Chapter 104 – Harvest Festival, Day 3

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 4162 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2044 words

Alright, it’s the third day of the harvest festival.

Nevertheless, I wouldn’t go out today. I had walked around a lot yesterday and the day before that. Plus, I was worried about Triela’s team’s wallet.

That being said, I was planning to spend my time leisurely in the workshop. I’m also thinking about preparing a dish that would take a bit of time.

There were times when I was struck with those thoughts.

“Um, sorry… I know that I’m bothering you… It’s just a bit hard to stay with them…”
“Er… Well, I’m also one of the causes. Don’t worry about it.”

Yeah, it’s Ryuu… he even came to the workshop, you know? He told me he wanted to hide for a while or something like that… But I didn’t really mind since I knew the reason.

The cause was probably what happened yesterday. Boman, who had been feeling depressed before the harvest festival, kept grumbling and muttered, “I will definitely find her,” “She’s destined to be mine,” “I will become a successful merchant and bring her home.”

As the “lady” in question, Ryuu was naturally scared with Boman to some extent… Yeah.

In such a situation, I let him into the workshop and pass his time here today. It’s not like I don’t understand his feelings. I’m also one of the reasons why that happened… Hmm, I never expected that this kind of mess might happen. I have to be careful from now on.

But well, since it already came to this, should I just work on the requested sword that I planned to work on after the harvest festival ended? I almost finished the preparation for my dish anyway.

By the way, I was making roasted pork fillet using orc meat. Rice bowl with roasted pork fillet sounds delicious, right~ Added with chopped cabbages and plenty of broth… Gulp. After that, I could add a bit of extra seasoning.

Since I cooked it at the courtyard, the aroma naturally spread when I was boiling the broth. The workers who were resting in the workshop today were glancing here, making me a bit uncomfortable.

But we couldn’t eat immediately, okay? After weakening the fire, we need to leave it for a while so the meat would absorb the flavor.

It’s still morning, but I asked Ryuu what kind of sword he wanted. I’m planning to work on it right after lunch.

By the way, I had asked permission to use the blacksmith workshop. Even if the workshop was technically closed, the young workers and apprentices were here to practice.

Let me see, the length was the average sword used by an adult man, huh? Ryuu was pretty incompetent, so he should use the light one. Then I should decrease the length of the blade to make a thin sword… First, I took out a few swords as a sample and had him try swinging them.

“I think this one is the best… The blade’s length is perfect. The width of the blade is also very nice.”
“Isn’t it heavy? I think you should choose a lighter one.”
“Ahh, I will train myself on that part. I’m slender, right? If I don’t get any taller than this, then my weight will remain on the lighter side. That’s why I have to choose a weapon heavier than me. I heard it’s to increase the… uh, power?”

I see. If the weapon was heavy, then its weight would also increase the power of his slashing attack. Seems like he properly investigated this matter, eh.

Even so, I think think that forcing himself to use a sword that didn’t suit his physique would burden him a lot.

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…Hmm, maybe I should give him a short sword as a bonus?

After thinking about a lot of things, it’s finally time to have lunch. Let’s have a meal now. Maybe I should let Ryuu eat some of it since he was already here.

Without delay, I made a rice bowl with the roasted pork filled I cooked just now. As I expected, the flavor hadn’t perfectly seeped into the meat by a few hours… Hmm.

“Delicious! What is this? So delicious!?”
“If we leave it until tomorrow, it will be even more delicious.”
“Really!? The meat is thicker than your previous rice bowl. I prefer this one!”

Previous rice bowl? Was he talking about the pork rice bowl? I liked both of them since they were easy to eat. No matter what was the food, I couldn’t decide on which one was superior.

“I don’t really like vegetables, but this is really delicious! I can eat as many vegetables as possible if it tastes like this!”

That’s because I poured broth in it. Plus, the deliciousness of the vegetables would increase several times if you eat it with meat. I also really liked vegetables. Ah, maybe I should make various side dishes, like salad.

The people in the workshop were watching me from a distance, but they didn’t look like they would approach us if I didn’t call them. They were probably feeling reserved because I was with my acquaintance. But they looked like they really wanted to eat this… Let’s pretend I didn’t notice them.

After we finished our lunch, I decided to work on the sword at once. It would be troublesome if Ryuu stood outside alone, so he also came into the blacksmith workshop. Even so, I couldn’t concentrate if he talked, so I instructed him to stay silent.

…No, even if I said that, I wouldn’t be able to calm down if he stared at me like that… Forget it, focus!

I forged a heavy sword at once, then continued with forging another sword with a shorter blade for Ryuu’s sub-weapon. After I’m done, I forged the parts other than the blade, and I’m done. Hmm, it took around two hours. Even I think that my speed was pretty crazy~

I dried my sweat and clothes with [Dry]. Then I washed the dirt with [Wash] and took a rest.

