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Extra Chapter II Episode 2 From the Holy Church (2)

A group of people gathered in front of the Holy Church in the capital city Reinz.

In the center stood a silver-haired man in white whole body armor, Bagil Eight, one of the 13 apostles. His face was harsh, and it made people around him nervous.

And there were 6 people surrounding him.

The name of a strong-looking man with brown short hair is Gris Gureia. He is a magician adept in flame attribute magic from the advanced magician family and is one of the captains under the Bagil.

The name of a good-looking guy with black hair is Paul Marnier. He is a member of advanced magician clan and a specialist in earth magic, also one of the captains under Bagil. [1]

The man with black hair and agile body is Waltz Sugirt. He is a magician of the fog attribute from advanced magician clan, also under Bagil.

The name of a bashful man with blue hair is Moras Brigar, an intermediate magician of the light attribute, serves under Bagil. [2]

Kain Surra is the name of a gentle man with orange hair. He is an intermediate magician of the wind attribute, also a subordinate of Bagil.

And the woman with reddish hair, Eliera Bojural is an intermediate magician of the fire attribute, the only female captain under Bagil. [3]

They were the six captains under Bagil and trusted subordinates, together they are to head to Windistan.

「This time, our Bagil platoon is to head to Windistan and settle the kidnapping incident. I’m counting on you in case of battle」
「「「「「「Yes sir!」」」」」」

Seven people led by Bagil started moving immediately as they mounted their horses.

Their horses, unlike ordinary ones, are called『Magic Horse』which can increase its speed by receiving mana from the rider.

They poured mana into the magic horses and rushed out with a tremendous speed in the direction of Windistan.

Three days later, after passing through a number of small villages and towns on their way to the destination, the team reached their destination.

Upon arriving in the city Bagil ordered the captains to secure the surroundings.

Although he said that, Bagil’s order meant that other than being wary of their surroundings, they are free to act as they see fit. Of course, captains knew that, so they acted however they wanted while completing orders.

And when the captains disappeared, Bagil headed for a certain building.

It was the Windistan’s church, that managed the region. As soon as he arrived at the church he entered a particular room.

Bagil passed through a door and entered the room, there was an old man waiting inside.

A white-haired old man in a dark blue robe was one of the top people in this church. His name was Harris Tuberculin and he was an acquaintance of Bagil.

Like the Holy Church in the capital, the regional church had several people on top.

If someone is dispatched from Holy Church, the representative will be sent from this circle for the purpose of smooth cooperation.

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And Harris was a magician that once belonged to the Holy Church, now he was in the top brass of this regional church.

「You are finally here, Bagil-sama」
「Please stop such a formal attitude, Harris-san」
「Ho-ho-ho. That’s right, isn’t it」 [4] 「Yes, after all, I came this far thanks to your education」
「You are overpraising me, Bagil」

As Bagil said, Harris was Bagil’s teacher until two years ago.

Bagil became one of the apostles when he was 18 years old. He was still in the magic academy back then.

So the seven sages made Harris, who was an instructor for young magicians at the Holy Church, Bagil’s teacher.

Then he heard about the circumstances of the Leiria Kingdom from the seven sages.

After that, Harris was the one who educated and supported Bagil, thanks to him Bagil was able to become a wonderful apostle.

As Harris became his teacher, he was also taught by the seven sages about the outside of the Leiria Kingdom, so he was able to provide good advises for him.

Three years later, Bagil became a powerful apostle, so Harris left for the church in Windistan.

Harris was ordered to take a position in Windistan church because seven sages were afraid of him gaining more influence among 13 apostles.

Bagil apologized to Harris after he became aware of that, but Harris didn’t mind and was now enjoying country life.

「Bagil, are you here because of kidnapping case?」
「That’s right」

Looking at Bagil’s serious face, Harris immediately cuts to the chase.

He also received the news that the criminals were caught, but Harris also thought that it wasn’t the end of this case.

Since Harris was on top of the church he couldn’t move around so easily, and in that moment Bagil came. So there was no reason to not cooperate.

「Do you know about kidnapped students of Senabia Magic Academy in the city of Orna?」
「Yes, it should be four people if I remember correctly」
「Yes, in order to help the caught student, a few students of Senabia Magic Academy also guarded the streets, they found a suspicious person and followed it」
「That’s right, in order to save their fellow students, a few of their classmates patrolled the streets of Orna city, there they found suspicious people and tailed them」[5] 「And when they found criminal’s base, they rescued the hostages and caught the perpetrators, or so I heard」
「It’s admirable isn’t it」

Listening to Harris’s story, Bagil was honestly impressed.

Even though they are magicians, they are still kids. Bagil was a student before so he knew it all too well.

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「And what is about the culprits?」
「They are unconscious. We will interrogate them when they will wake up」
「How about the hostages, were they all found?」
「Not all of them. I do not know the details, but they are probably a part of the whole」
「I see」

Bagil was convinced, the case doesn’t end here.

「I will contact you when they wake up」
「I thought I could stay here」
「One of the apostles? Is it that important? 」

As Harris said, apostles stayed on the crime scene only when it’s extremely important. So Harris couldn’t help but be surprised.

「Kind of」
「Can you tell me?」
「It’s only my speculations…….」
「I don’t mind」

Hearing that, Bagil decided to share his theories.

「I think that an advanced magician is one of the criminals」
「This is….a little…. 」

Harris couldn’t hide his surprise. He never thought that an advanced magician was involved.

But Bagil’s theory could explain a lot.

「It can certainly explain a lot of things, but is this really true?」
「I couldn’t think of any other possibilities」
「All tight, I will keep that in mind」
「Thank you very much. Please don’t divulge this to other people」
「I know」

Bagil finished his business in the church and returned to the inn his squad was staying at.

Captains were already waiting in the inn, and as soon as Bagil returned, it was time for dinner.

There, Bagil relayed to everyone his plans.

「About our future plans, I will remain here until the criminals wake up. Gris is to be by my side」

Gris nodded, hearing the order.

「Paul and Kain are to go to the church and investigate recent movements of magical beasts in the dark territory. Stay there for three days, and if nothing happens, return back to this town」
「Freestan it is, Roger」

They didn’t understand his motive but agreed nonetheless.

「Waltz, Moras and Eliera are to head to Senabia Magic Academy and question the classmates of kidnapped people」

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Bagil finished relaying his orders and said.

「This case is not over yet. It won’t be over until we find everyone」
「「「「「「Yes sir!」」」」」」

A powerful reply resounded across the inn.


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