Chapter 21 – A Young Girl Being Surprised by Another Young Girl

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1838 words

 I was also in the swaying carriage today and talking with Elsa. Two days have passed since I started riding with them, but she was still as talkative as ever. I’m honestly impressed.

 Speaking of which, Elsa accidently revealed that I could use the Cleaning skill. Although, the Cleaning skill was difficult to learn, there were still quite a few people who could use it, so it turned out alright. But it seemed that the two escorts had become more interested in me after finding out that I had additionally skills, and the two were currently staring at me. I wonder what the two were expecting of me. But I want them to stop. The two of them were looking towards my chest.

 I could also hear bits and pieces of the two escort’s conversation, “If we could get our hands on those skills, our life would be much easier.” and “We could force her.” and some other rowdy and dangerous sounding things…….I would never ever form a party with these two people. After reaching the city I didn’t want to be involved with them anymore.

 Since their conversation interested me, I decided to take a look at their statuses.

 I recall hearing before at the orphanage that acquiring skills was quite difficult. But I had acquire the skills rather quickly during my time living in the forest. So I didn’t really know the exact standard for how quick people could learn skills, so I thought I could use them as references.

 There was only a limited number of ways to see the statuses of other people in this world. I remember someone telling me that it would be impossible to use skills to peek on other people’s status unless the skill level was really high. The Appraisal skill could check other people’s statuses when it reached LV5. Since my Appraisal skill was LV9, it just barely made it. ……Hm? Barely?

 That aside, let’s just check the status of these two~

Kimble 31 Years old
Race: Human Occupation: Rank D Adventurer
HP: 250/250 MP: 12/12
STR: 12 VIT: 13
DEX: 4 AGI: 5
INT: 4 MGC: 4
CHA: 3 LUK: 5
» Thrash LV1 «
Ziggy 30 Years old
Race: Human Occupation: Rank D Adventurer
HP: 300/300 MP: 10/10
STR: 13(+4) VIT: 14
DEX: 3 AGI: 4
INT: 4 MGC: 4
CHA: 3 LUK: 4
» Brute Strength LV2 (STR+4) «

 Eh, what’s this? How weak.

 Eh? Was that all? Their statuses were rather, what to say. I suppose it was to be expected, or rather within my expectations. Although, in a head-on fight I would likely lose. But their skill levels are low! I think the two have likely been adventurers for a while now considering their ages. Is this really it? Adventurers, huh……

 No, wait a minute! Maybe, these two are just exceptions! Otherwise, the fact that I was able to reach LV5 so easily would be a bit of a shock. Let’s just not worry about it!

 I was a bit uneasy, so I snuck a look at Nicole’s status just in case.

Nicole 39 Years old
Race: Human Occupation: Merchant
HP: 180/180 MP: 50/50
STR: 9(+2) VIT: 11
DEX: 10 AGI: 7
INT: 15 MGC: 8
CHA: 9 LUK: 9
» Life Magic LV3 • Connoisseur LV4 • Haggle LV3 • Negotiation LV5 • Survival LV2 «
» Brute Strength LV1 (STR+2) «
» Resistance: Hunger LV1 • Resistance: Fatigue LV1 «

 Hmm? Isn’t Nicole actually stronger? What’s up with that?

 Somehow, it only became more confusing. Let’s just stop with the spying for now. It was considered rude to peek on the statuses of other people.

 And while I was doing that, we arrived at today’s campground.

 Although I was riding with them as thanks for sharing water with them, as expected there wasn’t any need for me to do anything. So I started preparing lunch. After last time’s compliments, I was placed on meal duty. Everyone else was caring for the horses or setting up camp. As such, I could handle this much. I prepared the ingredients and placed them into boiling water, I added various vegetables and orc meat. Finally, I adjusted the taste. Yep, this should do.

 It was a rather crude dish that I prepared haphazardly, but it seemed everyone still liked it. I consider what I did as cutting corners a bit, but to everyone else it appeared that I put in a great deal of effort. Well, my cooking skill was LV7 after all……

 The pot I used belonged to Nicole. Since I only had a small pot. Everyone was quite surprised when I took out the orc meat to use as ingredients, but they were really pleased.

 The orc meat came courtesy of Norn’s hard efforts. I didn’t want to fight something so troublesome.

“Wow, today’s meal is also delicious! Father! It’s so good!”

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“Yes, your right. It’s really delicious.”

 Elsa was currently in high-spirits. Even though I had cut corners with cooking the food. Although I wouldn’t say that out loud.

 Lloyd also followed up as I was feeling complicated.

“No, it really is very delicious, Ren. You’re a really great cook, do you mind teaching me next time?”

 Eh? That would be a bit troublesome…….

