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Chapter 123 – The Show’s Result! Part 2

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3004 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1220 words

No matter how sharp or dull a sword was, having a poor swordsman or warrior try it would make it hard to get good results. That’s why the event organizer requested the help of adventures who had used different ‌weapons to try it out. I see.

In addition, Vector was looking at me with a meaningful smile, but I ignored him. I planned to act dumb about the magic stone! So please, don’t get close to me!

Later on, I met Maricle and Ryuu when I was running away from Vector. Apparently, all the boys were coming. Huh? What happened to the goblin hunting and snow scraping?

They told me they weren’t skipping since they had a good reason. In fact, visitors could buy the weapons exhibited at the show. Moreover, the price was a little cheaper than the market price.

That’s why the boys were aiming to buy Cain and Boman’s weapons at a cheaper price, if possible. And they wanted to get closer to the blacksmith who forged the weapon and purchase weapons and armor from the blacksmith’s workshop. Oh, so they were thinking about that.

Ideally, they wanted to make a mutual aid contract, but… Mutual aid contracts posed a significant risk to the blacksmith, so I think it’s going to be difficult. But the boys also had the same thought, so they would only try if there was a chance. By the way, these were Cain’s ideas.

He used to make a fool of Triela who went to workshops and aimed for mutual aid contracts a long time ago, but now he… Okay, let’s just say that he had grown up. It’s my bad habit to think of the worst of him. I have to fix it a little.

Anyway, I met my acquaintances and had a light talk like that. And before I knew it, the test cut started.

It began with short blades such as knives and daggers, gradually moving to long blades and heavy axes and spears.

The knives and daggers were used to slash and stab a tanned leather skin. The target of the short sword was also the same tanned leather skin. When the adventurers finished testing the short blades, a lot of orc corpses were brought into the venue. Apparently, they would be used as the next level of the test cut competition.

The corpses of these orcs were hunted during the autumn breeding season, and they were frozen and preserved to be used as the test cut’s target for spears, axes, one-handed swords, and two-handed swords. An orc’s corpse minced into pieces… It’s a pretty gory image…

The test cut went smoothly. Some spear blades were broken or chipped. Thankfully, none of the axes got smashed by its own weight.

After that, the next one was the one-handed sword, which most newcomer blacksmiths exhibited. Several listings were high since there were many one-handed sword users, which also made the price higher. The next most exhibited item was a two-handed sword. I feel like the spear was more convenient… but I could see why a sword was more popular.

The sword’s test cut was swinging it vertically to the clavicle of the orc. And they tested the sharpness by checking how many ribs were cut off from the clavicle. It’s one orc per two swords. The number of orc ribs was fifteen to sixteen bones.

Orc bone boasted a thickness and hardness commensurate with its enormous body. Thanks to that, many swords were broken. In other words, many young blacksmiths ended up crying. I’m sorry for your loss.

Vector did all the test cuts for one-handed swords. They especially asked him since he was currently in a high position among the swordsmen in the royal capital.

Not only swordsmanship, but overall strength was also important for an adventurer… So it’s hard to simply call a swordsman strong. Oh well, I’m a rearguard, not a vanguard, so I don’t really get it.

Anyway, the sword’s test cut went smoothly. Ed’s and the other workshop’s heir also finished their test cut. And Vector looked exhausted towards the end. I knew it.

So the result of Ed’s sword was… the blade didn’t break, and the sword got stuck after cutting twelve ribs. This was the best result among all one-handed swords exhibited this time.

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How could I say this… I felt ‌proud and a little teary. But that’s a secret, understand?

In addition, the sword of the other workshop’s heir only ‌cut up to the sixth rib. It’s really too bad, but everyone expected it. The sword he forged was… an attribute sword with fire element.

That workshop made a profit by selling mana swords and attribute swords. Now that the heir of that workshop had this kind of result, their reputation might sink down dramatically… The uncles who seemed to have a prominent position in Blacksmith Guild said that.

Ed, the son of Master Arnold whose workshop was regarded as their rival, had gotten an excellent result. That would only burn their reputation even further. Besides, Ed’s sword was a normal one with nothing bestowed to it… That workshop’s heir sure was pitiful.

But I was really proud of myself for guiding him.

After the one-handed sword’s test cut was finished, we moved on to the two-handed sword’s test cut. Another person did it, not Vector. I could see that his arms definitely hurt.

After they completed the test cuts, they traded the swords and other weapons. By this time, adventurers, swordsmen, and knights who came to watch the show had dispersed. Only the merchants remained.

Many people surrounded Master Arnold thanks to his son’s result this time. Of course, many people surrounded Ed too. They will probably get a lot of orders this year… Do your best.

Since they looked busy, I decided to go back a little earlier. I felt like I would get involved in troublesome things if I stayed there…

When I talked to Ed, who came back in the evening, my bad premonition was right. Master Arnold showed off the sword I gave to him before. Give me a break…

Katana, or Hourai sword, was very rare since they were traded at very high prices. For that reason, only a few people used it, and no swordsmen in the exhibition had enough skill to use it. That’s why they didn’t do a test cut for the katana, but everyone was excited.

Master told other people that he got the katana from his connections, just like Vector’s magic sword. Anyway, everyone hoped that Master Arnold’s skill would improve since now that he got a hold of a Katana, he could examine it.

To be honest, I think Master only wanted to brag about getting a rare Hourai sword. Hmm… Well, he lied about the source, so it’s barely safe? Barely out? Which one is it?

According to various other stories I heard from Ed, many teens of the same age surrounded him, curious about his sudden skill improvement.

And Ed answered all of their questions by thanking me… Hey, seriously, give me a break.

Ah… Maybe I shouldn’t have gone to the show. But I supervised Ed’s sword, and Master would also boast my Katana no matter what, so it wouldn’t matter whether I go or not. Ugh…


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