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Chapter 83 – The Unlucky General Orc

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1626 words

“So you can rent a house now?”
“I’ve been doing a lot of research, but I think it’s better to make a little more income and stabilize the situation first. Our income will decrease during the winter, so it will be hard if we don’t save up to a certain number.”
“Right, the firewood also costs money.”
“Ah! Firewood! I forgot about that… Hmm, I will have to review more things or it will be bad.”

Their current lodging fee is 5 small silver coins per person. Two rooms overnight will cost one silver coin. The rent is twice more than the previous inn. I don’t know if it’s expensive or cheap, but… I think it’s overwhelmingly cheap considering the safety and facility.

We were chatting in the queue of the guild purchase counter. We were supposed to go home early, but the crowd in the big city sure was different.

I usually returned before the evening because Norn would finish hunting and secure her meal by then. At that time, the guild was empty… Dear me, returning at this time would make us stand out because of Norn. On the contrary, thanks to Norn, no one would make an unnecessary pass towards us. Norn was really the best.

By the way, I was only selling herbs this time. I had sneakily moved the prey that Norn caught this time to my [Storage], and I had no plan of selling them.

Triela would sell four rabbit horns and herbs. They would bring all the meat home this time. They were planning on making dinner for 8 people.

That being said, four people who ate meat earlier would eat less and four people who hadn’t eaten meat would eat more. They should just ignore the three fools’ share, but Triela was still too soft on other people.

I had an idea for the skin, so they didn’t sell it. If my idea didn’t work well, they could sell half of it. They could practice with the remaining half, I guess?

“What will you do with the skin?”

“I’ll ask the counter to introduce a shop that tans the skin. And if there’s a place that processes meat into preserved food, we can visit that place at well.”

“Tanning animal skin? But I can just do it myself, right?”

“Maricle, can you do it?”

“…No, I can’t. But I can use those skins for practicing, right?”

“You’re right. You won’t be able to get [Leather Processing] skill without practice, but can you learn it now and collect more until winter?”

“Until winter? Why?”

“You guys are planning to rent a house before winter. Have you thought about how to protect yourself against the cold in the winter?”

“I see, we’re going to use this as a blanket. But there is a lot of time until winter. Considering the handling charge, it will be better to make it on my own, right?”

“It’s good if you can make it yourself later on, but I think it’s better to ask someone to do it now, given the time. Tanned skins sell better, and you have to save more money from now on. So if you sell it near winter, the price will be higher.”

“I see… So we can sell it at a high price later on, huh?”

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“Also, if you know the shop that can process it, you can have them make a leather cloak. With leather cloak, you can use it to keep out of cold, and it’s nice to wear it when you have to encamp at night even if it’s no longer winter.”

“…Certainly. Considering the future, it will be less wasteful to prepare them now.”

“But as Maricle said, it’s okay to tan the skin yourself. I think it’s a good idea to bring one home and practice with that.”

“…I don’t know how to do it.”

Hmmm, to be honest, I also don’t know much except that he’ll need to use the brain juice.1 If I remember correctly, isn’t there another way? With sap or tree sap? Hmm, I don’t really know. When I search this kind of thing on the internet in my past life, I remember that there’s a method of using brains in the upper links… In my case, [Creation Magic] is enough…

I try to imagine [Leather Processing] skill while thinking about “how to tan animal skin with brains.” While focusing my consciousness on the skill, I can figure out how to do it. By doing this, I can somehow know what I should do when I’m stuck. I discovered this trick when I was staying alone in the forest.

Ah… hmm, I understand. However, this knowledge might be valuable, so I whispered it to Maricle and Triela with a small voice.

“You have to use the rabbit’s brain. First…”

While omitting the small details, I roughly explained how they should do it. First, scrape off the fats on the back of the peeled skin and wash it then smear the brain before leaving it for a while. Then scrape it again, wring it until it’s half dry, then stretch it and dry it. Or something like that. The brain was used as a tanning substance, so they could also use any other tanning substance if they found one. Ah, maybe I should try making another tanning substance… However, it was too troublesome. I rather pay some money to make people do it for me. [Creation Magic] was really convenient.

“It sure takes a lot of time.”
“Yes. That’s why I think you should try with one sheet for practicing.”
“I see. And we better ask a shop to make the most of it, right?”
“That option is more certain.”

Kuro and Arle, who couldn’t join the conversation much, started to mess around. Stop it, don’t pull my cloak!

“Ren, bored.”
“Hey Ren, don’t just talk to Triela and Maricle. Do something for us!”

What? What could I do at this place where there were so many people?

“Ren, sing a song.”
“Hey, Kuro, don’t force Ren to do something strange! We are talking about something important…”

“Hmph! It’s unfair that only Triela gets to talk to Ren!”

Hmm, Kuro won’t let me go if this keeps going on… It can’t be helped.

“Then I’ll sing the Unlucky General Orc song for you.”
“Ren, are you sure?”
“I’m sure she won’t let me go if we keep this up.”
“Well, that’s true… Sorry.”
“It’s for the cute Kuro, so I don’t mind.”

Now then, let’s sing a song. That’s it. The lyric was, misfortune hippopotamus something…

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Ruuru ruururu ruururuuruuruu
Rururuuru ruururu ruuru ruu…

Yeah, I couldn’t remember it well and made it up at the third line, but it’s okay, right? At the same time, I tried to incorporate various morals in the song, such as ‘the nail that sticks out gets hammered in,’ ‘destruction of evidence is important,’ and ‘karma is real.’ I’ll omit the lyrics since I might get copyrighted. Honestly, those guys seem like they will come to collect the money, it’s a little scary.

The other adventurers around me had a complicated look and drew away from me, but it’s not my fault.

“Ren… You’re still making such a terrible song…”

Don’t praise me that much, I’ll get embarrassed. …Yeah, that’s right. Even when I had no memory of my previous life, I used to sing these questionable songs in the orphanage. I didn’t reflect on it at all. But Kuro and Arle were happy, so there’s no problem!

With that, the purchase was completed without any trouble. No, I could say that there was a bit of trouble… The counter told me that the commercial guild had contacted them and ask me to go there since I had ranked up.

Anyway, we asked at the purchasing counter about the leather tanning shop affiliated with the guild. After they told us, we brought the rabbit fur there and asked them to process it. The fee was paid in advance. By the way, meat processing would also be done here, so they could bring it all together in the future. It saved a lot of trouble. As I said I would while grilling the meat earlier, I pressed around 5 kg of salt to Maricle. It looked really heavy. Eh? The amount increased? Details, details.

“In the end, you took care of us so much. I will return your favor someday.”

“Don’t worry about it so much. You helped me a lot when we were in the orphanage. Plus we are friends.”

“That’s… no, you’re right. Then allow me to help you when you’re ever in trouble in the future. Is that good?”

“Yes, thank you. Ah, by the way, don’t think that you can fight goblin with that horn spear.”

“It’s impossible to do that?”

“It is. You’ll die. Please make sure to tell the fools about that. It’ll be a problem if they resent me because of that.”


“Now then, we should part now for today.”
“Ren, you’re going?”
“It’s not like we won’t meet again. We are staying in the same town, so we will meet again soon.”
“Kuro, don’t bother Ren so much!”
“See you.”

If we chatted too much, it would be hard to leave, so I decided to leave first. Haa… I would like to take Kuro with me if possible. I wanted to glomp her fluffy cat ears all night long. But I should be patient.

Ah, how about taking a peek at the workshop on the other side of the road? It seemed that they sell magic swords, so it might be helpful, I guess? The commercial guild was troublesome, so I’m going to pass today.


  1. Yes, brain tanning is a thing…
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