Chapter 113 – Withdrawal in the Forest (Third Time) Part 2

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2791 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1222 words

“I’m glad you like it. You can ask for more, you know?”
“Ahh, yes. Please… But how on earth do you find this dish… No, we’re talking about Ren after all…”

Just what kind of person am I in Triela’s mind? I don’t want to hear it, though.

The bread was a bread roll, baked using natural yeast to make it fluffy. The butter also tasted delicious.

“This bread alone is already something high-class, right…? How did you even make this…”

Arle muttered in the middle, her mouth never stopped chewing. Ryuu ate silently from the second bite. That being said, he properly tasted the flavor, even if he moved quickly.

And thirty minutes later, the three kids reached their limit. Yes, yes. Everyone, take a bath and go to bed early, okay?

I threw all of them into the bath in order. Me? I was the landlord, so I took the bath first.

The people waiting in line had a small chat over a cup of tea with me. However, our main topic was about the orphanage.

After chatting a lot, I found out that the orphanage still had enough food at the moment, but they couldn’t offer enough bedding with the number of people who had returned home. I guess I should have prioritized that more than food.

“Hmm… I want to give food to the orphanage, but… Everyone else is bringing food with them, and they are also collecting food for the orphanage… Right. I have many extra furs, so please bring some of them back tomorrow.”
“Many extra furs…? But that’ll help a lot. Thanks.”
“You’re welcome?”

To be honest, I had a lot of extra lesser wolf’s fur. Many stupid monsters didn’t understand the gap between us, even if I was with Norn. I only attacked the ones who started a fight with me, but they kept increasing… I also had too many goblin corpses.

I couldn’t eat both of them even if I boiled or baked it, so their corpses accumulated in my [Storage]. It’s troublesome to burn them and bury them every time… It would be nice if I could use it for something… is there any good way to use it? Should I use them as fertilizer?

Ah, I should also make some hot water bottles. I already gave Triela’s group’s share, but I would like to prepare some for the little kids in the orphanage and the director… But if Triela brought too many, everyone would ‌suspect where she got it. Hmm, this is hard…

After everyone finished taking a bath, I guided them to the guest rooms. The number of guest rooms on the first floor was exactly three since I extended it the other day, so each of them could have a room. But this seemed to be the first time the three of them stayed in a private room. They looked very restless.

I told them ‌they could use the toilet freely, and if they were hungry in the middle of the night, they could eat as much as they like. I prepared a basket full of bread on the table of the living room.

After that, I told them they couldn’t enter the second floor since it was my private space. But then, all the rooms on the second floor except the toilet were locked.

The next day, everyone except me woke up before noon.

Apparently, they were so nervous about their first luxurious single room that they couldn’t fall asleep. But when they finally got sleepy, the bed was so comfortable that they didn’t wake ‌until this time. Well… you guys had a nice sleep, right? Then it’s fine, isn’t it?

As for me, I woke up early as usual, ate breakfast, and made additional barrier lanterns to repel demons, killing time. By the way, I didn’t do my daily routine last night. Even though the soundproofing was perfect, I couldn’t mentally get into it, knowing that Triela and the others were staying in the same house as me1.

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After finishing my early lunch and Triela’s team’s late breakfast, I gave them various souvenirs. Just in case, I asked Norn to send them back until the end of the forest.

They will come again tomorrow, right? Hmm. Maybe I should ask them to come every three days instead of two… But I received the update of the information faster this way. How troubling.

After Triela’s team returned, I made weapons. But I didn’t use my smithy. The reason was it would be bad if anyone identified the location of my house because of the smoke. Then what did I do? That’s easy, I made it using [Creation Magic]. It’s not impossible as long as I paid the cost of the forging with my MP.

It was a heavy burden on my MP, but it was much easier than before thanks to my high skill levels. Other than that, I could create it normally with no particular problem.

By the way, I made a large throwing dagger this time. The bestowal were [Non-attribute], [Fire Attribute], [Attack Enhancement], [Endurance Enhancement], and one [Weapon Skill].

The [Weapon Skill] this time was ‘Final Strike’.

It was a self-destruction skill that compressed and released the hidden magic power all at once and crushed the weapon that served as a container to generate a powerful magic explosion. Once used, the dagger would naturally shatter. And because of its nature, the [Weapon Skill] power increased along with the number and the level of the bestowed skills.

The idea came from this: Since I couldn’t collect the weapon after throwing the magic sword, I should eliminate the need to collect it, right?

However, doing this with a large amount of all attribute magic swords stored in my [Storage] would be too powerful and dangerous, so I tried to reduce the firepower so ‌it wouldn’t destroy the surroundings, and I ended up making this ‘Burst Dagger’. Well, I would make some magic swords too. Just in case. But it would be better not to use this kind of thing. Even so, I couldn’t be too careful, right?

For the time being, after I made around ten of them, it was exactly evening. Let’s have dinner.

While eating my meal, I used [Detection] to scan the area near the outer edge of the forest. There, I could see some reactions, flickering from time to time.

They should be the escorts Vector arranged for me. In fact, they were trying hard to chase me in the snow while the carriage was smoking. Thank you for your hard work.

For the time being, I pretended that I didn’t notice them. Since they were originally hidden escorts, I couldn’t give them any refreshments too. To be honest, I felt a bit apologetic.

But that’s their job. They should put up with it and work hard. Please stay with me for a while, okay?

Now then, I finally could do my daily routine today after a long time. Having said that, three people from Triela’s team were going to come here, so I couldn’t take my time too much. Let’s do it moderately.

Would I be satisfied with doing it moderately? I did a lot of my other hobbies today, so it’s fine!

Then, I’m going to my room already! Good night!


  1. Lilith: Really? I’d almost think she’d get into it more because of that.
    Silva: She’s not flasher like you
    Lilith: I think you mean exhibitionist.

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