Chapter 43 – Somehow, It Seems the Situation Has Changed?

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1369 words

 After defeating the ogre lord and talking to the guild master, I returned back to the road where I helped the adventurers earlier and resumed northward towards Harula.
 But I was walking unsteadily since I had used too much MP. Let’s take a break for a bit……

 Along the way, I saw an area that appeared to be the emergency gathering place for the subjugation party in the distance. The two adventurers I helped earlier were likely amongst them. That aside, there were quite a lot of people gathered. Were there also many injuries?
 It seems the group noticed me and started waving towards me. I gave a slight bow and passed by. I basically just wanted to avoid any troublesome run-ins.

 After a while, I managed to arrive at a place where I could see the gates leading into Harula. I could also see children gathering herbs in the surroundings. Yep, but I couldn’t take it anymore.
 I sat down and took a break. To be frank, I didn’t really have much stamina to begin with.

 As I sat beside the road, drinking water and resting, carriages carrying people related to the ogre subjugation party and guild officials passed by numerous times. They were probably manpower recruited to transport the ogre corpses.
 Ahh, it must be rough for everyone.
 As I was watching, the guild master came riding along in a carriage.

“……What are you doing here?”
“I was taking a break because I got tired. I don’t really have that much stamina.”
“Aren’t you pretty close to the town already?
“………I see. You’re almost there, do your best.”
“I will do my best.”

 He had a really complicated expression on his face, but I ignored it. I was still just an E rank and I was also still just a child. So wasn’t this just natural?

 As I sat there, a party of probably C ranks passed by in front of me and started pointing and laughing at me. I could hear some outrageous things being said.

 Yep, that’s right I’m weak. But this weakling was also the one that saved you all.

 But I didn’t say anything since it would be troublesome. Besides, I was an adult on the inside. As such, I would overlook them and move on.
 Rather, did they really not notice anything when they saw Norn beside me? Were they really that shortsighted? Well, I guess there were just low-level C ranks. What disappointing C Ranks!

 A bit later, the two adventurers I helped earlier also came along.

“What are you doing here?”
“I’m resting because I’m tired. I don’t really have that much stamina.”
“……Is that so.”

 The two of them also had complicated expressions. I didn’t really get what they all wanted from me.

“Ah, right. We wanted to express our gratitude to you again. Thank you for saving us.”
“Don’t mention it.”

“That’s right……uh, you’re planning on staying in Harula for a while again, right? If you need anything or if there’s something you don’t understand, tell us. As long as it’s within our power, we will help you.”
“Yeah, if it’s within our capabilities, we’ll definitely help.”
“We’re not saying you have to or anything, so just keeping it in mind is alright.”

“Alright, then at that time, I will rely on you two.”

 Yep, these two gave off a good vibe. Unlike a certain somebody.

“W-What’s with that! It’s completely different than with me!”

 Ugh, that certain somebody was there. Why was he always showing up like this?

“I’ll help you too! Please say anything!”
“No, it’s fine.”
“I already received your gratitude with the vegetables you gave me, and me leaving the forest had nothing to do with you. I was planning to leave the forest, so the only difference was just a matter of sooner or later.”

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“Even so…..but…….”
“Neil! Why do you care so much about that child!”
“Come on! We’re leaving now!”

 Neil was dragged away by Tess. For my sake, please keep a strong grip on his leash, okay?
 After watching the scene unfold, Collie gave a slight wave towards me before chasing after the two. Hm? Where’s the common sense person, Beck? Was he perhaps doing something else? ……Well, whatever.
 I was starting to feel better so I decided to enter the town.

 But when I entered the town, there was quite a ruckus going on. Which wasn’t surprising, since the group of ogres actually had an ogre lord leading them, even more so since they were all still defeated.
 But most of the adventurers who took part in the subjugation party had complicated expressions on their faces. Well, it wasn’t like they were the ones who defeated the ogre lord, and I was also the one who eliminated half the herd……… but despite that, there were still some people among them who stood about looking proud. Which was quite something in itself, I was honestly amazed.

 But I was fine as long as I got my share and my peace was preserved.

 And so, while the uproar continued, I headed towards an inn. It was the luxury inn that I stayed at before. I was tired of dealing with the cook, but there wasn’t any other place where Norn and Bell could also stay.

 Soon I arrived at the inn.

“Um, I would like to sta-.”
“Why can’t I stay here! I came all the way from the royal capital to stay here!”
“I’m sorry, but we’re full right now.”
“Damn it I came here because I wanted to try the rumored dish…….”

 The man who had been yelling left the inn while muttering.

 ………Eh, what?

“Ah, Ren!”

“You finally came back! You told me that you were going to a village in the south, but you didn’t come back even after a month, I was so worried that something might have happened……”
“Various things came up…….and did something happen here? It looks like you have quite a lot of customers here.”

“Yes, that’s right. That……it’s the dish that Ren made before where the cook made a failed imitation of. It seems that rumors of it have spread to the fief capital and even the royal capital…….a lot of people come to Harula just to eat it.”
“…….Just to eat that?”

 ……I couldn’t really understand why. I would never want to eat that again. It would destroy my stomach.

“Yes, that’s sort of what I also think. But thanks to it, business is booming! That person is also very happy because of it.”
“That’s good and all…….but that makes things a bit troublesome for me. I can’t stay here if it’s full, right? And there aren’t any other inns which would allow Norn and Bell to stay too…….”


 Lily suddenly raised her voice and stepped closer to me to whisper something.

“About that, it’s actually fine.”

“Um, the owner of this inn actually kept the room you were using before open for you.”

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“Since it’s thanks to you that business is great right now, when I told him that you were planning on coming back again, he had the room kept open in hopes that you would stay again once you returned.”
“That is, I’m grateful for that, but is it alright? The customer from before……”

“It’s fine! Since it’s the management’s decision!”

 ……Was it really alright? But since I was being allowed to stay at the inn, I had no complaints.
 After completing the sign-in procedures, I was guided to my room by Lily. Since I was planning on staying for a while this time, I paid in full all at once.

“Ah, Ren. I have a break afterwards for dinner…….would you perhaps like to eat together?”
“Sure, I’m fine with that.”
“Thank you very much!”

 Yep, that was a great smile. Her reaction was as cute as ever.

 I entered my room and took a break. There was still some time until dinner, but I didn’t have any MP left to practice with Creation Magic, so I decided to take a nap.

 As expected, I was really tired today……..


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