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Chapter 29 – A Person from the Land of Udon (Just Joking)

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1542 words

 Good morning. My stomach still feels a bit off. Ren here.

 Eh? Isn’t going to the bathroom actually unnecessary for me? Well, I guess if I really wanted to then that would be the case. But if I didn’t use it, wouldn’t I lose the ability to use those muscles? As such, just to be safe, it should be alright to go. Yep.

 But, even so after I finished, I would still use the Cleaning skill to wash myself. Since I like being clean.

 Anyways, I guess I should eat before heading off to work.
 Today’s breakfast was the usual bread, salad, and soup. But I’m fine with that.

 After getting some bread for lunch, I waved goodbye to the ponytail girl…to Lily as I left the inn.
 I went straight to the guild. And immediately to the receptionist window.

 The person at the window today was the receptionist lady who handled my guild registration. She had curly blonde hair in a bob cut fashion. And she emitted a really feminine feeling. To be frank, she was totally my type. I was feeling a bit turned on at the moment.

“Ah, will you be gathering today?”
“Yes, please.”
“Ah, is that so? If you’re just gathering herbs, you actually don’t have to come take the request at the counter each time. You can just go out and go to the purchasing counters when you return.”

 I was given an explanation. It seems that it wasn’t necessary to come to the window to accept the always available gathering requests. So it turned out I was just wasting time. Which was quite embarrassing.

“But I really like the image of how hard you’re working. Please do your best?”

 Yes, I’ll do my best. Rather, I’m brimming with vigor right now! 

 Thus, I headed into the forest today. There were numerous people following me today too. But unlike the last time, there were more children who looked under 13 years old. It looked like there were 4 people who were above 13, they’re probably in a party? And then there were six other kids.

 I didn’t really want to engage with them, so I just ignored them and gathered by myself. But I still had quite a lot left in my stockpile. Like a few days ago, I gathered in multiple different areas at a moderate pace.

 I glanced over at a boy nearby, he was gathering ordinary grass instead of herbs. I guess it can’t be helped.

“Those aren’t herbs.”
“It’s similar, but the plants next to it are the herbs. What you just gathered are a different type of plant.”

 I didn’t give a reply back since I had just helped on a whim. Yep.

 I looked around me, and it looked like all the children who were under 13 were younger than me.

 Although I was only ten, there was still one main difference between us, they weren’t getting enough nutrients…….but even so, I wasn’t planning on feeding them.

 Afterwards, I continued gathering more herbs for a while. Should I have lunch soon? I’m getting hungry. Let’s leave the forest then. And have some lunch.

 I exited the forest and prepared the tent. Then I began preparing the food. The children who were following me looked confused. It’s not like I have to be mindful of them since they’re just following me. I’m not the leader of their group or anything. So I will just leave them be.

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 Even so, there was one child who was persistent and called out to me. It was the child that I warned earlier.

“U-Um, are you not going to gather anymore?”
“……I’ll consider whether I should continue or not later in the afternoon. Because right now’s the time for lunch. Besides, it’s not like we’re gathering together, and we’re not friends either. Isn’t it fine for you all to just do whatever you want?”

 I was being a bit cold, but it couldn’t be helped. I was just speaking the truth.

 They were all just following me of their own will, so it would be troublesome if they were to think I was part of their group just because of that. Even earlier when I warned him, I did that on a whim and nothing more.

 I redirected my attention and continued on with preparing my meal.

 Thanks to Norn, there was still a lot of horned rabbit meat left, so I was planning on using it to make a garlic roast. I just bought the garlic yesterday. But I’m going to skip over the details of the cooking process. I ate the meal with bread and was soon full. Thank you for the meal.

 The children I was eating the food around were sneaking looks at me. But, right, unfortunately, I didn’t feel like gathering anymore. I’m planning on continuing to cook here for today. Why?

 Because I wanted to eat udon.

 I finally managed to obtain flour, so it would be useless if I didn’t use it! Therefore, udon!

 But even so, I didn’t have any kelp or bonito to make the broth for the noodles. So I was planning to make a chicken-based broth using salt as the main seasoning. I had plenty of chicken bones to use as stock after all. Well, technically not chicken, but some sort of bird? Right, I’m not exactly sure, but it’s definitely some type of huge bird.

 I refocused my attention and poured water into a pot I brought out. I boiled the water once to remove any bacteria. I was using storage to do all this. I chopped a leek into smaller sizes and then dropped them into the water along with some garlic and ginger. When it began boiling, I brought the heat down to low. After that, I just kept an eye on it as it cooked on low heat.

 In the meantime, I began to knead the udon noodles. Since it’s troublesome to explain the step-by-step process, I’m just going to skip over the boring stuff.

 And since the leftover soup is good, I’ll just filter it and be finished with this for now. I’ll leave adjusting the taste for later.

 Next, I stretched out the udon dough that was laid out, dusted flour on it, and cut them. With that, all the ingredients were now complete. I guess I should finish the rest up back at the inn? It was getting late by the time I realized. The children who followed me had all left already.

 I got up and began preparing to clean up and head back, but when I looked back there was another pile of monster corpses. Norn……..

 After being paid 10 small gold coins at the guild, I returned back to the inn. Udon! Udon! UDON!

“Lilly, please lend me the kitchen.”
“Yes, gladly!”

 I appreciate the enthusiasm, Lily. But is it alright not to ask the cook for permission first?

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 I took off my cloak and began preparing today’s meal. But since the ingredients were already prepared beforehand, I just have to finish cooking it. I took out two pots. And two bowls. Then the ingredients.

 I added water to one of the pots and began boiling it, and added the leftover soup to the other pot. I started the fire.
 And began chopping all the ingredients. Cabbages, carrots, and a good amount of chicken. I then placed them into the soup and began lightly boiling them. I also added salt and soy sauce to adjust the taste.

 When the hot water began boiling, I added the udon noodles. After the udon noodles finished cooking, I drained the water and placed it into a bowl. Then I added an appropriate amount of soup and ingredients. And with that everything was complete.

 Now let’s just hurry up and clean the used cooking utensils!

 I called Lily and we moved into the dining room. And I gestured for her to eat too.

 Slurp—! Yep, delicious. Udon is delicious! And no, I’m not a person from the udon prefecture.

 Lily had also started eating and was completely silent. Ah, by the way, I’m eating with chopsticks and Lilly is using a fork. But it didn’t look like she was having any difficulties eating. Though, as expected, it wouldn’t be something befitting for the nobles.

 Soon, both of us finished eating our meals. But I’m sorry, I guess? There’s actually still more left. And I added more to our bowls.


 Lily, your face is all flushed up. How cute.
 After Lily finished downing the entire second bowl, she was completely out.


 Udon noodles were quite something. What will happen to this child if I give her kelp or bonito? Never mind, I will take responsibility at that time, yes let’s do that.

 The customers around me were screaming stuff into the kitchen, but I ignored them. I completed the preparation process outside, so I was basically already done when I cooked inside the kitchen. As such, imitating what I made isn’t possible.

 I left the beet-red Lily to another waitress and went to take a bath before immediate going to bed. I wonder what I should make next time?


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