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Chapter 42: School Tour

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The practice field overflowed with hot air。The direct heat caused by magic、had been accompanied by the students emanating springtime of youth。The place was filled with youthful vigor、presently two people were training in a simulated actual combat。

「Thy springtime of youth is pleseant!」

Mira who was in a corner of the practice field、rose up to the place swelling with life。Sorcery vs Sorcery。Exploding flames sparks surged above the towering earthen walls with the wind。The school’s magical landscape was unique in a way it didn’t seem like reality。

For Hinata、it was just a normal looking landscape。However Mira had a pleasant appearance、but slight unease clouded her expression. If you were to spend time as an apprentice、what kind of life would you have? To be molded by the hero Dunbalf、and to have strength at this age、it wasn’t an easy task。The thought that Mira never neglected training was imagined inside Hinata’s mind。

(Was that why you were peeping into the school?……。But from here on you have freedom、it’s only just begun。I’ll enjoy teaching things a lot)

Hinata had fired herself up even more、taking a gentle glimpse of Mira who had been focused on the scenery of the training ground。

Hinata had misunderstood one person、the use of magic by the students attracted Mira’s interest。It was magic that was used as a feint。One of the students fired off two different flames、a large explosive flame and a thin flame which quickly vanished。

A set of thin spherical shaped flames vanished、revealing an attack of choice hidden undercover。By predicting the opponents actions、it was possible to restrain them with a diversion。Occasionally you could change attributes、to correspond with their goal。Mira witnessed the same kind of scene taking place in different areas。

The magic used from what was recalled、was the basic【Black Magic:Blaze】。It was a very simple thing to attack a target with a spherical flame、consequently that much had been the magic。Mira had yet to see a phenomenon such as magic vanishing midway。

「Nou、Hinata-sensei。Are they using the magic ?」

To Mira who had quickly asked about it、Hinata who was next to her had strangely overflowed with motivation。Hinata gave an exaggerated nod、

「That’s correct。It’s the magicians basic 。By doing combat training like today、they can firmly build up the basics」

From the standpoint of a teacher who had helped other magic departments outside of her small number of classes for Summoners、Hinata had accumulated knowledge throughout the school。In response to Hinata、Mira was relieved of her wavering thoughts that weren’t mistaken about that kind of magic。

「There are two types of explosions、the one that goes out midway、is that one not different?」

To Mira who had spoken out a sense of doubt、Hinata spoke up after pondering with her head tilted。

「Mira-chan、do you know the basic invocation process of magic?」


That was the basic process to invoke magic。It was a series of steps that was required to be performed to cast magic。

First was to select the magic you wanted to use。Then specify what to use the magic on。And then the required mana was consumed。Finally triggering the invocation after the series of steps。The process was slightly different from summoning magic、but was required for chanting advanced magic。

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「Not just summoning magic、but to have knowledge of other types of magic。Just as expected。The one that vanished midway was just an ordinary one、in the process of consumption、if the necessary mana isn’t fully consumed that phenomenon occurs。When it’s invoked in a state where it hasn’t consumed the required mana、it disappears midway unable to be maintained。But instead、because the consumption of mana is less than the required amount、the invocation procedure is faster and is used as a feint、or to restrain movement」

Hinata who finally seemed like a teacher、boastfully explained feeling proud of herself。

「I see。That kind of technique is surprising!」

Mira was genuinely impressed by the explanation。In the game era、the trick of suppressing mana consuption didn’t exist。It was either one or none。When using magic、mana cost was always the same without any exception。However、now that the world had become a reality、even that law had collasped。Magicians could now discover new possibilities。

「Then、if mana for summoning magic was reduced、what would happen?」
With eyes full of expectation、Mira brought up another question。Hinata closed her cat ears with a petan、and stared into the distance with a clouded smile before gently speaking。

「A head……an arm……a leg……some parts come out、and then disappears 」

Parts appear and vanish。With timing、a shield could be used when calling inanimate objects for a moment、it was a phenomenon that made summoning magic less threatening when using less mana。
「Is……that so?……」

In response to the answer、Mira decided to call a Dark Knight while regretfully bowing to Hinata、to test the sensation of suppressing mana。

(Fuumu、half。No、I wonder if about half is good)

