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Chapter 42 – Like a Boiled Egg Without Its Shell

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Author: Bankuru Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2240 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1110 words
Editor(s): Fire

「「Once again, we’re sorry and thank you for all the trouble.」」

We’re still on break from the Order of Mages things but we’re now back to working at the café.
We once again greet everybody. Showing gratitude like this is really important after all.

「Let’s work hard again today.」
「It’s been a whi~le since the four of us are here togeth~er.」
「Well, since you two are looking well, it seems like you’re back in good health. It’s set to be busy today, so you two do your best, okay?」

I felt something slightly weird from the way Ryzna-san said that, but I just convinced myself that it’s probably because there’s a lot of customers that are looking forward to seeing us again.

Unlike with the Order of Mages, we don’t really earn anything from the café when on break, so with that in mind too, we’re going to need to do our best. Thinking about it now, having laws for paid holidays is really great, huh……
But, well, in the first place, my savings are a lot compared to what I had back when I was alive, so my life right now is much better. When I was still alive, I wouldn’t earn this much even if I had two jobs……

「What wrong, Natsuki-chan? You look a bit out of it.」
「Ah, sorry about that, old man. I just remembered something from the past.」

Immediately as we opened the café, an old man who comes in regularly just arrived. So, to show that I’m doing fine now, I went to take his order. But since that suddenly came to mind, I ended up spacing out for a while.

「Natsuki-chan’s past, huh. As a fan, I’m somewhat interested in hearing about it.」
「Well, I’m still at work right now, so that’s a bit difficult. Maybe next time if I have the chance, okay?」

My past, huh…… I wonder how the old man would react if he learns that I was a man before.
I do feel like testing it, but I might just open some new doors for him and that’s just scary.

After that, the regulars, aka the fanclub members, kept coming in, so I took as many orders as I could and talked to them while doing so.
Everybody was worried about us and it made me feel a bit happy.

In the end, that day the people from the fanclub came into the café nonstop, so we were busy from morning until closing time.
This is probably what they mean by “one after another.”

「Yeah~, it’s been a while, that was pretty tiring~!」
「Good jo~b.」
「Still, working here is really fun.」
「I know. I’m really glad that you two told me about this job.」

We finished cleaning up the store, and are now changing at the locker room.
Even though it’s winter, we have a heater inside the café, and since we’re always moving around, we do still sweat a bit.
Thinking that the uniform is probably going straight to the laundry, I take it off and lightly wipe the sweat off my body when I suddenly feel myself being stared at.
I was sure that it was Ruti, but it was actually Firu and Chris staring at both me and Ruti.

「What’s the matter?」

It looks like Ruti doesn’t know why they’re staring at us too, she looks confused.

「You two don’t have any unwanted hair, righ~t Firu?」
「Right, right.」
「Well naturally, we don’t grow any after all……」

Agreeing to what Ruti said, I nodded my head repeatedly.
I was curious why they suddenly asked that, so I tried asking them and it seems like the two of them just bought a magic item for body hair treatment recently. In addition to that, it was an expensive one too.
As you’d expect from its price, it looks like it did a really great job, so the two of them were pretty happy about it.
Now that they mentioned it, their skin does actually seem prettier than before. Since the uniform has long sleeves and we wear tights underneath, I didn’t notice it.

But even though they were so happy about it, after seeing us for the first time in a while, they thought that…… yeah, it’d be better if they can stop growing any in the first place.

「Well su~re, I know that we can’t do anything about it, you kno~w? Bu~t, I just can’t help getting jealous about i~t……」
「Even if you say that, not growing any……. Means that down below is always smooth and all, yeah?」

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Yup, for better or for worse, it’s smooth as a baby. As a former Japanese, it’s rare to find people who’d have it completely hairless, so it felt really weird to me.

「That’s even better. It basically means less effort needed and doesn’t it look better that way?」

Ohh? It’s a pretty sensitive topic, so I was really hesitant to ask about it but it seems like getting rid of all the so-called unwanted hair is pretty fine in this world.
Ruti is even looking at me with an isn’t that obvious look on her face. Stop it! I really didn’t know!
Now that I think about it, when we went to the bath at the inn, I don’t think that I saw too many people with unwanted hair. But well, isn’t, you know… Staring really rude and all? So isn’t it normal that I don’t notice it then? It is, right?

While I was standing there worrying about this and that, I heard someone saying “Just a bit” and then Firu and Chris touched us all over the place. At first, it was only some playful touching, but at some point, Chris suddenly escalated and unhooked Ruti’s bra, so I quickly went to stop her.

「Hey, hey! You’re overdoing it!」
「Don’t stop m~e! My utopi~a, it’s just one step awa~y! 」

Heyyy! That’s my personal utopia there! More like, what’s with the change of personality, Chris!?

「That was scary…… Chris is surprisingly aggressive.」
「It’s my first time seeing Chris like this too……」

At first glance, she’s fluffy and soft-spoken but maybe she’s really different on the inside? She also told us that she likes Ruti before, so maybe it’s related to that too?

Chris calmed down after a while, so we finally finished changing into our casual clothes, and headed back home.
We got sweaty again from the commotion earlier, so I really want to take a bath once we get to the inn.


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