Chapter 79 – Ever had time fly on a wiki binge?

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2254 words

1Today, I went straight to the Adventurer’s Guild from the morning after shooting the troublesome Edward a side glance. Naturally, Norn and Bell followed me to make up for my escorts. They hadn’t been doing anything other than securing food lately, so I wanted to do something to make up for that. Hmm.

Well, I was going to the Adventurer’s Guild, but my purpose today was the reference room. I wanted to find out about the magic sword. Even if they didn’t give detailed materials, it would be nice to have some information.

Since I was walking slowly to the guild while thinking of some random things, here’s the summary of Edward’s situation for the past two days! I personally didn’t really care, though…

When comparing Arnold’s sons —the eldest son Alphonse with the second son Edward— Ed was more talented. For the record, Alphonse was expected to be the successor, but Arnold was also training Ed while complimenting his second son who had the potential to grow more. However, Ed had grown into a braggart and became arrogant once they took their eyes off him for a while. Not to mention, he developed bad habits that I had pointed out before.

Then what made it worse was that Ed was in his rebellion age. He opposed everything that the master said to him. He still rebelled even after taking so many punches, really a hardcore idiot!

Alphonse was someone who trained his foundation in a stoic and cool manner. He didn’t have any rebellious age, so the master thought that parenting was something this simple… Bewildered by Ed who acted completely different from the eldest son, the master was lost and didn’t know what he should do anymore.

Still, as Delia pointed out to Ed, they might have to expel Ed. The reason was how he caused a bad reputation and how they couldn’t tolerate him at all. And right at that moment, I smashed Ed up.

By the way, some of the bad reputations seemed to be about how the master and the son of the workshop across the street had a bad relationship. Everyone knew his bad habits around the time he entered his rebellion period, so the majority of the reaction was, “His personality is even worse now, huh?” Just how far would you make it worse, Edward…

I didn’t see it, but after I smashed his pride, Edward was dejected and unable to accept the reality. But he renewed himself in the next morning and became as obedient as a child!

The master was worried that he might have to disown his biological son like that, so he thanked me a lot. However, I didn’t really like how he expressed his attitude by slapping my back. It was really painful. But well, I received another mithril after that, so whatever…

But I believe master should work a little harder on raising his children. Seriously.

Once I reached the end of my thought, I noticed that I had arrived in the guild! I immediately came after having my breakfast, so it was really crowded… ah, this was the peak time in the morning! I forgot that everyone in the workshop started their day from early in the morning. I also ate breakfast quickly. That’s why I came at the most crowded time, I guess? I made a little blunder here…

As I entered the lobby from the entrance, quite a few people were looking at me with a surprised face. …I know, Norn was really big.

Both of them had been getting bigger recently. It might be because I fed them with various dishes these days, right? Bell had grown to the mature size, and Norn was bigger than me. Maybe like a large tiger? Around three-meter? I could even get on her now. Yeah, she was big… Norn, you’re surprising everyone.

“What is that…?”
“Greater Wolf?”
“No, it’s too big.”
“Then do you have any guess?”
“Nah, don’t ask me.”
“That little girl is that wolf’s tamer?”

Hmm, their gaze was painful. Let’s quickly escape to the reference room. I pulled my hood to hide my face even more and head straight to the stairs.

The reference room in this guild was located on the second floor. Although it was open to the public and took no charge, two librarians were stationed there considering how they stored precious documents. The reference room in Haruna was smaller than this, and they only had one librarian. Just as expected from the guild in the royal capital. There were probably a lot of workers working in this building.

“Oh, little girl. Are you a beginner adventurer? Looking for data about medicinal plants?”

One of the librarians called me out. He was a grandpa. By the way, the other librarian was a young lady. Her face was… well, normal?

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“No, I’m searching for other data.”
“I see… What kind of data?”
“Do you have information about magic weapons? Like mana sword or magic sword.”
“Oh my, you’re already interested in magic sword even though you’re still a beginner? Well, it’s good to be interested in various things. Err, where is it again…”

Er, I don’t think I’m a beginner, though… But only one year had passed since I became an adventurer, so I was still a beginner, maybe? But I was already in E rank… Well, whatever.

“Hmm, the documents about magic sword and magic armor are at the back of that shelf. But since this is an adventurer’s guild, I’m sure you won’t find detailed documents about that. You should go to blacksmith guild or alchemist guild for that.”

“Thank you very much. It’s better than nothing at all, so it really helps.”

Yeah, it’s better to know something than nothing. I moved to the back row at the very end of the room. Norn also followed me behind. The floor was creaking. Is this really okay?

Uhh, there were books with titles that seemed authentic… two or three books? For the time being, I took everything and moved further to the end of the bookrest. By the way, the bookrest was designed so that multiple people could read books side by side rather than separating it for one person’s use. Just by looking at the slanting table, I could easily see that it had a simple structure. The tables were designed like this probably because this reference room had parchment book and plant paper, so it would be easier to read them this way. Well, I didn’t mind as long as I could read what I want.

Now let’s return to the main subject.

Thus, I read it at once. Hmm… I see. Next. Umm… oh. Okay, next. Hmmmm… Okay, I get it. If I had to be honest, the contents of the first and second books weren’t that different.