Mira placed into her view, a place that was not too far from where she was。

【Summon:Dark Knight】

Suppressing mana consumption with her senses、an image had also incorporated in the process。From the unusual limited magic、the intense presence of only the Dark Knight’s head emerged。Momentarily、the Dark Knight’s eyes met with Hinata’s、and a small scream was heard、after the head vanished。

(So this is the feeling of reducing mana consumption。Tis not so difficult)

In a single experiment、Mira had grasped the sense of recuding consumption。For Mira who had mastered countless techniques、it was simple to change the consumption rate of those skills、and among them new magic could be created。

If there were no problems、Mira could think of other possibilities。It was in her nature to obtain those results。

【Summon:Dark Knight】

This time、the dark knight holding a black sword with its right arm emerged from the magic with reduced mana。The second experiment、emphasis on the step of designation was put into consideration。Mira’s result had succeeded。

(Fumu、this is also satisfactory。Now then)

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「Hinata-sensei。It may get slightly dangerous、thou may want to step back」

「eh? u、un」

Although it was just a portion of the Dark Knight、it had momentarily emitted enormous amounts of magical energy which caused Hinata to lose the feeling in her legs and drop to the floor。

Mira took into account the experimental results、while building the process。She had given form to that elaborate magic、staring an empty unoccupied space。

【Summon:Dark Knight】

A hollow black arm holding a large sword in its hand recieved Mira’s will、and appeared from a small magic formation。However、the situation this time was different from the previous one。The arm rose upwards holding the large sword。


Hinata raised her voice involuntarily at the sight of it。And in the next moment、the arm slammed the large sword against the ground violently、and vanished in the blink of an eye。

「Fumu、it seems to have been successful」

Mira stroked her chin with her fingers、murmuring to herself satisfied with the results。The black arm that appeared in the nearby area left behind in Hinata’s gaze、had presently shattered the common sense of beginners。A huge scar was firmly carved on the ground as evidence。

Processing the steps of summoning magic、specifying the location、summoning a specific body portion、consuming mana、and invoking。It was possible to summon a Dark Knight like this。But、it was only a summoning。After、the summoned body could be instructed to attack or defend。And this was a separate magic。If mana consumption was reduced、they would vanish before you could instruct them、which was why it was merely a pretense。

However Mira’s was different。In the case of Mira who had outstanding performance technique and was able to simplify the process into a single step、the arm was able to receive the command before being summoned and immediately swing down its sword。

「Mira-chan、just now!?」

「Hinata-sensei、it is still dangerous」

Hinata with a startled expression ran up to Mira、and Mira spoke with the intention to continue experimenting、while looking at an empty area。

【Summon:Dark Knight】

The scene that unfolded in front of Hinata had cornered her common sense。Six arms appeared from a circle、and swing down large swords at a point that played a key role。The impact force was enormous、almost at the same time the dust swept the area、it caused a flame explosion to disappear。It left a large crater。

And it wasn’t just Hinata who was at a loss of words witnessing the experiment。All of the students of the Sorcery department in the same training area had stood there stunned at the extraordinary power。

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The students from around the beginning of the first Dark Knight summoning had been focused on Mira。To suddenly witness an object emitting massive amounts of magical energy、there was no reason not to be worried。They were completely entranced by the phenomenon that occurred one after another。And then they had finally noticed、in front of them was the girl who had stolen first place in the examination representing the Summoning Magic Department。One of the factors that led them into realizing it、was the person next to her was Hinata。

The students of the Sorcery Department had already heard about the results from the exam。And they were secretly glad that the disgusting person known as Kairos had lost。Sorcery took second、although this was a place to think、Kairos was arrogant towards people in the same department。Such a thing couldn’t be helped。

In front of them was a girl who had blown Kairos away。Combined with her cuteness、her evaluation rapidly increased。Mira however、was not yet aware of that fact。

(With this、I could use it in combat if I try a little more。Fumu、adjusting the mana consumption? With the game’s system that seems to be gone、it could also be possible to do the opposite and increase it。This time、shall I try many things?)

