Chapter 19: Another Conflict

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Author: Ryuusen Hirotsugu Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 6606 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 3013 words
Editor(s): Exisero

The two’s training session had been going on for so long that Solomon’s aide, Suleyman, started to look for the missing Mira and Luminaria. As he approached the women’s toilet calling for them, he only received noisy voices instead of an answer. As he dared to peek inside, he was met with the sight of them both leaving afterimages all over the bathroom.

At the thought of himself being too tired from working, Suleyman shook his head while pinching his forehead. Coincidentally, a female scientist who happened to visit the toilet at this time inwardly called him a pervert.
Though as soon as she entered the women’s toilet, she also became stupefied by the sight of Luminaria, the Elder of the Tower of Magic, inside.

With that last intrusion in their training, Luminaria chose to call it off, bringing an end to an extended toilet visit. As a result, Mira successfully learned 【Mirage Step】. Obviously, her technique was still rough due to the lack of experience but it could be easily fixed with frequent practice.

Together with Solomon, they went to a large banquet room and ate dinner. However, the presence of the usual servants prevented them from talking about anything other than daily topics.

Dinner was plenty bountiful and gorgeous, with Mira being the most excited about it, asking “What’s that?” all the time. That behaviour befitting that of a child tickled the motherly instincts of one of the maids and she began to fuss around her explaining the content of the dishes and wiping her mouth.

And Luminaria got her turn after the meal.
She offered to enter the bath and after hearing “Indeed, I’m quite exhausted. A long bath sounds nice to me.” as an answer, she quickly snatched Mira away.
Left to himself, Solomon went to the men’s bath alone.

「Why do we have to enter the bath together?」
「Why wouldn’t we? The bathtub is large enough and since we finally met again after such a long time, let’s do some naked skinship!」

Mira and Luminaria stood in the changing room of a large bath. Contrary to Luminaria, who’s already finished folding her clothes and placing them on the shelf, Mira was still struggling with her robe, which was adjusted by Litaria and Mariana.

「Good grief. Let me help.」

Luminaria approached Mira and with experienced hand movements began to untie one ribbon after another. At the same time, two voluptuous buns, a fine result of a perverted fixation, were right before Mira’s eyes. Unable to withstand that sight, Mira averted her gaze to the side.

Thanks to Luminaria’s effort, twenty ribbons were lined up on the shelf. The rolled-up robe full of ribbons returned to its original form. As the last ribbon at the chest section was loosened, the collar opened up to her shoulders. At the sight of the moderately bulging breasts of Mira peeking out from underneath, Luminaria beamed a smile.

「Not too big and not too small, that’s just like you.」
「Drop that subject already…」

Mira pulled up her robe to move to a corner of the room and started to undress after a moment of squirming.
Underneath the strange magical girl-like robe, Mira was dressed in the Celestial Maiden’s Raiment and bloomers. That sight alone made Luminaria resume her attack once more.

「Mixing a see-through negligee with such old-styled bloomers… You just came here yesterday and are already displaying such growth. With that pace you’ll reach my level really soon.」

The combination of the immature yet bewitching see-through garment with the apparently far from eroticism bloomers was a discovery for Luminaria. Though only someone like her would possibly find such a strange concept in it.

Throwing her robe at that pervert, Mira hurriedly took off the rest of her clothes and ran into the bathroom.
Luminaria carefully folded the robe, put it on the shelf and followed her inside.

The bathroom was luxurious and dazzling, very fitting for the castle of the king. Hot water from a reservoir filled the large bathtub, ascending through a fountain at the middle and with gravity’s effect, rained down like a shower all around.

This bathroom was open to the country’s guests. For that reason, many things were deliberately placed inside which contributed to the overall appearance of an otherworldly country, making Mira fully enjoy the feeling it gave off.

「This is ridiculous! This indeed is ridiculous!」

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Amazed by that sight, a giggling Mira moved to play beside the fountain and under its waterfall. In no time, her hair was soaked and clung to her skin, as droplets of water trickled down her soft skin and fell into the bath.

In this absurdly expensive bathtub spa which screamed overkill, Mira kicked the overflowing water around, running here and there and was fully enjoying herself.

「Looking at that, her behavior does match her current appearance. Though he was childish to start with anyway. However, are you really fine with that, Danbulf?」

Muttering to nobody in particular, Luminaria fondly chased Mira’s frolicking appearance with her eyes.

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Once she’s rested enough after her share of fun, a refreshed Mira returns to the changing room and wipes herself with a towel.
The clothes left on the shelf were taken away and there was a new change of clothes in their place.

As soon as Mira took the change of clothes and unfolded them, she froze in place. No wonder, it was a sky blue one piece dress with frills. Something that wasn’t ordered by Solomon or Luminaria but brought by a castle’s maid doing her best to pick out, thinking it would be the best fit for Mira.
Alas, the problem did not end just there. Something that was overshadowing a mere dress was right next to it.

