Chapter 22: Rank C

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 6738 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 3063 words
Editor(s): Exisero

The morning after registering to the Spellcaster’s Union, Mira was going through a challenging endeavor while naked from the waist up. She took off the bra Lily made her wear and didn’t know how to put it back on.

After a continuous struggle for several minutes, she realized what she was doing. Disgusted at herself, Mira just gave up on wearing the bra, tossing it onto the bed and wore the dress.

‘I have another errand today. I will see you later, Miss Mira.’
Garret left after breakfast with those words and a package while Mira, sipping on her Banana Au Lait, started thinking for a while on where she’d be going.

The Ancient Temple Nevrapolis dungeon was commonly called ‘underground cemetery’. Just as the nickname indicates, all six floors of the dungeon were underground.

The dungeon was digging into a mountain and had carved statues on the sides of the path. Overall, it was a magnificent view for a tourist spot if not for the monsters roaming around. On the other hand, the presence of those same monsters was what brought prosperity to the town thanks to the actions of high-ranked adventurers.

In order to enter, one had to go through a large hall that could be used for festivals. Generally, monsters wouldn’t spawn there although on some occasions, monsters from the lower levels would ascend, including spirits that don’t have a physical body, thus it wasn’t safe to rest there unless people had considerable skills.

There was an altar in the middle of this hall, containing the mechanism that would open the way to the first floor of the dungeon.

With each deeper floor, monsters grew stronger to even pose enough of a challenge for high-level players at the 5th level that they couldn’t lower their guard.

As she finished recalling the basic details of the dungeon, Mira drank what remained of her Banana Au Lait and headed over the Spellcaster’s Union after a brief rest.

On her way, she looked around the streets, checking out both people and buildings. Among the people in regular armor and robes she used to see in the game and the girls wearing magical girl clothing from the day before, there were also other rather flashy individuals that’d ordinarily catch your attention. American ninjas, sword-maniac samurais who seemed to hunt for more swords, and sisters covering their faces with a Hannya mask. There was so much happening before her eyes that Mira didn’t know anymore where or what to retort.

(Maybe I am normal after all.)

With nothing to be scared of in a city where such people were walking around, Mira continued on filled with confidence and swinging her arms in relief, forgetting the fact it was her general appearance gathering more attention than her outfit.

Arriving at the union, right after entering Mira ran towards the receptionist she was more familiar with from yesterday, Eureka who was busy with some paperwork. They weren’t as far as acquaintances go yet but it was certainly easier talking with her than any other unknown person.

「Do you have some spare time?」
「Yes, wait a minute, please.」

Having been called, Eureka moved the papers to the side and lifted her gaze, looking ahead. She was met with the sight of Danbulf’s pupil, Mira.

「Oh! Ah, Mira! Good morning! Erm, are you here to get your Adventurer’s ID?」

Flustered for a moment, she quickly returned to herself and recalled the purpose of Mira’s visit.

「Yeah. Is it done?」
「Yes, we already issued it. Wait a minute please.」

As she said so, Eureka stood up and brought a file from a shelf behind the desk.

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「Here it is. Check it please.」

She held a card from the file in front of Mira. Name, class, and rank were all written down on this card.
The name read Mira, with summoner as the class, and due to the recommendation letter, the rank was set at C right away. With that, all conditions for the underground cemetery were clear.

「It seems fine.」
「In that case, since you are at Rank C, we are allowed to lend operator bracelets. Do you wish to borrow one?」

Eureka took a silver bracelet from the file and put it on the desk. Needless to say, it was an extremely familiar thing for Mira.

「Nhm, you mean this?」

Mira rolled up her left sleeve as she talked and showed a bracelet on her thin white wrist. For a moment, Eureka fell silent in astonishment but had immediately come back to herself and affirmed.

「…Ahh, you… already had one!?」
「That’s right.」

Remembering who Mira was, the pupil of a hero, Eureka convinced herself that such an important person already owning a bracelet wasn’t strange.

The operator bracelet Eureka pulled out was a replica of the original player’s operation terminal. Although the functions were limited to the item box and map. The production cost of these replicas was especially high and required a skill not listed in the Encyclopedia, so not many people could afford to have one.

Despite that, due to its overwhelming utility, active high-ranked adventurers of Rank C or higher could apply to receive one from the Guild.

「Just as expected from Dunbalf’s pupil. It’s probably better I get used to treating you like so.」

With a tinge of anxiety, Eureka reminded herself to keep in mind at all times this girl was the pupil of a hero.
Pulling herself together, she opened the file again and gave a sheet of paper to Mira.

