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Chapter 160: Visiting Home (Part 2)

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3144 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1281 words
Editor(s): Fire

Mariana tilted her head puzzled, noticing Mira’s clearly suspicious behavior.

「No… it’s nothing. How were things during my absence?」

Mira tried to gloss over it, and then asked a random question to switch topics.

「I wouldn’t say much happened. If I had to mention something, maybe it would be that Luna hasn’t been sleeping well lately. She’s always looking out the window at night, and crying softly.」

Mariana said so after some thought, then she looked at Mira and added, 「I’m sure she’ll cheer up soon enough though,」 while smiling.

「Hm? Is that so?」

「Yes. You’ve returned, after all.」

Hearing that Luna was not sleeping well, Mira began to wonder if the rabbit had gotten sick, or if the change in environment had been too harsh, but her worries were quickly dispelled seeing Mariana’s gentle smile.

Mariana had taken Luna to a vet around a week earlier, but Pure Rabbits were so rare that they did not really know much about them. Highly intelligent animals like Pure Rabbits usually had different behavioral patterns compared to regular animals, so it was harder to diagnose them properly.

There was one place where she was told that some people specialized in treating exotic animals like Pure Rabbits, and that she would have better luck asking such a specialist.

On her way back, Mariana ran into Luminaria, who noticed she looked downcast and asked about it, so Mariana explained Luna’s situation. Luminaria said she might be able to help.

Apparently there was someone new in the local patrol station, who was really smart about things like that.

「Yesterday I went to consult with the person Lady Luminaria recommended. Apparently Luna simply misses her parents.」

Mariana smiled a bit more before adding, 「I’m sure she was getting lonely since you were gone for so long.」 There had been many other hints that pointed towards that possibility as well.

Luna would constantly sit on Mira’s couch, her bed, on the clothes she used to wear. Mariana noticed she would always snuggle up to anything that reminded her of Mira. So when the specialist mentioned that, she was instantly convinced.

Now that Mira was back, she was sure things would get better for Luna. That certainty stemmed from the emotion being mutual between Luna and Mariana, though she did not realize so herself.


Mira headed straight to the aide’s room, since Luna was currently there. The moment she opened the door, a blue ball of fluff charged at her. Luna had sensed Mira’s presence, and was lying in wait for her to open the door.

「You’re as spoiled as ever, I see.」

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Mira caught Luna in her arms, gently petting her soft blue fur. Happy squeaks came from Luna as she did that, nuzzling her face into Mira’s arms even more.

「Now, now, Luna, it tickles. But…you’re so cute!」

As an effect of being apart for so long, Luna and Mira’s restraints had become loose. Mira continued playing with Luna for quite some time after that, and Mariana watched them with a pleased gaze. Though there was also a hint of envy in her eyes.

Their difference between pet and aide, Mira’s lack of hesitation when touching Luna, many things highlighted the difference between them.

Mariana quickly went to bring the toys she had bought for Luna, wishing she could be treated like that one day as well. Soon enough the three of them were playing together.

Mariana was using what looked like a remote controlled fox, which she made run around and fight Luna. Mira grimaced a little seeing that, but was shocked at how resilient Luna was.

It was a constant back and forth, almost like they were fighting a duel. According to Mariana, they always played like that. The fox toy, or Rabbit Hound like it was actually called, would win the match if it touched Luna. If Luna evaded ten attacks, then it was her win.

「That’s so intense… it almost feels like they should play that outdoors…」

Pure Rabbits were known as elusive creatures, and her swiftness was unmatched, using every corner and ledge on the aide’s room to her advantage to jump and run around. As Mira followed Luna with her eyes, she noticed something odd.

The room looked different.

At first she just thought it was simply the fact this was a girls’ room, but that was not exactly it. She quickly realized that Mariana’s trinkets and furniture looked rearranged, and there were many footholds everywhere for Luna to jump and run on.

Mira had noticed that Luna was running around nimbly, but that was in part due to the lack of obstacles and the rearranged furniture. Mariana had even put away many of her trinkets, making sure Luna’s playtime was uninterrupted.

「It seems you’ve been getting along nicely.」

Mira muttered with emotion as she watched Mariana and Luna playing together, even though she felt like Mariana had gone a bit overboard.

Mira reclined back and relaxed as she watched the two.

Luna would sometimes stop still, trying to bait out an attack from Mariana, but she would not get deceived, carefully finding a better timing. Mariana used her seventh attack as a feint, and her eight attack struck Luna.


Luna rolled around and her legs stiffened in the air, admitting her defeat, and Mariana jumped in to mercilessly tickle her belly while saying 「I won!」 with a proud voice.

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「Luna actually lost…」

When it was Mira’s turn to challenge Luna, she experienced such a devastating defeat that both Mariana and Luna had to comfort her.

Eventually she pulled herself back together and took control of the Rabbit Hound again, deciding to use her Sage Arts to their full extent to challenge Luna again. Mira went in full attack mode, and after around five minutes, her fifth attack managed to catch Luna.

「Phew… This…this is my true power…」
「I knew you had it in you.」

Solomon and the others would have thought she was acting incredibly childishly, but only Mariana always supported her.

Pure Rabbits were usually so elusive it was rare to even spot one. They were likely the fastest animal out there, and Mira had defeated Luna not by studying and practicing against her, but with brute force. That was nothing to be proud of. But Mira did not care or think about such things, taking deep breaths as she began ruffling Luna’s exposed belly.

She was still engrossed with that when Mira’s stomach began growling.

「Hm… it’s already this late.」

Many hours had passed while they were playing with Luna. The sun had long set, and the sky was dark and full of stars.

「I’ll shortly start making dinner then. Is there anything specific you wish to eat?」

Mariana had heard Mira’s stomach and took action immediately.

「Hmm, I just want to have a lot to eat tonight.」

After having breakfast in the castle, Mira had completely forgotten about lunch, so she followed her stomach’s desires and gave Mariana a vague request for what to eat.

「Understood. Dinner will be ready promptly.」

Mariana bowed respectfully, put on an apron, and quickly sped out of the aide’s room. She was probably going to cook in Mira’s room.

「Well, I might as well take a bath while I wait then.」

Their exchange had sounded an awful lot like that of a married couple. Mira smiled thinking of that, then she picked up Luna into her arms and went to her room while relishing that rare feeling of a husband who just got home.


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