They were a pair of white panties decorated with ribbons. Although they were scarcely decorated, it was all the more reason that this article had a possibility of drawing even more of Mira’s complete charm than ever. It was like the panties were telling her there was no need for unnecessary things, simple panties were all you need, that it’s enough to reach enlightenment… or rather, to fulfill some personal tastes.

Mira desperately opened her inventory in hopes of having something else instead but as she already confirmed last night, she once again realized there was no escape.

「What, still hesitating? Just give up. There will be more than this and making a reaction each time only makes you tired.」

Luminaria said as she came back from the bath and changed into her prepared clothes. She instantly understood the situation by looking at the frozen Mira holding the dress and panties.


As Mira muttered that, she gazed towards Luminaria and widely opening her eyes, glared and pointed at her robe.

「How did you get a robe?」
「I often stay here so there are plenty of spare clothes for me.」
「Then can you lend me some please? This is really too much for me.」
「There’s no way my size would fit you. Besides, it does suit you so calm down and put it on. Or do you want me to help?」

Luminaria sidled up to Mira with a suspicious smile.

「No thank you!」

Leaving those words behind, Mira escaped to the opposite side of the changing room and after making a large breath to gain determination, put her head through the dress.
Feeling uncomfortable with her wet hair cramped inside the dress, Mira forcibly pulled out her shining silver hair with a hand.

And what remained, was a pair of panties. Inside Mira’s head, began the war between no-panties faction and give-up-on-something-important faction. Due to how short the one piece’s skirt was, the give-up-on-something-important faction was on the offense. But the no-panties faction desperately protected the remnants of Danbulf, and his “manliness”. However, this war between conflicting factions was put to an end all-too-soon by the hand of a certain person.

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「Are you still on that?」

Luminaria said, simultaneously taking the panties from Mira’s hand, squatted down and held them near Mira’s legs.

「Here, lift a leg.」
「No… wait…」
「Come on, do it already.」

Luminaria urged Mira to get on with it already, poking her leg. Mira reluctantly lifted one of her legs and passed it through one side. Far from over, Luminaria pressed on, “Hey, now the other one.” A resigned Mira lifted her other leg and finished having panties put on, reliving the experience she had with the bloomers.
Even though she felt as if something important was lost, Mira left the changing room as if she reached enlightenment.

Having received a message from Solomon to meet at his office through the maid watching over the changing room, both reached out to the office with Luminaria’s lead.

As Luminaria knocked on the door, Suleyman opened with 「We had been waiting for you.」 He then left the office after letting them in and silently closed the door.

「Excuse me for the trouble.」

Languidly tossing the documents he had in hand to a corner of the table, Solomon leaned back on the chair, glanced over and gasped.

「You look beautiful.」
「Yeah, it really suits her.」

Solomon and Luminaria were all smiles seeing Mira in the dress. Solomon did not specifically order the maid what kind of dress to bring to Mira. He only ordered her to bring an outfit that would fit Mira the best. This maid presented similar cute dresses to her little sister each payday and that’s precisely why Solomon ordered her to do it.

「Hmph, quit it already. Also, are you alright? You look tired.」
「Well, I am indeed tired, even with Suleyman having helped me this much.」
「Is he that good?」
「I’m horrified just thinking what would have happened if he wasn’t here.」

With a small chit chat, Mira, as if she was drawn to it, turned to the sofa and dropped her whole weight on it.

「Alright, about the things we’re going to do now.」

With that preface Solomon took a single sheet of paper from the table. It listed the amount of Refined Gem and Magic Sealing Stones needed for the following experiments with the Accord Cannon.

「The experiments with the Accord Cannon require 30 Refined gems and 35 lighting-attribute Magic Sealing Stones. I also want you to make flame, water, earth, ice, wind, and light Magic Sealing Stones, 5 of each. Can you do it please? All the materials are ready.」
「Hmm. It’s quite a lot. What rank of the Magic Sealing Stones do you need」
「As high as possible but with the materials we have so far, third grade would probably be the limit.」

The rank of Magic Sealing Stones corresponded to the amount of power contained inside. Grade 1 was the highest grade and Grade 7 was the lowest. Furthermore, due to the limits and rarity of the materials, Grade 1 Magic Sealing Stones were quite scarce.

「Well, I’m fine with it. However, it might be faster to just get them from the Tower. As for the Refined Gems, there should be more than you can possibly use in the storeroom as well as a reasonable amount of Magic Sealing Stones.」

「Well damn. Just as expected of you. If you had come earlier, the research would have progressed much further. It could even be already completed by this time.」
「If you needed it, you could just ask Mariana. I left the storeroom management to her so she can enter without me being around.」

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There was a storeroom in the private rooms of the Tower and to enter, one needed to pass the private room. Only the Elder of the tower and their aide can enter. Basically, even without Danbulf, they could have asked Mariana to bring something from within. That’s what Mira meant.