Mira felt the experimental results had good responses、and wrote down future experiments on an agenda in her mind。

The students whether or not they were able to comprehend anything、unconsciously took a step back with their eyes on Mira who had her attention on the training field。

After a long time、Mira had finally noticed she had attracted attention、and immediately sprung out of the training building running on her heels。

To the students who were left stunned while watching the back of her figure run off、Siegfried motivated them with rough words。Next month、they would defeat that little girl and take back first place。

To that、there were people in doubt。In the first place was that really summoning magic? The summoning magic Mira had displayed was on a different level than what they had previously experienced。But since they were unable to deny the events that happened right before their very eyes、they returned to training。At the least、they wanted go beyond what was in the present。No matter how much time they had it wasn’t enough。

The students wouldn’t give up after witnessing Mira’s grandeur、and resumed training at the sound of Siegfried’s voice。As it was、defeat couldn’t be avoided。In their eyes、dwelled a hidden light that aimed for the heavens。This was the original appearance of the Sorcery Department。Led by Luminaria、the students chased after her back filled with vigor、stirred up by the overwhelming sight that had unfolded in front of their eyes。

After Mira had run away from the training grounds accompanied by Hinata、she had begun to look at the school life of magicians。

The school taught engineering and battle skills in addition to general education、it was a place on the continent where knowledge was abundant。The students choose what suited them and learned。And the content which included the specialized department was much deeper、it proved to be the best educational institution for a person aiming to be a magician。

Various research was done in regards to techniques、technology would be developed to study Mira’s unknown skill。The magic that Kairos used had its appearance strengthened together with its current caster、it was called 。

Mira had eyes shining with curiosity、as she repeatedly asked Hinata questions related to the progress of new technology。What does this and that do?Hinata’s teaching soul began to ache with such questions asked、she utilized her knowledge of the other Departments she had gained helping them to describe them in great detail。

In the Sorcery Department、synthetic magic was being developed enthusiastically。

In the Holy Magic Department、currently they were making preparations for a journey to the Holy Land。To learn Holy Magic they would need to visit many enshrined gods。

The Onmyouji Department、there was a problem with training intermediate and higher level Onmyoujis、they were lacking in spirit leaves for creating talismans。

The Exorcism Department、they were capable of launching holy water using the air pressure created with Magic Engineering、guns capable of shooting holy water was developed。

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The Demon Invocation department、it was revealed that a person’s character and aptitude influenced the assimilation rate、and the extent of influence was still undergoing research。

The Necromancy Department、along with the contract with the Rock Doll、and development of usable tools is carried out。

The Xian Arts Department、after enrolling they learn would hand-to-hand combat early。As a result、they are all in good physical shape、and actively seek combat with weapons。

The Spiritual Magic Department、they could manipulate the weather、specifically light sources to grow vegetables have been studied。

The Summoning Magic Department、it was already known that Creos was recruiting people who want to learn summoning magic、they were in the midst of promoting contracts with armor spirits in a historic battleground。

While touring each department、Hinata talked with dignity。By the time the touring had finished、the after school view was wrapped in vermilion。The school also had club-like activities、an athletic club sweating out their springtime of youth 、and in a club room under the setting sun students passed time doing whatever they pleased。

「As I thought、it isn’t possible to visit everywhere in a day」

「It was worthwhile。It was fun、Hinata-sensei」

Mira answered with a satisfactory smile to Hinata who was slightly tense。

「Uun、thank you for taking part in the examination。This is for you」

In the palm of Hinata’s hand、she held out a ring of silver。Mira took Hinata’s hand and softly closed it。

「This time、it was for the future of Summoning Magic。It is not to the extend thou would need to show gratitude」

「But、it was my request」

「Then how about guiding me around the school another time?I still have yet to see enough」

Mira replied with a smile。After having guided Mira、Hinata recalled when they had first met。It was the appearance of a girl looking into the school。

「Un、leave it to me。I’ll thoroughly take you around!」

While energetically raising her cat ears、Hinata had set into her heart、to apply for permission to guide Mira around the restricted areas。

「Then I shall be off」

「See you again。Come back anytime」

After exchanging farewells、Mira walked down the middle of the school path。Hinata watching from behind as she walked away quietly whispered、「Thank you」along with fighting spirit that rushed back into the Summoning Department。Because Mira had created refined equipment for strength enhancement、a tour of Creos’s Summoning Magic acquisition would increase。The preparations were already done。Surely、it was believed that Mira was connected to the answer。