 As the meal progressed on in such a manner, Elsa then said something unnecessary.

“Big sis, why are you wearing a hood all the time? It’s a waste on someone as pretty as you!”

 Ugh! Stop with the unnecessary comments! Elsa, like Coco, was shorter than me so she could see my face even if wore my hood. And Elsa? Didn’t you consider that I might have various reasons for hiding my face? Furthermore, what do you mean by pretty?

“Oh? Elsa, is the young miss really that pretty?”

“Yep! She’s really, really pretty! And she’s also very cute! But she keeps on hiding underneath the hood! So it’s a huge waste!”

 No, wait a minute, that can’t be true, right?

Huh, is that right little girl? In that case, how about you take off your hood and show us your face.”

 Now the two escorts were even joining in. The two were looking this way with creepy smiles and perverted expressions on their faces. And they kept staring at my chest. I’m a child! You perverts!

“No, that would be…..”

 As I was trying to diffuse the situation by offering up an excuse, Elsa suddenly ran behind me.



 She had took my hood off. Aaaahhhhhhhhh!

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 Nicole, what’s up with you? Llyod was also staring at me with a blush on his face.

“Hey, wait, really now.”


 Die you two idiots. The two of them were looking towards my chest. Die.

 But this reaction. It wasn’t what I imagined.

“Wow! You’re really pretty! Wow!”

 Elsa was being noisy. But even with all that was being said, no one was denying it. Is it possible that I really am a beauty? It could be possible that wasn’t the case, but judging by these reactions, I guess I really am pretty? ……..Wait a minute. Wouldn’t this also bring about problems in various ways?

 After that thought crossed my mind, I quickly pulled my hood back on.

“Ah-! Why are you hiding yourself!?”

 Wait, what’s with this! I’m feeling all sorts of gazes on me! The looks on the two escorts were particular dangerous. It felt like they were looking me over. Somehow, their gazes also had this icky-sort of feel to them. …….Like the two were thinking of something perverted…… Disgusting!

 I felt a tremendous sense of revulsion wash over me. I was a middle-aged man on the inside, what sort of straight middle-aged man would like hot gazes from muscular rough looking men? What kind of torture is this? Completely impossible. It was impossible in various ways. As someone who was once a man, it was impossible to accept something like that. It was impossible for me to live as a woman.

 But I’ve heard before in the past that it’s easy to recognize these sort of gazes. I guess it turned out to be true……..

 ……..And the meal ended with that sort of subtle atmosphere.

“Hey, little girl. Would you like to join us when this escort job is finished?”

 As I was cleaning up after the meal, Kimble suddenly called out to me.

“Even if you are a tamer, a girl being all alone by herself is still dangerous. If you join up with us, we’ll be able to help you out in various ways.”

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“That’s right, even if we look like this, we are C rank adventurers.”

 …….Various ways, huh. It might have been a bit more persuasive if he wasn’t staring at my chest. Rather, a C rank? Really? With those stats?

“I appreciate the offer, but I will have to decline.”

“Hey now, come on, don’t be like that.”

“No, I would only be a burden if I were to join you two. Both of you mostly take on subjugation and escort quests, right? But I’m still only eleven years old, so I won’t be able to take on subjugation quests.”



 ……It seems everyone was quite surprised.

 A person can register to join a guild upon reaching the age of ten. It was the same for the Adventurer’s Guild. But unlike other guilds, adventurers would often have to take on life-threatening requests. In particular, subjugation quests were literally just fights against demons and monsters. A such, the Adventurer’s Guild had a rule that stated that subjugation quests could only be accepted be those over 13 years old in order to reduce the death rate of newcomers and beginners. And those under 13 years old could only accept quests that weren’t related to monster subjugation. The quests were usually related to miscellaneous work within the towns or gathering herbs, but there were also various other types of work. The reward wasn’t too great, but in return there wasn’t much danger either.

 Anyhow, I was still eleven. As such, I wasn’t able to accept subjugation quests. It was also forbidden to bring along adventurers under the age of 13 for subjugation quests. In the worst case scenario, you could even be expelled from the guild for breaking that rule.

 Therefore, I declined them for that reason.

 Or rather, that was what it was on the front. In truth, I just didn’t want to join up with these guys. The two would likely do something horrible to me! Just like in those certain types of books!

“Anyways, that’s how it is, please find someone else.”

 I somehow managed to slip out of that situation. After that, I decided to head off to bed for today.

 I went to sleep in my own tent. But for some reason, Elsa also came along. Well, with a child here, those two should be less likely to try anything, so I was fine with it.

 The next morning, the group was getting ready to depart. I was still feeling a bit sleepy.

 As I attempted to stifle a yawn, someone looked my way and whispered under their breath.

“……Eleven years old, huh.”

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