Chapter 121 – Ahh, Troublesome…

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 4265 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1875 words

The next morning, I woke up after having trouble sleeping well.

The cause was obvious. Yes, it’s Kuro. Like the last time I stayed here, a battle to sleep with me broke out again. And of course, Kuro easily won. She cheated at rock-paper-scissors using her super high speed.

It would be impossible for ordinary humans to win against her, wouldn’t it?

Even with my [Hawk’s Eyes] skill, I could only barely see it. It would be impossible to immediately change the hand signs since the physical body couldn’t keep up with one’s reaction speed. It was even harder for Triela and the girls. They would still lose, no matter how much they struggled unless they trained a lot. Don’t you think the capability difference between races is a bit too extreme…?

Aside from that, the reason ‌I was so sleepy was that Kuro clung firmly to me in my chest as she slept. Yes, I became her body pillow.

Looking down, Kuro’s face was completely buried in my chest. How come she didn’t have any trouble breathing with that posture?

However, Kuro was a cat beastfolk, so she didn’t like cold weather. Even when we were still in the orphanage, she sometimes sneaked into Triela’s or my blanket in the winter. It’s not like I didn’t expect this at all… But this is a different matter altogether. If she won’t let me go, I won’t be able to get up!

After that, Kuro didn’t release me until she woke up.

What about the meal preparations, you ask? Arle prepared it. That being said, everyone woke up late, so we had a pretty late breakfast. Well, they should be tired with all that happened recently, so it couldn’t be helped.

After the meal, they decide to go to the guild branch office to sell the orc they hunted on our way home. But I was going back to the workshop without accompanying them there. By the way, I stored the corpse of the orc and brought it to this house.

Eh? How would Triela and the others bring the orc to the guild after I went back? You see… I gave them a carry cart before, so they could use that to carry it.

Well, the orc was actually so big that it stuck out of the cart. Everyone had to hold the orc’s limbs and push the cart so it wouldn’t fall down.

If I helped these kids solve all of their problems, they wouldn’t be able to achieve anything at all.

I wouldn’t just spoil them all the time, okay?… Maybe.

When I returned to the workshop from Triela’s house, everyone in the workshop greeted me.

Hey, I couldn’t move if you surround me like that… And Master slapped my back powerfully. It hurts, so stop! For real! It hurts! Stop!

… When I went to my room and checked my back in my room at night, I had a huge handprint there. That made me cry. I got rid of it after drinking an advanced healing potion1.

But if I couldn’t make it disappear, I seriously wouldn’t be able to wear anything stylish my entire life. I nearly lost my chance to become a wife. Well, I didn’t intend to be one, though.

And I finally resumed my blacksmith training, starting the next day! Anyway, I started it immediately, but… When I was about to have a meal during the lunch break, Ed came out of the forge used to practice and called me out.

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“Teacher! I have a request!”

Eh, I don’t want to hear it.

Seems like my thoughts came out to my face before I could reply to him. Not to mention, I most likely had an awfully unpleasant expression.

When Ed saw that, he desperately explained a lot of things while bowing his head, looking like he would cry ‌soon… No, I didn’t tell him to talk about the situation, and I didn’t want to know. He sure didn’t listen to me, huh?

Hmm, Ed said that most craftsmen, not just blacksmiths, had less work in the winter. So most of them had a lot of free time in the workplace during the winter and used that chance to train and learn. Other than that, this seemed to be the training period for young craftsmen. They would make various items and work hard by comparing with each other to raise their skills.

And there was an event organized by the guild to show the works made by those young craftsmen early in the New Year. Ed, who got a slap of reality from me and mend his ways, was forging a sword to exhibit it for the show…

Yet no matter how many times he tried, he couldn’t forge a satisfactory sword. Swallowed by indignation and impatience of not doing well, he went into a slump.

At that time, he remembered how I broke his pride and thought ‌I could give him advice, directions, or something like that, just like that time. I didn’t come back no matter how long he waited, so he was really nervous. But that’s not my problem at all, right?

“To summarize it, you want me to watch next to you?”
“Yes! If you chimed in like before, the sword won’t be my work, and I definitely don’t want to bother you, Teacher. I’m not asking for advice! That’s why, just watching next to me is enough! Please!”

Eh… He said he didn’t want to bother me, but… I would have to use my training time to watch him, right? That alone was a waste of time.

Ed desperately begged me while bowing again and again since my reaction wasn’t good, but I honestly only wanted to resume my blacksmithing training.

