Chapter 120 – Kuro, A Scary Child! Part 1

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2996 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1210 words

Today, we were still in the carriage on our way home. I usually thought that not doing anything was nice, but it was actually very uncomfortable. It didn’t matter that I took care of them on our way to O’Neill. Let me cook!

“Ah, I want to go home quickly.”
“Nn. I want to quickly go home.”

Rico and Kuro said that. I also wanted to quickly go home and do blacksmithing. I wanted to reach level 10 of my blacksmithing skill this winter.

Hmm, I also wanted to raise other things… I used [Barrier Magic] to raise the level even now. By the way, I also used it during camping. Thanks to that, I could feel that the level was about to rise. After all, steady efforts were the best shortcut.

“I didn’t see it, but Ren was amazing, right?”

Eh? What? What is she talking about?

“The defense battles. Maricle and the others fought inside the wall without evacuating, so they saw Ren fighting the giant. When we got back to the orphanage, they were shouting excitedly about Ren’s amazing feat! Ah, I hit them right away to make sure they wouldn’t say Ren’s name, so don’t worry.”

Now that she said it, I told Triela and the girls to evacuate inside the wall, but I didn’t know what happened to Maricle and the boys at that time.

“Somehow, you used amazing flame magic… I don’t really understand, but it exploded once it reached the ice block… What kind of magic did you use? The stones were blown by [Arrow] magic, right?”
“The flame is [Wall] magic. I call it [Fire Wall]. The way I shoot the stones is like [Arrow] magic. The explosion… is a secret.”
“Ah, is it your trump card? Something that will be bad if other people know it!”
“You don’t have to say it if it’s hard for you to tell us. Many adventures also keep a trump card from their friends. I also think it’s better to do so.”

Umm, I’m sorry…

Hmm, I think it’s okay to tell them about the Burst Dagger. But teaching them how to forge a magic sword would be impossible.

However, I also didn’t know how to teach them how to make a dagger… ‌I had no choice but to keep silent about this.

“I’m sorry…”
“It’s okay. I’m sorry for asking something hard to say. Umm, can I ask about the flame magic?”

I didn’t use any unique skill for that, so there’s no problem.

“I heard that the flame magic Ren used produced a fire wall so big that it left the giant nowhere to run, but how did you do that? Because your skill level was high?”
“The skill level also plays a part there, but I also use it with [Magic Effect Amplification].”
“Eh!? That skill could do such a great thing!? If I raise the level, will I be able to do the same thing?”

Oh, Rico who listened silently with interest until now took the bait. But how should I answer this? In my case, my fire magic level was 10, and my MP was high… It’s hard to say that ordinary humans could do the same even if they had talent.

“Hmm… I wonder? You need to have a high skill level, and it’ll be hard without a lot of magic power.”

Besides, I poured over a thousand MP into that Flame Wall. Normal people wouldn’t be able to pull that out.

“I see. In other words, I have to work hard, right? I’ll do my best!”

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O-oh. Rico was a very positive child who knew what she should do. I didn’t know if her effort would bear fruit, but nothing would change without effort. Good luck, Rico!

“Oh, and Maricle said that Ren’s hair changed, but did you do that too? I didn’t notice it since you were wearing a hood when you were with us.”
“Well, I used magic and skill for that. Disguise… or something like that.”
“Eh, you can do that!? Ahh, the big black wolves at that time are Ren’s wolves?”

Well, we arrived at today’s camp while talking about magic-related things like that. And after preparing the furnace, I had spare time again. Everyone was preparing various things happily, and I was the only outcast… how sad.

With nothing to do, I looked around the campsite absentmindedly. There were carriages and caravans beside us. All the carriages went from the royal capital to O’Neill, and on the contrary, we were the only carriage who went from O’Neill to the royal capital. I want to go back to the royal capital soon…

Thanks to the snow removal tools, my carriage paved a road, so it’s easier to follow us. In the beginning, some people asked about the device when we were camping. But it was too troublesome, so I responded to them appropriately.

Well, merchants would be able to move more easily during the winter if they had the device. And their income would increase if they could peddle in the winter. But I wasn’t sure about the market price of magic tools like this, so I didn’t sell it this time.

If I feel like it, I might register a patent later, but I had no intention of doing so for now. I wasn’t in trouble with money and it was troublesome.

Could I even patent a magic tool in a commercial guild? Hmm…?

I looked at everyone’s camp preparation dazedly. I saw Boman helping with the meal preparation. In fact, Boman had been helping all the meal preparation on the way home.

Looking at how he asked a lot of things and did this and that while being scolded by Arle, it seemed like he hadn’t given up on the stalls. To be honest, it was a bit unexpected.

Arle didn’t teach Boman any recipes ‌I taught her. She told me she would teach him when she could trust Boman to some extent, making sure he wouldn’t tell others too.

Hmm, Boman was Cain’s follower, and I could see him getting ahead of himself once he got praised. He would definitely talk about anything easily. They became ‌proud just from a little praise. But it seems like they kinda changed now?

In addition, Ryuu, the one who improved the most, seemed to understand the importance of information. I often saw him observing various things. Knowledge and information were important. There were many things that one couldn’t know just by asking. So that attitude wasn’t wrong.

He asked us about what he didn’t understand, and he started thinking about whether he said something unnecessary. This was how the idiot kind had changed… Maricle told me that everyone was also surprised when they returned to the orphanage.

At dinner, Maricle suddenly yelled at Cain.

“What are you thinking!?”
“Eh? But that’s definitely easier, right?”

Maricle continued swearing for a while. From what I heard, Cain was thinking about doing something stupid again.

…Apparently, while discussing ‌the purchase of the orphanage’s management rights, Cain intended to negotiate my employment contract directly with the merchant.

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Seriously… Why did he think I was sneaking around? I couldn’t deal with him, for real…


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