「This here is a summary of how the Union works. Missions are assigned a rank and you are unable to accept missions ranked higher than you. You may participate in group missions even if they are higher than your rank but that’s at your own risk and discretion.
Additionally, dungeons are limited by rank. They are managed by the union departments in the closest cities, so feel free to go there when you need a permit to enter them. There are penalties for breaching the entry rules so please be careful.
Lastly, subjugation missions require you to deliver the necessary number of soul stones in the request. If for any reason you were unable to deliver that amount, it will be counted as a failure even if you did complete it.
Do you have any questions?」

「A permit is required…」

Mira’s current goal was a dungeon and judging by the conversation, without a permit there would be a penalty.

「I wish to enter the underground cemetery after this…the Ancient Temple Nevrapolis, how can I get the permit?」
「All of a sudden!? …well, the reception desk to the furthest right from the entrance handles the dungeon management so you can get your authorization there.」
「I see.」

Slightly twisting her body, Mira looked over at the right side of the reception desks. While there were a lot of people around the central ones, the right side pertaining to the dungeon management was moderately empty.

「Also, the use of union facilities is basically free. Food, drinks, and other consumables are discounted. In the case that you damage the building or furniture, the repair costs will be deducted from your reward so please use them with care.」

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Finished with the required explanations, Eureka pulled out a leather case with the same size as the card from her pocket. It was a very cute cardholder, designed in pink color with a wand and ribbons drawn on it.

「It is a present from me. Please use it for your Adventurer’s ID.」
「Ye… yea. Thanks.」

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Overwhelmed by the girly design, Mira couldn’t just refuse Eureka’s proof of goodwill, thus she meekly nodded. Seeing her actions being accepted to that point, Eureka, happy as none can be, quickly placed Mira’s ID inside the card case and happily handed it over with a blooming smile. Mira could only just accept it with a rather dry expression.

「The union chief also wants to give you something. As today he’s going to be busy preparing, he wants you to come back again tomorrow when you have some free time.」
「Something to give me?」
「Yes. I don’t know what is it but it seems to be an order from King Solomon.」
「From him?… It doesn’t sound that good. Well, fine. I only have to come here tomorrow, right?
「Yes, please.」

Mira had no clue what she would receive from the union chief but considering it’s an order from Solomon, it’d probably be something related to the mission.

「With this, all formalities are finished. Moreover, only I and the union chief know about your situation, so if there’s something you need, feel free to ask me.」
「I’ll remember that.」
「And afterward…」
「What, do you have anything else?」

Looking like she had a hard time talking about it, Eureka with sparkling eyes vigorously reached out her hands.

「Please let me have a handshake!」

Eureka mustered up all her courage to finally ask for that, bowing her head. Up until now, she had to handle all matters as professionally as her position required as an employee of the union. However, now that her duties are finally finished with that, she wasn’t able to stay still with how much her personal desires were bothering her.

Eureka was a huge fan of Danbulf, so much so as to even flood her home with all Danbulf-related commercialized goods.

During her long vacations, she went to Silver Horn and spent her time off on pilgrimages to look up at the Silver Towers.

Eureka couldn’t avoid falling into pure bliss, having the pupil of a hero who hasn’t been heard of for so long standing right in front of her. If other fellow employees knew about the situation she was in, they’d probably be impressed by self-control to perform her duties as they knew how much she loved the hero Danbulf.

「Is this enough for you…?」

Overwhelmed by her energy, Mira offered her hand. As she did so, Eureka gently but strongly squeezed it with both her hands as if to engrave the sensation in herself. Moreover, she was so moved that it even brought her to tears.

「Thank you for that. I will never wash this hand again!」

「It would be preferable if you still washed it.」

Unaware of how much of a Danbulf’s fan Eureka was, Mira slightly drew back with her answer. Even if she did not understand it at all, she considered it should be alright as long as Eureka was happy about it.

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「Good luck with your adventurer’s life. Thank you for using our services!」

All set and sent by Eureka, Mira left and walked towards the desk that handled the permission to enter the underground cemetery.

「I would like a pass for the Ancient Temple, can I get it here?」

Arriving at the desk, Mira asked straight away about it since she was looking at the nameplate saying ‘Dungeon Permits’.

「Yes, this is the desk for it.」

Mira felt that voice being oddly familiar for some reason so she looked up.

Eureka was there.

Due to hearing Mira mention something about the Ancient Temple Nevrapolis, Eureka temporarily swapped places with the woman assigned to this desk by pleading with all her might.

Somewhat baffled at seeing her here, Mira started filling the required paperwork to access the Ancient Temple.

Once done with the formalities and paying a 1,000 Rils commission, she received the pass for the dungeon from a very excited Eureka in the form of a card with some drawn figures on it.

At the same time, Mira received an explanation on how to use it.

Firstly, touch the barrier stone at the entrance with the card to remove the projected barrier and enter. The barrier will be restored 10 seconds after the card is moved away from the stone.

A card can only be used once to enter and she’d need to fill out the documents again to request another pass.

As for leaving the dungeon, there wasn’t anything special about it, she’d just need to walk out through the barrier.

