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Chapter XX1 – Did 〇〇〇 Come by Here!?

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Author: Bankuru Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2198 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1102 words
Editor(s): Fire

It happened on a certain day. It started because of what I said when we were having some tea together with Nera-san after our training.

「Come to think of it, Nera-san, can’t you do the opposite of your recognition inhibition magic?」
「By opposite, you mean?」
「For example, instead of making yourself invisible, can you make yourself look like something else?」

Right, I just honestly thought that if she can camouflage herself to look invisible then maybe she can do the opposite of that as well.

「I can, you know? To begin with, that’s where I actually started at.」

Oh my. I was surprised about that but as I listened to Nera-san’s explanation, well it’s actually pretty obvious when I think about it. It seems like it’s ridiculously easier to make others not recognize something compared to making something completely imperceivable.

She explained that she practiced making herself imperceivable at first, but because of how hard it was, she switched to practicing on changing how she, and sometimes other people, looked. Since even just being able to disguise yourself as someone else should be enough for recon missions, it was probably a valid option.

「Then, could you test it out on us and change how we look?」
「Sure. There you go.」

Ever since that time with telepathy, Nera-san can now mostly use simple magic without chanting and before I even noticed, Ruti now looks different from before.
Her slightly droopy eyes are now upturned, and her fluffy short hair became silky and long. I can’t really see it since there aren’t any mirrors around, but I probably changed too.

「Ohh, that looks refreshing. Since not only your hair, but your eyes changed too, you practically look like a different person.」
「Oh? Aren’t you looking pretty cute yourself, Natsuki. With your eyes drooping down and a wavier hair, you’re like a silver Chris now, you know? Here, a mirror.」

I looked at my reflection on the hand mirror Ruti gave me. That’s true, my hair does look like Chris’. It’s just slightly different, probably since my hair is long while Chris’ is cut short.

But still, I know it’s me but I really do look like a different person. The shape of my mouth and nose isn’t any different, but to think that just changing the eyes and hair would make so much difference.

「I can still go even further and change your body frame and such to turn you completely unrecognizable. This time, since it’s only for a simple new-you experience, I simply fiddled with your eyes, horns, and hair.」

Now that she mentioned it, my horns are gone. Hmmm, so this is just ‘simple’……. It feels different even when I’m touching it. It’s probably because my brain recognizes it that way, but this is amazing.

「Why don’t we go around the capital like this? I want to see if the others would notice that it’s us.」
「Hey, that sounds fun. Let’s go.」

Feeling the urge to play some pranks, both of us exchanged those words.

「It’s just a simple magic, so the effects should only last until the end of the day. Still, waiting for it to wear off is going to take a long time so I’ll undo it later, alright? Come back once you’re satisfied.」

Now then, who should we pla-…… ahem, check with first?1 For now, we decided on going somewhere with a lot of people, so we headed to the hall where the other members usually rest.
Since there’s a few people inside, we were stumped on who we should talk to first when suddenly someone greeted us instead.

「Hey ladies. I can’t seem to remember you but are you new here?」

Oh, it’s Kerry. The sexual harassment was terrible, but they actually apologized to us and we’ve had tea together a few times ever since, so we don’t really have any issues after that.

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「Yes, we’ve been invited by the leader. Please treat us well, okay? Senior.」

Seeing that Kerry hasn’t noticed it, Ruti lies with no hesitation.

「Sure, my name is Kerry by the way, nice to meet you. Still, right after the princesses, more cuties are just coming in. Where the heck does the leader keep finding them.
Ah, the princesses are two members that joined in before you two. They’re like…… Hm? Come to think of it, they do look a bit like you two. Are you two actually related to them or something? Their names are Natsuki-chan and Ruti-chan, but…」

「No, I… we’ve never heard of those names before, and we just recently arrived here in the capital, so we likely aren’t related.」

Oops, that was dangerous. As I thought, since our heights are still the same, and it’s not like we’ve changed on the inside, we might get caught if we let our guard down. Eh? This wasn’t our original plan? Don’t think too much about it.

「I see. Your voices sound pretty similar, so I thought that you might be related but I guess I’m wrong.
How about this? If you have some free time then I was thinking about explaining the stuff here in the order over a cup of tea, or have you heard about it from the leader already?」

Kerry is actually pretty good at taking care of people, you know? Ah, crap, I’m feeling a bit guilty now……

「Ah, Kerry. Good work today. And those two are?」

At that moment, a female member approached us. Hm, I haven’t gotten the chance to talk with her much, but she’s also famous for being good at taking care of other people.

「They seem to have joined just recently. Oh yeah, I haven’t gotten your names yet. What do we call you?」
「Ah, my name is…… Fuyuki2, yes.」
「I’m Morte.3

Although I made it up in the heat of the moment, that was terrible. And Ruti, isn’t that just Rutimo changed up a bit?

「Fuyuki-chan and Morte-chan, right. Nice to meet you.」
「Wait, what? New recruits? If you have any questions, just ask okay?」

Maybe because we were standing all this time, before I knew it, it seems like we’ve caught other people’s attention and one after another, people started to approach us.

This is getting bigger than I expected. What do we do……


  1. Silva: Ahem, who should we prank indeed
    Fire: These little devils
  2. Lyly: Summer to Winter, lol
    Natsu (Summer) + Ki
    Fuyu (Winter) + Ki
  3. Lyly: Morte, mo-rte, R-te mo, Rutemo, Rutimo, lol

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