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Chapter XX2 – Stu~pid! That’s 〇〇〇, chase ‘em!

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Author: Bankuru Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2615 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1212 words
Editor(s): Fire

「Ah, um, we need to leave soon, so…… G-goodbye!」

In the end, after making up things in reply to their questions, we said so when we had the chance and escaped from the hall.

「Haa, that was really dangerous. Nobody doubted that we were newbies after all.」
「I genuinely feel a bit bad for deceiving them…… We should go back to Nera-san no-…… ah.」

Since we were trying to run away from everybody, it looks like we accidentally ran as far as the noble’s district.

「What do we do? If we go back right now, we’re going to get surrounded again.」
「No other choice then, let’s teleport back to the room.」

As Ruti teleported us to the room where Nera-san should be in, she wasn’t there.

「Huh…… Where did she go?」
「Can’t we just wait for her to come back?」

Well that’s true. With that, we took a rest and poured ourselves a cup of tea.

However, even though we already drank our bellies full while waiting for her, there’s still no sign of her coming back.

「She’s not coming back, is she?」
「Ughh, what do we do? Someone might come if we stay here for too long, should we hide at the café?」
「Fair point, it might be best if we honestly tell Chris and Firu everything and ask them for help.」

We’re gradually acting more like runaways now. We only wanted to pull some pranks though.

Just like how we came to the room, we teleported right in front of the cafe.

「Great work~」
「Welco~me! Will it be a table for tw~o?」
「Well, no, we’re not customers. It’s us. Natsuki and Ruti.」

We quickly explained the situation and asked her to let us stay at the break room or the backyard or just anywhere at all but……

「Uhhh, that’s a bit hard to believ~e, really…… You are wearing the same uniform as the~m, so I really want to believe you bu~t…… Letting you two into the staff area is a bi~t, you kno~w……」

How could this be? I never expected that Chris actually wouldn’t believe us. Ughhh…… Ah, if I remember it right, Chris’ nose should be good with her being beastkin.

「T-then, wouldn’t you know by our scent? See!」
「Umm, sorr~y. My nose is really stuffy latel~y, so I can’t actually smell too we~ll.」

Ahhh, now that she mentioned it, she did say that her nose has been stuffy because of a cold she had the other day. Bad things really keep piling up, huh. Daaammit.

「For no~w, I can get you two a sea~t, so would that be good enou~gh?」

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It can’t be helped. It won’t be weird if we stay here as customers, so we should be able to manage this somehow.

As we were led to our table, this time Firu came to take our order.
That’s right! If it’s Firu…… I’m sure that she’ll be able to notice that it’s us……!! With that in mind, we told her the same explanation we gave Chris, but she just had a troubled look on her face and that’s that. Firu’s nose isn’t as good as Chris’, so we gave up on that.

Sob sob, I didn’t expect that the two of them wouldn’t believe us.」
「Chris having a stuffy nose right now was also quite unfortunate……」

While rubbing my water filled belly, I took small sips from the coffee we ordered. If I only knew it would end up like this, I would have held back on the tea earlier.

As we relaxed while chatting about stuff for a while, I heard a voice greeting me from behind.
Looking closely, it’s the old man from the fanclub.

「You two, judging by your uniforms, are you perhaps a part of the Order of Mages?」
「Ah, yes. That’s right but why do you ask?」

Since he probably won’t believe us anyway, I decided to go with the newcomer story like we did with Kerry earlier. I feel like I’m just digging myself deeper now but who even cares anymore……

「He~eh, there are quite a lot of cute girls in the Order of Mages, I see. Two people working here, Natsuki-chan and Ruti-chan, are also members of the order, and the two of them are pretty cute too. Do you know them?」

Eh? Cute? My somewhat worn-out heart is feeling a bit better now.
…… But a part of me slightly hates how simple I am, getting in a good mood just because I was called cute and all. Real easy, right me?

「No, we only joined recently. We still don’t know much about the other members.」
「Oh, is that so? Then if you see them, try getting along with them. They’re really good people, you know?」

Fwoooo! Pure good will! The guilt! I’m sorry old man! You’re actually talking to them! Moreover, this old man is even my fan, so this just makes my guilt even worse!

「I see. Well then, we need to go now.」

Goodbye old man and thank you. I really wanted to thank you in person, but I just can’t.
After all, we can’t tell the truth after coming this far, and more importantly, my stomach can’t take it anymore1, I’m really sorry.

「………… What do we do now?」
「………… What can we do really?」

It’s great that we left the café and all, but we don’t actually have anywhere to go next.
We could try finding Nera-san, but we can’t be sure that we’ll actually find her.

「It’s still early but should we just go back home now and shut ourselves in?」
「I’m fine with doing that but…… I have a really bad feeling about this, you know?」

Ruti-san, stop that. It’s these kinds of situations where those end up being right.
Since we’re just straight out exhausted at this point, we didn’t even bother using teleport and we just dragged ourselves to the inn.

As we reached the inn, we went to get the key from the reception desk and then that bad feeling came true.

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「I very much remember that Natsuki-sama and Ruti-sama didn’t look like you two, however.」

I know right? Since we’ve been staying here for a long time, she completely remembers our faces, huh.
We decided to step out in the meantime and now it’s planning time with Ruti.

「At this rate, we’re going to have trouble finding a place to sleep……」
「Hmmm, it’s not going to be a problem as long as we can just find Nera-san though……」

If we can just contact her or something…… Hm? I feel like I’m forgetting something. Like we should have a way of contacting each other.

「Come to think of it, have you already tried using telepathy?」

Using telepathy, we instantly got into contact with Nera-san and got the magic undone.
Still, the fact that both of us completely forgot about telepathy was absolutely stupid of us. Isn’t this exactly what telepathy is for……

After that, there were rumors about some mysterious newcomers appearing and hearing that, Nera-san went speechless.
I’ll never pull a prank ever again, ugh……2


  1. Lyly: Stressed gurl
  2. Fire: You reap what you sow

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