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Chapter 40 – Paid Leave? Doesn’t Exist

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Author: Bankuru Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2204 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1121 words
Editor(s): Fire

After looking at the time, we headed to Firu and Cain’s room. As we knocked on their door, we heard a reply from inside. Thankfully, it looks like Firu’s back.

「Ah, Natsuki, Ruti. Are you two feeling better now?」
「Oh? I heard that the two of you had a tough time yesterday.」

Oh, Cain’s back home too.

「Yeah, both of us fell unconscious that time…… Firu, thanks a lot. You really saved us back there.」
「That’s right, thank you Firu. You even reported our break to Ryzna-san, we really appreciate it. Also, take this. Treat it as our appreciation for you.」
「Please don’t mention it. Ah, is this the one from the shop that you told me before? I was just thinking of buying from there as well.」

It looks like our snacks came at a great time, Firu seemed really happy about it. I’m relieved to see that she’s enjoying the gift.

「I want to hear about what happened too, so would you two mind coming inside for some tea?」
「In that case, it’s a bit late now, why don’t we eat out for dinner? My treat.」

Having a chat is fine and all but we already had enough of those snacks and tea earlier. Though, I can’t really say that, so I decided to invite them out for dinner.
Mhm? There’s a separate room for dinner, understand?

「Well, I’m also pretty hungry and it’ll be nice to, you know, like go Pwwha~! and gulp down some ale, so let’s go somewhere with drinks.」

It’s nice to see Cain on board with it but isn’t he acting a bit too much like an old man? Well, yeah, I do understand the feeling, but… you know?

While pulling Firu, who has a somewhat weirded out look on her face, we head out to a slightly better-looking shop than the one we usually go to.
After all, I’m finally back home, you see?

That night, we had fun chatting over some good food and since we’re there, I got myself some drinks too. I don’t know if it’s just because it’s been so long since I had some but the drinks tasted really delicious. I drank quite a lot yesterday but I don’t feel any alcohol in my body anymore, so it might be nice to have some every now and then……
And since Ruti and I had a good sleep and rested for a whole day; this morning, we’re almost completely back to normal. Though, since we have the chance, we’re still going to take a break from work just for a little bit more.

「Once you two start working again, we’ll have you make up for your days off, alright?」

As we were heading to the café together with Firu, she said that with a big smile on her face.
Still, even not considering our exhaustion, this is a big chance to spend some time together with Ruti, so it can’t be helped. We’ll be troubling everybody but we’ll just work hard to compensate for it later.

「「「Good morning!」」」
「Morning. Are you two feeling better now?」
「Good morni~ng. Are you two oka~y?」

It looks like Chris is already here too, she and Ryzna-san asked us with concern. Well, yeah, anyone would be concerned after seeing both of us collapse at the same time.

「At firs~t, we were panicking on whether we should bring you to a docto~r, or to call one here instea~d. Bu~t, since you two were just quietly snori~ng, we asked Firu-san to bring the two of you back to your in~n.」
「Sorry for worrying you guys. As you can see, we’re doing just fine. It’s not really something grand enough to make up for it or anything, but here, take this.」

I handed Chris and Ryzna-san some snacks as well. Just in case, we chose different ones so that it doesn’t overlap with the one we gave to Firu.

「Feel free to have some during break time or after closing up shop.」
「Wo~w, thank you so mu~ch!」

With that said, after properly telling them that we’ll be taking a break for a while and that we’ll work hard when we’re completely back in shape, we left the café.

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Now then, I know we’re taking a break and all but since it’s not the usual scheduled day off, we don’t have any plans at all.
Hmmm, well, it’ll be good to learn about new stuff and it also might help out in developing the café.
With that in mind, we looked at the now opened stalls while aimlessly strolling around.

「Say, Natsuki. Can we go by Putieveil today? We need to replace a few coats after all.」
「Sure. Let’s kill some time walking around until Putieveil’s opening time then.」

Since it’s still really early, Putieveil is still closed. I feel sorry for the stall keepers, but we’ll just be window shopping to waste some time…… or so I thought. But as we wandered around, we ended up buying some brooch and stuff for some reason. Impulse buying is scary.

Since it should be about time now, we headed to Putieviel. As we reached their store, Trisha-san was just about to unlock the store’s doors.

「Oh, Natsuki-san, Ruti-san. Good Morning.」
「It’s quite rare for you two to visit this early.」
「We suddenly had some time off, so we decided to buy some coats and other things.」
「So you chose to buy from our store, right? I’m glad to hear that. Well then, please come inside.」

Following her words, we entered the store. Come to think of it, it was so natural that I practically didn’t notice it but Putieveil uses a ton of magic lamps to light up the store. On top of that, it’s those fancy-looking ones too.
With just that, it already improves the store’s ambience, but most importantly, since the store interior is well lit, it really makes the clothes and accessories look good and shine.
This is probably the reason that it’s so popular, unlike the other clothing stores around.

Still, even though it just opened, there are already other customers coming in one after the other. Yeah, calling Putieveil popular might be an understatement.
Together with the other customers, Ruti and I look for some coats. The other day, I bought a cute looking boa1 and duffle2, so maybe I should try looking for a trenchcoat this time.

As I was trying coats on and pondering about it, I suddenly heard yelling from the store’s entrance. What the heck is that?


  1. Lyly: Boa Blouson
  2. Lyly: Duffle Coat

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