Hinata harbored strong thoughts on that apprentice、while dashing down a corridor in spite of being a teacher。Even without noticing Siegfried’s refreshing dinner invitation。

Mira watched the students applying themselves to club activities in the schoolyard、above was the sky dyed in crimson。She had only planned to peek a little、but had instead spent most of her time inside。Soon it would be nightfall、she wouldn’t be able to explore other places。

While thinking of what to do、Mira passed slightly beyond the school gate。A shadow rushed over in a trot、overtaking her and revealing herself。

「So、you’re still here」

The girl resembling Little Red Riding Hood spun indifferently to the words。It was one of the stand in sages、Amaratti。Her business in the school had also ended、and she was headed back。

「Fumu、it seems so」

Amaratti not worrying about Mira being surprised、inclined her neck and moved her face closer bending over。

「By the way Mira-san。I wonder、do you wear underwear?」

After staring at Mira’s chest、Amaratti glanced upwards「Or do you have that sort of hobby?」And continued raising her skirt。

「I wear this」

Amaratti returned a regretful smile、what was the cause? She sent a gaze towards Mira while speaking。Facing each other、the blowing wind had rolled up Mira’s skirt、and she lightly shrugging her shoulders、

「I don’t know how to wear them」

She answered obediently。Amaratti slightly smiled with the surprising revelation。In the area、the two of them were unaware of the uproar they caused lifting their skirts。

「So it was like that。Then、I’ll show you」

With her words、Amaratti hastily began unbuttoning the clothes、and Mira quickly took her hands in a hurry。

「What is thou doing!?」

「I’ve already said it。I’ll show you。I’ll remove mine once、so watch carefully where it attaches」

It was impossible to approve of it。So in other words、it would mean to continue directly looking at Amaratti’s chest。Originally it would be pleasing to see、but the location was bad。You couldn’t just expose the upper body of a girl in the center of public view。

Mira refused intensely、saying she would ask Lily about it later、in order to somehow convince her。

「Don’t forget to ask for an example」

「I understand」

Mira replied back to Amaratti who was completely obessed with the maids specially sewn magic dress despite lightly waving back。

In the next moment Amaratti showed a happy expression、Invoke【Necromancy:Rock Bear】。In the blink of an eye a stone bear appeared in front of Mira。

「Well then、Let’s meet again」

Amaratti replied while jumping on its back。And the stone bear walked onto the road in front of the school gate in a grand manner。The city inhabitants merely followed the spectacle with their eyes with excitement rather than confusion。

Amaratti had left so abruptly it left Mira in a daze、she was once again able to see the difference from game and reality。The Valkyrie Alfina、as well as the Musical Spirit Leticia、conversation with them was originally impossible。It could be that what wasn’t possible was now possible。As for the action of Amaratti just now、it was included in the things that were now possible、in short she would also be able to ride on a summon。From the inhabitants reactions、it suggested that Necromancers moving around like that was common。

(By chance、the worry of walking is no longer present)

Summoning magic didn’t quite have anything for riding purposes。But that was during the game era。As long as it was a figure you could get on there were many choices。

There was no choice but to try it。Mira had thought so、while recalling the figure of the previous Amaratti。The reaction around her could at any rate be conspicuous。

Mira thought that kind of situation was no good、and suppressed the aching thought、she would conclude the experiment in a less conspicuous location。

(Now then、what shall I do?)

With a lot of new knowledge、Mira wanted to organize it。Therefore it was also a good time to get some rest。

First and foremost location that comes to mind is the castle。They would prepare a bed to use overnight。However、after much effort coming to this world、staying at an inn greatly caught Mira’s interest。

Especially so、if it was an ordinary Inn。Ecarlatte Carillon was based at the Spring Snow Inn、it was both an Inn and a tavern。Until now Mira had stayed in a private room inside the tower、a room in the castle、camped in a horse drawn carriage、and slept in a grand hotel known as the Summer Lantern。It was all far from being ordinary。

(I’ll casually stop by an inn for a night。It will be a delightful taste of being an adventurer)

Casual conversation with the inn keeper、and a meal inside a lively dining room was often well described in stories。Mira harbored a feeling of yearning for such a place、while looking for a common inn under the running under the approaching dark night。


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