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Extra Chapter II Episode 3 From the Holy Church (3)

On the next day, early in the morning, Paul and Kain went to investigate, and Waltz, Moras and Eliera headed to the Orna city, where Senabia Magic Academy was located.

Then Bagil and Gris went to the church and decided to gather information.

They failed to get any new information, but in the afternoon, a message came saying that the criminals woke up.

Bagil and Gris hurriedly headed to the hospital in the Orna city where the criminal was hospitalized, together with Harris and a few escorts.

They arrived at the hospital after a few hours, but the hospital personnel said that they wished for only two people to visit the criminal.

Bagil and Harris were the ones to go inside. When the two entered the hospital room, a man around 40 years old, who seemed to be criminal’s boss, was sitting on the bed.

「Are you church’s people?」
「We are indeed」
「That’s right」
「I don’t have anything to say to you, go away」

The man didn’t realize that he was talking to one of the thirteen apostles and the top of Windistan church. Harris said to him with a helpless attitude. [1]

「But we still managed to catch  you」 [2] 「Uh-huh. I will only speak to the top of the church」
「Why so?」

Bagil immediately asked.

「Unimportant people won’t understand」
「So you will speak to the top person?」
「That’s right」

When a man said so, he averted his eyes from the two. He was implying that he wasn’t going to talk to unimportant people and wanted them to leave.

Seeing his behavior, Harris says with an amused voice.

「Then you can rest assured. I am Harris Tuberculin, one of the top people from Windistan church」
「I am Bagil Eight, one of the 13 apostles of the Holy Church」
「The top of the church and an apostle?!」

After learning their identity, the man seemed to receive a shock.

The man was going to call an important person simply to buy time, he was not going to tell the truth even he actually came.

So the man tried to activate something hidden in his right hand. But Bagil didn’t seem to mind and simply said. [3]

「The magic circle you were hiding was already erased. Just stop your useless resistance」
「What? Damn it」

The man was surprised that his hidden magic circle disappeared.

The man tried to cause them injuries and escape, but the other party was a top class magician, it was natural for it to fail.

「Well than, let us talk. I really want to know a lot of things」
「Do you think that I will talk if you say so?」
「Such bad manners. Think about it, I am at the top of the church. If you answer my questions, your sin might get lighter」

Although Harris tried to convince the bad-mannered man, the man was not stupid.

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「Do you think that I will believe such obvious lie?」
「Hmm, I see. Let’s change the method. What if I let you escape, and say that you captured the top of the church and used him as a shield? You will probably face a lot of trouble」 [4]

Harris changed his approach from temptation to threatening. Facing Harris’s aura, the man finally makes a slip of tongue.

「They I will just go elsewhere!」
「By the way, where is this elsewhere?」
「Freestan. You shouldn’t have any authority there」
「I see, but you forgot something」
「I am one of thirteen apostles」

Even if you go to other places, thirteen apostles can freely move around, escaping in Freestan is useless.

「Damn, is it fine for the top of the church and one of the apostles to threaten people in broad daylight?」
「Well, this is certainly a bad thing」
「But we need to solve a problem at hand, can’t help it」

The two immediately admitted, and one even said a frightening thing.

「There is also a torture」
「Yes, the Holy Church will deal with the aftermath」
「I u-understand. I will talk. I will talk, so please stop」

Facing Harris’s menacing aura and Bagil’s sharp gaze, the man gave up.

「So you finally decided to speak」
「I will talk. Please have mercy」

Looking at the man who tried to escape the torture by any means necessary, Bagil said.

「Just say it already. Although, if I have to guess, your employer is from the Freestan?」
「How did you?」
「You previously said that you will go to the Freestan. You probably wanted to return to your employer, right? 」

Bagil was concerned, why did the man want to go to Freestan of all other places? But the reason was quickly found. It also goes well with Bagil’s speculations.

「As you have guessed, my employer is a magician from Freestan. I don’t know his name, but I heard he is in the Freestan」
「And what is his goal?」
「I don’t know the details, but I remember him talking about mass production of magicians」
「Mass production?」
「I don’t know about his methods, believe me. We were just told to collect girls」

At this time, the picture inside Bagil’s head was completed. And the anger welled up inside of him. The anger caused by criminal’s heretical studies.

「I see, I understand」
「Did you figured something?」
「Yes. I will head to Freestan right now」
「All right, I will stay here for a while then」
「Understood. Until we meet again」
「Be careful」

Then Bagil left the hospital room. Gris who was on standby outside the hospital room, seeing angry face of his superior, immediately became serious.

「Gris, contact Waltz’s team. We will meet and head to Freestan」

Gris understood that interrogation bore fruit, but didn’t ask.

Because he knew that he shouldn’t ask, Bagil will tell him if he decides so.

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Gris have immediately contacted Waltz’s group, that was heading towards Senabia Magic Academy.

He used a special kind of stone called thought transmission stone. By pouring mana inside the stone you can transmit your thoughts to a specific person

Gris poured the mana into the stone in his hand and initiated a contact with Waltz.


With this sound, he successfully connected with Waltz.

(What’s wrong, Gris?)
(Please come to a hospital in the Orna city right now. Captain and I are waiting for you here)
(What!? Why are you even there? )

Waltz was surprised that they were in the Orna city, but Gris didn’t have time to answer him.

(Yeah, come as soon as possible. It seems captain understood the criminal’s goal and is very angry right now)
(Is it true!?)[5] (Yes, it’s true)
(Understood, we will be there soon)

Then, 30 minutes after the contact, Bagil and his four Captains gathered in front of the hospital.

There, Bagil relayed his orders.

「I uncovered the criminal’s goal, we will head to Freestan immediately」

Five people rode their horses to Freestan. The biggest kidnapping incident in the history of Leiria Kingdom was finally coming to an end.


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