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Episode 24 Lord Of Dalis (3)

When Seiya regained consciousness, he was in a mysterious place.

It wasn’t a solitary island, but somewhere he didn’t know.

Even though he is in the water, he didn’t need to breathe. In this strange water, Seiya remembered.


She was the first person who needed him, but she was no longer in this world. The feeling of her cold body still remains on his hands.

He couldn’t meet her anymore, he thought about that and anger consumed him.

His anger was not against Undine but against helpless himself, he could not protect Yua.

(If only I was stronger)
(Do you want to become stronger?)

Someone replied to his voice. Seiya looked around, but didn’t find anyone. The voice asks Seiya.

(Do you want to become stronger?)
(Is it you again?)

The voice was similar to the voice he heard when he was about to be killed at the laboratory. But this time the voice was somewhat younger.

(It would be better for you if you answer. If you waste your time, that girl would be beyond  salvation)
(Can you save Yua!?)

He can still help her. Just thinking about it made Seiya happy. He lost her once, if only he had another opportunity, we wouldn’t let go of it.

What Seiya wants from the bottom of his heart now, is to bring Yua back to life and continue spending time with her like before.

(The girl can still be saved. It is up to you)
(If you save her, I will be ready to do anything)
(I see. Then I will lend you my power)

Seiya felt that mysterious voice left while laughing. In the next moment, the dark thing wrapped around Seiya, who was drifting in the water, and jumped out.

「What is this!?」

Just as Undine thought that he lost consciousness, she was surprised when he regained consciousness again.

She was also surprised at his appearance, even more startling was a change in his atmosphere than his appearance

Seiya quietly opened his eyes. The color of his eyes was not blue that he had so far, but a beautiful red and the color of his hair has changed from blond to a color between silver and white.

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And the atmosphere surrounding him, was also very different from the one he had before.

Red-eyed Seiya, gently lifted Yua up from the ground, quietly laid her down and created a magic circle.

There were three magic circles, all of them were white. When he deployed each magic circle, Seiya quietly said its name.

「『Absolute Holy Barrier』,『Spell Scripture』,『Holy Time』, commence the time reversal」[1]

In the next moment, Yua’s body was wrapped in a white barrier. The barrier was very warm and gentle, but it was very powerful.

Then white characters emerged on her body within the barrier, and started revolving around her. As white characters continued rotating, they stopped at a certain point and were sucked into Yua’s body.

Her body shined for a moment, then white characters emerged on her body again and started rotating again.

After repeating the same pattern a few times, those characters disappeared from Yua’s body completely and the barrier vanished at the same time.

Confirming that the process was complete, Seiya faces Undine. Somewhat afraid, she throws a question on him.

「Who are you? I have never seen such a thing. What did you do?」
「Who knows. I do not yet understand it myself. The only thing I can tell is what I did right now is a taboo」

The magic usable only be the church’s goddess, the miracle magic only known by the seven sages, the secret art to revive the dead.

There are other spells used to revive the dead, but they are inferior to the spell used by Seiya.

This spell is also called「Event reversal『Life』」, only a few of goddesses were able to use it.

The existence of this spell should not be known to anyone.

「So it’s a taboo, I want to know more about it. Too bad you are going to die now」

Undine looked at the new Seiya and decided to finish this as fast as possible.

If possible, Undine wanted to be as far away from him as possible. Or maybe even run away.

But there was a reason why she could not escape.

Fairies and spirits cannot live without a mana source.

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On the other hand, if there is a source of mana, fairies and spirits will not die no matter what wounds they receive. However, places that can supply mana to fairies and spirits are limited and cannot be found so easily.

And for Undine, her source of mana was the water of the lake and river in the Great Dalis Canyon.

If she moves from the Great Dalis Canyon, she won’t survive and disappear unless she finds a new source of mana.

However, it is difficult to find a new source of mana. In other words, escaping out of here means death.

「Too bad, but that’s impossible. Come, Death End」

What appeared wasn’t a Hollins but a big heavy sword.