Once the card has been used, use the recycle box in the union to dispose of it.

Nodding at each instruction line, Mira left the union after another handshake with Eureka.

After walking out, Mira thought of putting the pass inside the lovely card case she received from Eureka and opened it. She pondered if she should be doing some sightseeing in the town before the dungeon or just head there straight away.

On that moment of thought, a noise came from the Warrior’s Union.

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「Fine then! I will go alone!」

Along that shout, the door opened and a boy jumped out the building, running in Mira’s direction. While the boy had tears in his eyes and had his sight down in frustration, Mira was occupied looking at her card case while storing the pass, hence it was inevitable what would happen.


The boy bumped head-first into Mira while she, on the other hand, managed to stay on her legs despite wavering from the impact.

「What the!」

Mira reflexively scowled at the one who bumped into her. Looking at the grumbling boy who fell on the ground, her anger cooled down. She walked up to him and helped him up with both of her hands.

「Are you alright, lad? Does it hurt anywhere?」

Approaching the boy, Mira glanced at him and gently asked, wiping his tears with her sleeves right after.

「Yeah. I’m sorry for bumping into you.」

The boy quickly bowed and answered politely, stringing Mira’s admiration at his educated behavior that she ended up patting his head while answering with 「It’s fine」.

「How about you, are you hurt anywhere?」

Mira was slightly startled at that question coming from somewhere else as she then saw a woman’s face appear before her.

The woman was dressed in light armor with a contrast of white and green, and a slim sword was equipped at her waist. She seemed to be a long-eared elf with black long hair and droopy eyes.

Looking at that woman, the boy looked away in irritation.

「Ye… yea. I’m fine.」
「Really? I’m glad.」

Judging by her figure, appearance, and equipment, Mira decided to try and inspect her, thinking she was reasonably strong.

From what she got, her name was Emera. She had a high MP and dexterity with reasonable HP stats, and adding up the equipment bonus, it was a bit better than that.

In comparison to the stats that Graia, the commander of the magic knights, had, Mira concluded they were on par in strength.

「Who are you though? This lad was crying before falling down right? Do you perhaps know anything about that?」

If he only cried after the fall, Mira would have sent him home with an Apple au Lait without worrying too much about it. However, with how red and swollen his eyes were, they revealed he was crying much more and for longer than that. With an unforgivable glare for making a child cry, she turned towards the elf woman.

「Oh… For some reason, I’m being treated as the villain… Well… To start with, I am Emera and I belong to the Warrior’s Union, Rank C, generally classified as a high-rank adventurer.」
「Hmm. I’m Mira. I have just joined the Spellcaster’s Union.」
「Wow. To be an adventurer at that age. Magicians seem to be really amusing.」
「Rather than that, do you know what happened?」

Looking up at Emera, Mira wiped the still flowing tears of the boy.

「Don’t stare at me like that. This big sister will feel hurt.」

Looking like she’s been emotionally hurt, Emera hung down her brows. If she resembled anything, she’d look like a shy big sister. As Mira didn’t have a habit of hurting women, she softened her expression and started to think that Emera didn’t actually make this boy cry.

「Err, if you registered in the union, you should have heard about the dungeon permissions, right?」
「Yea, paying a 1,000 Rils commission, you can get a pass. Dungeons are assigned ranks and to enter you must have the same rank, are you talking about that?」
「Yes, yes. About that…」

While Emera was speaking, the boy noticed the card case lying on the ground.

「Ah, excuse me. It’s my fault.」

After apologizing, the boy picked up the card case and judging by the lovely design he understood that it should belong to Mira. However, as he took a brief glance at the cards, he changed his expression completely.

「Big sis! Is big sis at C rank!?」

The boy wiped what remained of his tears and looked at Mira with his eyes full of hope. Without understanding what was going on, Mira nodded with relief, content as long as he stopped crying.

「Yea, I am.」
「Eh… no way!? You said that you just entered the union! After the registration, shouldn’t you be at Rank G!?」

Emera was even more shocked than the boy. That reaction was normal as receiving Rank C right after registering at the Guild was unheard of before. Even with recommendation letters, she knew that they would get Rank E at best.

Emera rushed to peek at the card case the boy held in his hands. She indeed confirmed that Mira’s Adventurer ID indicated she was Rank C.

「What’s going on… It’s genuine…」

With her eyes wide open, Emera stared at the pass for the Ancient Temple Nevrapolis and just like with Mira’s ID, she confirmed it was also genuine. However, even if one managed to fake the rank written on the license, the union did manage all of the adventurers’ information and faking one’s rank would not work when asking for permission to enter a dungeon.

「The pass to the Ancient Temple… a genuine one」

As Emera said that, she suddenly noticed her mistake. Panicked, she glanced at the boy who was looking at Mira with a stronger shine in his eyes and bowed to her.

「Big sis, please take me along to the Ancient Temple!」


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