, and an instant after the entire carriage seemed to jolt around.


With that loud voice, Fricca shot out of the carriage. But before getting too far, Emera caught her from behind and restrained her, her evil hand never reaching Mira.

「You’re still all the same.」
「Been a while, Mira. Just hold on a bit.」

Emera quickly greeted her before turning around and going inside the carriage, and after doing something there she came out again.

「I never thought we’d run into you here.」
「Same here. Is it only you three here?」

After Emera’s bright voice came back, Mira smiled back at her while looking around. All she could see were merchants hard at work, villagers shopping from them, as well as other hunters trying to sell their items like Rattray.

「Zef came too, though he’s not here right now.」
「Oh, I see.」

Hearing he was not around at the moment, Mira tried to look a bit further away, but she could not find anyone who looked like him. Not too long after, Fricca appeared from inside the carriage once again.

「Mira is here… I really wasn’t dreaming!」

Seeing the girl she was so obsessed with, Fricca slowly approached her while somehow keeping calm, constantly watching Emera’s movements.

「Mira, can I cuddle you?」

Fricca already had her arms spread wide open, but when she heard Mira’s instant rejection she froze still for a moment, and then her arms dangled lifelessly. Sero apologized for her behavior, while Emera carried Fricca back inside the carriage.

「And so, why did you all come here?」

With that set of events over, Mira asked that, and Sero pointed to the merchant Rattray was negotiating with.

「We were hired as guards by him, we’re supposed to go with him all the way to the Ozstein territory, in the eastern side of the continent.」

The merchant looked at them through the corner of his eye, so Sero lightly waved at him to signal Mira was not someone he needed to worry about.

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「I see, so you’re guards for a merchant. That sounds so adventurer-esque and amazing!」

That was a type of work she had some recollection of, so she looked with excited eyes to Sero. He understood how she felt, so he happily smiled back while saying 「I know, right.」

「But then, why are you here?」
「Mm, a friend asked me for something. I’m about to head back now.」
「I see. That time we met you had some business in the Underground Graveyard too, where did you go this time?」
「I went to the Elder and Tenma to… sorry, the rest is supposed to be secret.」

Knowing she was Danbulf’s pupil, Sero was deeply interested in Mira’s travels. Though it was all pure curiosity, without any ulterior motives. Mira figured it was fine to tell him the locations, though the actual reasons were supposed to be a state secret.

「Tenma? I heard it’s quite tricky to get permission to get there.」

Sero also had no reason to pry further, but he was still a bit shocked to hear she went to a Tenma Labyrinth, a place with rather strict entry rules.

「My friend knows how to pull certain strings. But I always have to do all the heavy lifting.」
「That sounds like an interesting person alright. Though considering you’re the pupil of one of the nine wisemen… I can imagine who it could be.」

Having pretty much figured out who Mira’s employer could be, he added 「Looks like you have it rough.」 Mira just replied with a nod and a long sigh. The merchant then approached them.

「I’m sorry to interrupt, but it’ll take some time to settle negotiations here. Could you please go tell the guards they’re free to do as they please for now?」

He spoke to Sero. He had finished verifying that Rattray’s wares were of high quality and also large in number, so it would take a while to settle on an appropriate price.

「Understood. I’ll do it right away.」
「Thanks again.」

Hearing Sero’s response, the merchant entered one of the carriages together with Rattray, presumably to go more in-depth with the negotiations.

「Well, looks like we have some free time now. Since it’s so rare for us to meet, do you want to join us too, Mira?」

Sero spoke with a bright smile that would leave any woman smitten. But Mira just muttered 「Hmm, let me think-」 when a shadow darted out from the carriage again.

「I approve as well! Let’s talk lots and lots. We also have to tell you what happened with Takuto after all!」
「Well, I guess it’s fine then…」

Fricca decided to use Takuto as a bargaining chip. Though either way, they were people Mira had wished to meet again so she accepted, while also feeling a bit sorry for Fricca seeing how desperate she was.

The place they chose for their break was the inn, since Mira’s Pure Rabbit was still waiting for her there. Sero and Emera went to inform the other guards about the break, while Mira and Fricca went there ahead. As soon as they crossed the door, the Pure Rabbit jumped into Mira’s arms, having waited for her alone.

「Mira, that rabbit…」
「He’s cute isn’t he?」

Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2619 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1218 words
Editor(s): Fire

Fricca watched the Pure Rabbit being hugged by Mira, half jealous and half envying her, only muttering 「Not fair…」 while falling face first on a table. After a while, Fricca recovered her usual energy, and Mira pestered her to speak about Takuto. From what she told her, after Mira left, some of Écarlate Carillon’s members were constantly watching over him.

「So in the end, he became an apprentice member of Écarlate Carillon, and with me in charge of him, his grandpa also gave his consent. In part because of his trust in our guild’s belief, and also because he felt reassured knowing he could become a saint that could help many people, so everyone is on board now.」
「Hmm, I see… I feel like I pushed all of this onto you, but thanks. Take good care of him.」

Hearing Fricca, Mira could largely understand how Takuto was faring. Fricca was taking care of him, and she even gave him all the learning materials she had used when small, so he was learning the basics already.