“What’s left is just leaving it to cool down. I will assemble it after tomorrow.”
“I don’t really understand, but aren’t you too fast…? So it’ll be done after tomorrow, huh…”

No, I had to make some fine adjustments for Ryuu after assembling it, so it wouldn’t just be done after that… But it’s not a big deal, so whatever.

“How are you going to pick it up later?”
“There are still two days of harvest festival left. I’m also completely fine with picking it up later than that. Rushing something like this is pointless!”

Hmm, Ryuu really had grown up… I didn’t hate kids who worked hard. Anyway, I didn’t plan to go out tomorrow, so I would just finish it as fast as I can. After that… I still had enough reserve materials to fix the leather armor, right? …Yep.

“Ryuu, please sit over there.”
“Eh? Here?”

After I had Ryuu sit down, I pretended to take out some items from the bag on the corner of the room and took out various leather armor materials from my [Storage].
Then I adjusted the size with Ryuu’s body and assembled it. I had done this a lot of times, so I was done in a few minutes. Well, you see… our chest size… was really different…

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“Wait… Ren, is this okay?”
“It’s just a small service from me.”

Yeah, Ryuu’s chastity would be in danger every night from now on. After I told him to do his best to run away, Ryuu had a very complicated face. But since I already warned him, I wouldn’t be responsible if something really happened.

I assembled it quickly, did some fine adjustment here and there, and done.

“How is it? Are there any places where it’s hard to move?”
“No, it’s okay. This is amazing. Is this the same as Triela’s?”

After I made Triela’s armor, my skill level had increased considerably. Ryuu’s should be stronger than hers. But I wouldn’t tell that to him.

“Since your body is still not ready for combat, I think leather armor is better for you. Leather armor or breastplate were light metal armors. And since you are entering your growth period, you should wear clothes made of leather or coat.”

But then, Ryuu was too slender even at his current age. There were chances that he wouldn’t grow any bigger like what he said. To compensate that, it’s up to him to do his best and gain some muscles. Even so, he had grown to be as tall as me in this one month! Damn it! …I want to be at least 150cm tall… Haa.

“Ah… Okay, got it. Thank you, Ren!”
“It’s nothing. By the way, I’m planning to finish the sword tomorrow, so what do you think? I’m thinking of handing it to you at noon.”
“Eh, you’re not going out tomorrow?”
“I don’t really understand the charm of watching the match between nobles…”

I was a bit curious about the archery contests and horsemanship, though. Horseback archery too. But with the level of my [Snipe], I felt like I could handle it easily. Ah, but my [Riding] level was still low, right? I had to increase it… To make sure I would be able to run away in emergency times.

“Is that so? Then… Ah, then can I pick it up before evening? I want to take a look around.”
“I don’t mind. It’s important to watch strong people’s movement to become strong, so please do your best.”
“Ohh, Gim also told me the same thing! We have to watch them as we properly think about why they move like that. I don’t really get it, but I also feel like I somewhat understand what he wants to say. Ren also said that, so it should be something really important, right? I want to become stronger, so I will give it my all.”

Ohh, he used to be such a mischievous stupid brat that wouldn’t listen to others, and he had become this well just in a few days… I wanted to tell the remaining two fools to follow Ryuu’s steps.

Eh? I myself couldn’t be prudent at all even after a long time had passed, so I didn’t deserve to say that? That was that this was this! Besides, I intended to choose my friends and the situations where I meddled in… My plan just didn’t work really well…

Now then, I equipped the dagger to the waist of Ryuu’s leather armor. Now it’s all done. Ryuu looked like he wanted to say something, but I ignored him. He should just accept my goodwill without saying anything.

N-no, it’s not like I was embarrassed or anything! (monotone voice)

…Yeah, that’s disgusting. It didn’t suit my character at all.

After that, it’s time for Ryuu to go home. His steps were light, probably because he was happy with me giving him a dagger.

In the dining hall, everyone in the workshop looked like they wanted to say something. Rather, they stared at me with a wistful look, but I ignored them. I’m sure that they would gulp down all of the roasted pork fillets I made if I took it out here.

As an exchange, I took out the potato rice cake I made with the roasted pork fillet as a dessert. I also made a lot of other things, but for now, each people could only take three pieces, okay? I also want to have my share.

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I knew how to make this because my parents in my previous life used to live in Tohoku. Since this was quite filling, I could eat it as my meal when I was busy.

When I told them that this was made of potato, everyone became really curious about the recipes. I felt like I already taught them too many recipes, so I pretended not to notice what they want. The landlady also seemed to feel bad, so she didn’t mention it again. Sorry.

After that, I took a bath and went to sleep. Hmm, today was a mess… I had a feeling that tomorrow would be messy too since I planned to spend it without much thinking… Ugh.


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