Its size exceeded one meter, its whole body was dyed purple as if it was a sword of darkness.

Great sword Death End was inscribed with white characters, the language used was unknown.

When Undine saw a great sword descending, she felt the difference between them. Seiya was completely different person right now, he was incredibly cold.

Undine summoned three Gedo-chan in a hurry and ordered them to attack Seiya.

Glancing at the Gedo-chan closing in on him, he murmured in a small voice.


In the next moment, three giant bodies vanished without a trace.

Some of them roared, but, without casting any spells, one word from Seiya erased even the “calming” roar of Gedo-chan.

「What did you do? What the hell did you do? Are you kidding me?! Sea god Neptune! 」[[^2]]

Startled Undine couldn’t process what happened and proceeded with her next spell.

This spell summoned Undine’s strongest guardian, any opponent would feel weak in his knees upon seeing him.

But even with this, Undine wasn’t confident of her victory.

The giant man made of water rushed out from the lake, Gedo-chan looked somewhat cute in comparison.

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Undine’s strongest guardian, sea god Neptune, arrived with a giant sword in his hands.

Sea god Neptune slashed at Seiya with his giant sword.

The sword of the sea god Neptune was moving with a gooon sound, Seiya parried with Death End in his right hand and unleashed his magic.

「Death Dimension」

White letters engraved on a great sword shined purple and Seiya poured dark attribute mana inside.

Immediately after, sea god Neptune in front of Seiya quietly disappeared without making a sound.

It looked like sea god Neptune disappeared in a dimensional hole.

At this time Undine realized.

A man in front of her shouldn’t be provoked. She made a foolish choice, she should have stayed away from him.

Seiya said to Undine, who was thinking about this.

「You only played with water since a while ago. Why don’t you fight yourself a little?」
「Heh … now you said it. I will let you witness my best and strongest technique」

Undine lifted her hands upwards and deployed a magic circle.

She gathered her resolve.

This spell required almost all water of this lake which is the source of her mana, and if she used this spell, she will be greatly weakened.

But if she didn’t use this spell here, the young man will erase her.

Even if Undine can’t be killed normally, this guy will annihilate her, completely disregarding common sense. Even if it’s her destiny to disappear, she decided to stake everything on her last hope.

In Undine’s hands, a large rotating water sphere was formed.

Because it uses most of lake’s water, it is very big and its appearance resembles a small planet.

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I was an amazing technique, Seiya laughed.

「Will you live through this technique? Just by existing it calms down the opponent and he loses his fighting spirit. Furthermore, it has quite the power behind it. Even if it’s you, you won’t be able to maintain your calm appearance, right? Behold! 『Comet Bomb』」

A giant water sphere, 『Comet Bomb』, dropped towards Seiya with a loud sound, Seiya poured mana in great sword Death End in his right hand again.

White letters written on the great sword shined purple again, but their color was brighter than before. His new spell was clearly much stronger then『Death Dimension』.

Seiya casted his spell while striking the descending 『Comet Bomb』with Death End.

「Death Wave」

One big wave was emitted from the tip of the great sword, that wave swiftly expanded and collided with『Comet Bomb』.

Swallowed by the wave, 『Comet Bomb』gradually disappeared .

「It can’t be……are you a monster……」
「Who knows」

Undine lost power in her legs and slumped on the ground, she was convinced of her defeat.

Maybe if it is him……she thought. But she discarded this notion immediately.

By using the water of the lake, Undine severed her lifeline. All that was left to her is waiting for death. If she was going to die anyway, she wanted to be erased by that man.

Undine thought as such.

「Just hurry up and do it already」
「I see…..good bye then」

Seiya cuts Undine with the Death End in his right hand. Undine disappeared, leaving nothing behind.

Confirming Undine’s disappearance, he lost consciousness.

His silver hair returns to usual gold color, and the color of his eyes was also restored.

It seemed like previous Seiya returned.

Only Seiya and Yua were left in this place, lying on the ground.


  1. I didn’t get that to be honest.
    [^2]: Why did I think of a certain Rusaku? 

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