The first book was about the famous magic sword and holy sword. The content was mostly about the holy sword, the title of magic swords, the owner for generations, and the current whereabouts. Other than that, it also talked about the ability bestowed by using it? There were pieces of information about the examination of the sword using a high-level appraisal skill in the past and predictions about the ability the user would get based on the people who had seen the sword up close.

The second book was about the user of holy sword and magic sword who had become famous in the past. I didn’t think this was useful at all. There was a lot more content covered in the first book.

The third book was the exemplary book, or perhaps I should say, this talked about the comparative skills bestowed by using the sword. This was what I was looking for. Yup, this is what I wanted to know.

The bestowed skills were the same as what humans could learn. It was notated in ten levels. The magic attribute was also the same.

The commonly bestowed skills were strengthening the equipment itself, such as [Attack Enhancement], [Endurance Enhancement], and [Weight Reduction]. For skills that strengthened the owner’s stats, there were [Physical Strength Enhancement], [Agility Enhancement], [Magic Power Enhancement], and so forth. For skills that strengthened the user’s skills, there were [Attribute Enhancement], [Attribute Resistance], and so forth. Other than that was increasing the offensive ability towards a specific monster, and they entered the [Special Effect] group. The rare ones were [Fortune], [Build Enhancement], etc. It seemed like there were other weapons that enhanced the effectiveness by intentionally giving demerit skill.

Well, that’s it. The reason why I wanted to know this was that I wouldn’t be able to forcibly make magic sword with my [Creation Magic] skill unless I knew what kind of skill it could bestow upon the user. But well, I could do something with this, I guess?

By the way, there were basically two ways to obtain magic sword and mana sword. Should I have other people make it for me or find it myself?

If I chose the former, there were two types of occupations that could make magic sword; blacksmith or alchemist.

If I went with blacksmith route, I had to ask the blacksmith master who had inherited the secrets and techniques taught for generations to make it. However, their main occupation was a blacksmith, so the skills they could bestow wouldn’t be that high. But excluding the bestowed skill, the performance of the skill itself was basically high. It would depend on the skill of the blacksmith. But in the first place, blacksmiths who could make magic sword and mana sword should have a high level of blacksmithing skill.

If I went with alchemist route, they could make an ordinary sword become magic sword by applying the bestowed skill to the sword that had been prepared. In this case, the higher the alchemist’s skill level, the stronger the bestowed skill.

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Even so, it was usually the alchemist who get recognized even if the sword was forged by a great blacksmith. Therefore, blacksmith master generally wouldn’t make a sword that an alchemist could easily work on later. By the way, if the swordsman secretly had alchemist apply the bestowed skill later, the blacksmith master wouldn’t make swords for that swordsman anymore once they knew about it. And also, it was really hard to persuade them to make a sword, to begin with…

The other option was finding it. I could pick it up in the dungeon.

It seemed like a dungeon was a training ground prepared by God. There were various types of dungeons, but the common characteristics were “appearance of special monsters,” treasure chests respawning at fixed intervals,” and “magic circles that raise your status or give you rare skills.”

The special monsters I mentioned here didn’t mean that it would only appear in the dungeon, but it was special because the corpse would disappear into fog once you defeated it, leaving no remains. By the way, it would drop items. What is this, a game?

So picking up a magic sword means obtaining it from the treasure chest in these dungeons. There were a certain number of treasure chests on each level, and they would randomly reappear somewhere on the same level after being collected. The reappearance cycle differed for each dungeon.

By the way, the dungeon was called the training ground prepared by God because of an oracle in the past. In fact, it was difficult to deny this due to the dungeon’s third characteristic with “magic circles that raise your status or give you rare skills”.

Being able to learn skills one didn’t have an aptitude for with this magic circle made going to the dungeon worth it for an ordinary person with no talent. Other than that, they could also get disposable magic items such as the skill scrolls from the treasure box… be that as it may, you could only get powerful skills and armors by delving into the deeper level.

Ah, I strayed from the subject.

However, the magic sword that could be obtained in the dungeon also had its drawbacks. Because the bestowed skill wasn’t always useful.

For example, [Weight Reduction] attached in a dagger wasn’t very helpful.

[Weight Reduction] only had an effect on users. The original weight still applied to the attack itself. With high level [Weight Reduction], it was possible to swing a crazily heavy mace with one hand. For that reason, it was more useful to have this skill in heavy equipment. Such as two-handed sword, two-handed axe, long spear, and mace.

In addition, sometimes weapons had resistance-type skills. And conversely, sometimes armor had attack-type skills.

By the way, one of the most disappointing weapons was known as “Holy Sword: Inferior Two-handed Iron Sword.”

The holy sword was a fairly powerful weapon, but this disappointing holy sword was an ordinary two-handed sword with the lowest quality. Besides, there was nothing attached other than [Holy Attribute level 1]. Even if it didn’t have [Attack Enhancement], it would still become useful if it had [Endurance Enhancement], but this sword didn’t even have that. This sword was known as a useless possession and didn’t have other functions other than wearing it for prestige and for ceremonies… Also, this was stored as a national treasure in some country’s treasury. How heartrending.

Hmm, there was a lot to consider here, huh…As I deeply pondered so, someone called me out.

“Eh? Ren?”

Speaking of which, they had been visiting the reference room often lately, right?2


  1. Original title for reference: Do you ever experience a few hours suddenly passing by when browsing through the wiki?
  2. Silva: Uh oh, I smell trouble. (Aka Cain)

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