“For the time being, it’s pretty late, so why don’t we have a meal first?”
“Ah, yes! I’m sorry, let’s do that!”

I will miss my meal if this keeps going on, so let’s listen to him after lunch.

Even though Ed said that, he kept begging me even when we were eating. At least let me eat my meal in peace! Now that you did that, my motivation to help you only decreased more and more!

I could feel my frown getting deeper as Ed repeated his words. Ed talked even more because he was nervous about my response. And I became even more displeased. What a vicious circle. Stop that, just let me eat first.

Others who saw my reaction realized my bad mood and silenced Ed. Thanks to that, I finally could eat in peace.

Although I was frustrated, I finished my meal. And Ed opened his mouth immediately. Just stop it already!

But since I was an adult, let’s think about it with a cool head.

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… After getting straightened by me, Ed began to work by himself seriously and greatly improved his skill in blacksmithing. It’s understandable that he wanted to try joining an event after raising his skill. I could understand his feelings, but I wanted to raise my blacksmithing skill to level ten this winter. To be frank, I refuse to help him.

Also, I was very annoyed that he didn’t let me eat in peace, so my evaluation of him reached the negative. That’s why I refuse.

But when I tried to voice my refusal, Master mixed in. “Hey, Ed. Stop it already. You’re being too persistent. Look, Miss doesn’t like it too.”
“I understand your feelings, but you’re being too forceful. You don’t even consider if she’s free. To be clear, that method will only backfire if you’re doing that to her.”
“Eh…?” Ed paled again. He finally calmed down after Master advised him and glanced at me in nervousness. “Uu… I didn’t mean to annoy you…”

I didn’t answer him. I was really frustrated back then. How can I say this? When I eat, I don’t want anyone to bother me… My happiness is my utmost priority. If you disturb me, then you become my enemy.

“Haa… Forgive him, Miss. This guy is still a brat…. But as his father, I want to help him too. I’m sure he annoyed you a lot, but can I ask for your help? If you accept, I will thank you in some way. So please.”

Ugh, I couldn’t refuse if Master bowed his head! Stop it, for real…


… Sigh. Master had helped me a lot… I guess it couldn’t be helped.

“Haaa…… I understand. I’ll accept your request. But I’ll only watch him.”

I heaved a big sigh. I really didn’t want to do it. I know, let’s pretend to watch him and do some other work on the side. Maybe I should make more burst daggers.

“Really!? Thank you, Miss!”
“I’m Ren.”
“Right, you’re Ren! Hey, Ed! Thank her too, idiot!”
“Ah. Thank you very much, Teacher!”

I wouldn’t show much enthusiasm since I didn’t want to do it.

But since I already accepted, I would supervise him properly. Master said that he would thank me, ‌so I expect to get something good. I didn’t want to do this, though.

When I was thinking about such a thing, I felt a gaze on me. Looking at the source, I saw an apprentice boy staring at me as if he wanted to say something. Hmm?

… Oh, maybe it’s that? He wanted me to watch him too.

I guess the practice forge Ed used was supposed to be a room with multiple small furnaces. The other apprentice boys should have been working with him.

Then… Ah.

Whatever. There’s not much difference between watching one person or two people. And they were apprentices, so adding a few more people wouldn’t be a big burden. Let’s sell a favor to Master a bit more.

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“How about I watch that kid too? I won’t give any advice, though.”
“What? Miss, are you sure!?”
“Adding a few more people won’t be that different. I guess I’m fine with it…”
“Then, please! I was thinking of watching him as usual, but I received some annoying orders… I won’t make it in time if Al and the other veterans don’t assist me, so I have been worried about this matter. I will watch them as soon as I finish my job, so please watch over them until then!”

Oh, I got his favor more than I expected? And the effect was unexpectedly good.

But annoying orders, huh…? Being in the off-season of winter didn’t mean that they wouldn’t receive any order. Rather, they took troublesome orders because they had too much free time? It’s probably the complicated or boring jobs that they usually refused because it took too much time… Well, it’s not like I’m the one who has to do it. I don’t care.

I don’t feel like accepting any blacksmith request anymore too.


So, uh… I had to watch over the stupid Ed, two apprentice boys, and one beginner. Four people… It’s troublesome, but I only had to watch over them. It should be fine, right?

I’ll give them advice if I feel like it. Maybe.

Well, that’s how I decided to give my energy to supervise them, albeit irresponsibly.

…Ah, it’s really troublesome.


  1. Silva: An advanced healing potion for a handslap?

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