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Chapter 32 – Almighty Dragon-Type Ultimate Weapon, still a Nudist

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Author: Bankuru Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2178 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1131 words
Editor(s): Fire

During our repeated practice, I’ve realized something. If I get scales when circulating magic power, couldn’t I become a dragon if I try hard enough? Thinking so, I tried imagining a dragon while circulating in full force and, oh my, everybody around began shirking…… Nope, I just got bigger.
Wow, my line of sight is pretty high. Maybe about 10 meters tall? I looked down and everybody was staring at me with their eyes wide open.


Huh? I meant to say “Yay~!” just then. Is this, like, I can’t talk because I’m a dragon? Eh……1

「Ghaua……Gha! Gha!」

Aghh, jeez, I really can’t say anything at all! It got really annoying, so I just stomped my foot on the ground.

Now a question, what’s my current situation? The answer is, I’m 7 times taller than a regular person. And by simple calculation, this makes my volume proportionally 343 times bigger than a normal human.
I’ve really done it now, tehe~!2

The people by my feet fell to the ground because of the vibration and they seem to be crawling away from me. People are coming out from the headquarters, and on top of that, people from the Order of Knights, in a place slightly off the distance, are coming as well…… Moreover, they’re pointing their spears at me in a battle formation. Wait, wait, wait, I’m just a newbie from the Order of Mages!
I raised my hands to show them I’m not hostile and they got even more alarmed. Aieeeh!? Alarmed, why alarmed!?3

「The enemy has giant claws! Pay attention! If it hits you, consider yourselves dead!」

Eh, they thought I raised my arms to attack them with my claws? You’re kidding me…
Aghh, geez, I need to talk to them somehow before they start surrounding me. Anything, is there anything I can do? Ummm…… Ah, that, that thing, the one that’s really common in novels and stuff, telepathy! If I just use that!

『Ah~ Testing, testing, mike testing.』

It’s working, right? Cheers to this magic-is-imagination-like world! The knights seem really confused, so it should have reached them.

『I’m very sorry for the disturbance, I’m Natsuki from the Order of Mages. I’m not actually going berserk or anything, so please don’t be alarmed.』

For now, they’ve stopped closing in on me but they probably don’t trust me enough, since they’re still on alert. I get how you feel but please, believe me, I beg of you.

「Oi! What the heck is this ruckus!? Wha-wah!?」

Ah, leader is here as well.

『Leader! It’s me, Natsuki! I won’t be rude to you anymore, so please help~!4

I know I was really cold to you and all, but I’m sorry! Please help me!

「Eh? Natsuki-kun? Dragon? Eh?」
「Leader, this cool dragon is definitely Natsuki. Could you explain to the Order of Knights and have them calm down?」

No way, Ruti called me cool, I’m so happy. But it’s so embarrassing that I can’t stop squirming.
Ah, my tail hit a tree and it blasted off.

『Still Ruti, you’re really calm. I expected you to be panicked like the others too.』
「I’d be lying if I say that I’m actually calm, you know? But that’s not because I’m surprised about how you look right now, it’s because I’m worried that transforming like this might destroy your body, or if people attack you and you sustain injuries because of that, you know? 」

Jeez, I’m too loved. You’re making my heart race.
Ah, another tree just……5

「For now, Natsuki-kun? You’ll cause more damages, so please don’t move.」
『I’m sorry……』

The Leader somehow convinced the knights and they went back to their work. I’m saved.
Maybe I was a bit too harsh up until now. It might be best that I treat the leader better from now on.

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「Good grief…… To think that there’d be a problem immediately after I came back from a mission. Now then, I need you to explain how this happened, Natsuki-kun. When you get back to normal…… You can, right? Come to my office. Also, as her captain, you come too Nera-kun.」

So that’s why I haven’t seen him, he had a mission. Still, Nera-san was completely unrelated this time but I got her into trouble. I’m really sorry……

「I’m coming too, alright? More importantly, can you turn back to normal?」

Hmmm, I think I just need to stop the circulation but it looks like the circulation is automatic in this form and my magic power also expanded to fit with my size, so it’s complicated, yeah……
While I’m struggling to do what I did in reverse order so I can go back to normal, for some reason, Ruti began to panic a bit.

「Say, come to think of it, what happened to your uniform?」
『Eh? My uniform? I’m wearing it-……6

Yup, that’s right, I was wearing it. The clothes don’t really stretch after all. Of course, it’ll get ripped if I suddenly get bigger.

A n u d i s t o n c e a g a i n.

How many times have I even ruined my clothes by now……

『Ruti, pass me some clothes…… And some underwear.』
「Understood. Also, I’ll cover you with a shadow so that you won’t be seen, alright?」

After saying that, a shadow crawls over my body and covers me. With this, even if I turn back to normal, I can dress up without anyone seeing my body.
The underwear I wore earlier were even my favorite ones. That’s depressing.7

After some trial and error, in the end, I went back to normal by storing magic power in that point under the navel. In short, I just need to make it so that it’s not circulating throughout my body.
While being covered by the shadow, I moved behind something for cover and dressed up. Well yeah, even though my body can’t be seen, I don’t really have the courage to wear my underwear in the dead center of the training grounds.

「Now then Natsuki-san, are you ready to go?」
「Ah, Nera-san. I’m really sorry for getting you into trouble.」
「It’s fine, and while we’re at it, why don’t we also have that talk of some sort that the leader told you about before? 」

Ahh, I remember now. The leader really saved me this time, so I can’t really be too hard on him, though.


  1. Lyly: Lol, ya~y!
  2. Lyly: Ya done goof
    Fire: “Tehe~!”
  3. Lyly: Big dragon raised hand
    Fire: Quite menacing
  4. Lyly: Kek, desperation~!
  5. Lyly: Airhead maiden Natsuki
    Fire: Big Dragon Natsuki, the tree killer
  6. Lyly: Are you sure about that?
    Fire: Correction, you were wearing it
  7. Lyly: Bigg sad

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