「Erm… about that. One time I tried to ask if there were any Refined Gems or Magic Sealing Stones in the storeroom and in the case there were some, if I could get some.」
「So you already did it. What, did you already run out of them?」

「Ah, well you see… she had no intention of listening to me at all. It belongs to Danbulf and she will not give anything away, even to me. Master Danbulf will definitely come back and my mission is to keep everything in the Tower as it is until that day so he won’t be inconvenienced once he returns. …She cried when she said that. I could not force her with an order.」

「As he said, I was with him that time, but seeing that stubbornness it felt like she intended to protect it with her life.」
「So that’s why…」

Mira once again thought about Mariana, who waited for her return for such a long time.

(I should at least tell her about it.)

A sorrowful looking girl with sapphire-like hair casting her eyes down came to mind. Most likely the only who could make her raise those eyes was Mira herself. Leaving a girl crying like that, was far from Mira’s image of an ideal man. When she realized that, Mira decided this was more important than a brief moment of shame.

「Well, that’s how it is. The amount I specified earlier should be enough for now. All materials are in the refining room, I will guide you there later.」
「Hmm. Then I will make it all before I sleep.」
「If our refiners were to hear those words, they’d pass out.」

Luminaria who was sitting on top of the desk supported her body with her both hands and twisted her upper body to the side and said that with a really blissful smile. Refiners in this castle were working tirelessly around the clock and Mira’s demonstration of refining speed would definitely make them pass out without any hope for recovery.

「…I will send an order to bring the materials and a Refining Board to your bedroom instead.」

With that scene in mind, Solomon said he’d prefer her to quietly refine alone. Answering with 「I don’t mind,”」Mira took the Appure from her inventory and had a sip.

「But you know, if you need it so much, then wouldn’t it be better if you turned self-sufficient?」
「Well, that would be for the best, but it seems like they are having hard time improving their technique, and the production can barely keep up. Do you have some good method maybe?」
「Well, it depends on their efforts. Do you have paper and a pen?」
「Yeah, err. Here.」

Solomon got a fountain pen from the table and some parchment from a shelf before giving them to Mira.

「Wait a minute.」

After taking them, using the nearby table as support, Mira drew figures and symbols on the parchment.

「Well, something like that. Show it to those refiners later please.」
「H-mm. What’s this, I can’t understand it at all.」

Snatching the parchment from Mira, Luminaria made a wry face after playing a staring contest with the figures and symbols drawn there. Then she quickly raised a white flag and pushed the parchment onto Solomon.

「This is… hmm. I do understand it is related to refining, but that’s all. I just need to show it to them, right? Alright.」
「Yeah, I leave it to you.」

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The figures and symbols Mira drew on the parchment were the schematics of a new Refining Board she invented and designed a while ago. She scribbled it quickly, especially mentioning abbreviated fine details on the margins. Unbeknownst to Mira, her notes would have made an enormous effect on magic engineering but that’s a story for another time.

「Having that out of the way, let’s talk about tomorrow. Arrangements for the carriage are already done, you can depart for the underground cemetery at any time.」
「Isn’t that a bit too fast? I’d love to do it slightly slower and rest up more.」
「Do you? Fine, you can freely stay here if you wish. I specifically made early arrangements for your sake.」
「For my sake?」

Mira threw a dubious glance at Solomon. She couldn’t think up any reason for an early departure.

「Yeah. If you stay here any longer, my maids will be delighted. I don’t think you will be so glad though.」
「What’s that? What are you talking about?」
「I heard from the chief maid that after seeing your robe, they were very excited and inspired. It looks like all the maids are now making an outfit for you.」
「I leave at dawn tomorrow.」
「Haha. I got it. Then I will tell them.」

There was no way that any outfit inspired by a strange magical girl-style costume would be decent. Mira promptly decided to run away.

「They have weird hobbies…」
After letting out an astounded remark, Mira made a small yawn.

「Oh, is it bedtime already?」

Fiercely staring at the teasing Luminaria, Mira’s eyelids actually started dropping due to sleepiness.

「A lot of things happened today.」

Drinking the last bit of Appure, Mira yawned again and widely stretched.

「Well, let’s leave it here for now. It was fun to talk again after a long time.」
「Yeah, I managed to get plenty of information so it was worth the trip coming here.」
「Since Luminaria and I still have something else to discuss, the maid stationed outside of the door will show you to the bedroom.」
「Alright, I got it.」

Mira left the empty bottle on the sofa, stood up and walked to the door.

「Good night then.」
「If you’re to get up early, I recommend you keep it moderate when playing with yourself and get proper sleep.」
「Do not mix me up with you. Good night.」

Under the gazes of a slightly smiling Solomon and the grinning as usual Luminaria, Mira left with a farewell.


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