Takuto wanted to become a saint that could help and heal his friends, and now spent his day as an apprentice with Écarlate Carillon. Mira missed Takuto’s innocent smile as she listened to Fricca, only bowing to her in the end. Seeing that older sister-like aura emanating from Mira, Fricca was about to reach her limit holding back when Sero, Emera and Zef entered the inn.

「Woah, it really is Mira! She looks even cuter than before.」

When Zef saw Mira with her tied silver hair, and her clothes finished with a more refined design, he spoke his honest impression. But as soon as he did, the two girls stared daggers at him.

「So he never got rid of that side…」
「Please stop looking at my little Mira with those eyes.」

Hearing those thornful sentences, Zef collapsed on the ground while saying 「That’s not what I meant…」 Meanwhile, Sero also said 「That’s true, she does look cuter than before」, agreeing with him, but there were no hurtful sentences hauled his way. Noticing that, Zef hung his head even lower.

After everyone was done greeting each other, the Écarlate Carillon members all ordered a rather late lunch. While they waited for that to be done, they kept talking about random things, and spoiling the Pure Rabbit. Zef had heard that the fur from a Pure Rabbit brought good luck, so he begged Mira to give him at least one single hair. She told him if any fell out while she petted it he could keep them, and she began gently combing through its fur with her slender fingers. Luckily enough, she ended up getting enough strands for all members of the guild, including Takuto.

「I’ll bear full responsibility for carrying it to him when we’re back.」

As Fricca received her share of the fur, she also managed to succeed in holding Mira’s hand. After all her failed attempts, Fricca’s skills were slowly starting to show the fruits of her training.

ph kuchie2 1

「By the way, you said you’ll be going west. Does that mean you’ll have to go through the Forest of Praying Children?」

If they wanted to get to Ozstein on the western side of the continent from Hunters Village, they would have to go through the forest, or take a really long-winded detour. So the forest route was the most sensible choice, though at that time there was a high chance that wicked parties were scouring through the forest.

「Yes, that’s the plan. We’re leaving tomorrow morning, and should be out of the forest in a few days. Why do you ask…did something happen in there?」

Sero detailed their plans, but asked why Mira was so curious about their exact route.

「Did Emera tell you about the wind spirit we met on our way back from the Ancient Temple?」
「She did, as well as Chimera Clauzen. We also got many reports about them from the Union.」
「Hmm, I see. That makes things easier then.」

When she told Solomon about the attacks on spirits, he said he would let adventurers rank A or above know about them, so they could lend a hand. In other words, Sero was at least rank A as well. Though Mira had guessed as much, so she was not surprised as she nodded. His usual demeanor and confidence were befitting of that rank.

「I ran into people from Chimera Clauzen yesterday, inside the forest. I met members from an opposing organization as well. For now, we captured one member from Chimera, though that organization is taking care of the rest… But the problem is, it’ll take some time to transport that captive, and in the meantime, there’s a high chance more people from Chimera will come to the forest to rescue their comrade. Either way, they’re really dangerous fellows so I figured I should warn you at least.」
「So that’s what happened there. I wasn’t expecting that at all, but it’s true we should watch our step then. Thank you, Mira.」

Chimera Clauzen, a group with the malice and tools necessary to hurt spirits. One could never be too cautious when being somewhere they could be around. Sero decided to communicate that information to the merchant, suggesting he investigate if there were any sketchy people amongst the other travelers. Sero brought a cup of herbal tea to his lips, sipping it together with a long breath as he knit his brow.

「I wish I had something to tell you as well, to be honest…but I still haven’t found out anything about those dates you gave me the other day.」
「I don’t mind that. I’m not expecting results that quickly either way.」

Sero had moved all the spies and scouts he had to see if they could figure out anything about those dates, but so far he had not received any positive reports. But Mira apparently was not expecting any new leads so quickly either, so he decided not to worry too much as he drank his third glass of honey ale.
Still, they had such a chance meeting, and she had provided valuable information for their future travel, so Sero felt like he owed her something in return. Thinking about that, he remembered something.

「By the way, do you like the fantasy genre?」

He asked her. Mira had only been in that world for a few days, so he figured maybe some distraction would help her cheer up if needed.

「I wouldn’t be here in the first place if I didn’t.」

In other words, that was the reason she started playing that game. She was there because she yearned for a world with magic. But that was something only Mira and Sero were aware of, while Emera and the rest would tilt their heads in confusion at some of the things they said.

「I’m glad then. Then instead I’ll tell you three rumors I heard recently.」
「Rumors you say? Now that sounds interesting.」

When it comes to fantasy worlds, simple rumors could be much more exciting than in the old real world. Sero had a serious, yet somewhat childish face as he spoke about the first rumor.


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