Chapter 29 – Magic is Hard (Childlike Opinion)

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Author: Bankuru Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2250 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1228 words
Editor(s): Fire

Kerry was blown considerably far away and landed close to Jeff. It vaguely reminds me of that time with the pervert. At any rate, he reached that far since my grip on him was loose from how gross he was, huh. But it still wasn’t far enough to hit Jeff. Tsk.

「Are you alright? It felt unpleasant, right?」(Ruti)

Ruti embraced me and stroked me on my head. Ahh, so calming……1 I can still feel the sensation on my tail, I need to overwrite it with Rutinium ASAP. Squeeze
Oh, that’s it, I should just ask Ruti to stroke my tail too.

「Hey, Ruti, it still feels gross, can you touch my tail?」(Natsuki)

Without saying anything back, Ruti answered by stroking my tail. I was right, Ruti’s touch feels so good~ Is it because of some lover stat bonus? Mfuu~ 2

「Ehh, Natsuki-Ruti team wins… is that good?」(Leader)

While I was being comfy with Ruti, the leader, maybe afraid that we’ll get angry at him, nervously looked around as he announced the result of the match.

「「I don’t really care but can we quit?」」(Main Couple)

I frankly don’t want to work in a place where I could be harassed like that.

「W-wait! I’ll absolutely tell these fools off later!
Also, you can’t give the granted peerage back now! So please!3」(Leader)

His dignity as a leader was nowhere to be found as he splendidly and unmistakably prostrated himself before us.
The female mages’ looks of sympathy are amazing…… Sympathy for us, that is.4

So we can’t give the peerage back, huh. Is it because it’ll affect the king’s reputation or something? If I just knew about this beforehand.

「Grrr5…… If it happens again, both of us won’t hold back, okay? Don’t blame us if someone dies, okay?6」(Natsuki)

Nope, I don’t care anymore, no more formalities for me. In the first place, why should I even show respect after getting this kind of treatment?

Ignoring what happened earlier, since the match is finished, it’s time to clean up. Well, it’s mostly just collecting the fragments scattered around.
The place where Ruti used that last shot of magic looks like it was hit with a bunker buster or something, but how did she even do that?

「It left this really big mess, but that magic you used to save me in the end, what kind of magic was it?」(Natsuki)
「I only used earth magic to slightly break the surrounding ground and then made it explode with fire and wind, you know? Oh, and to make sure that the two of us don’t get hit, I coated us with wind and shadow.7」(Ruti)

Ma’am! It’s too complexified, I don’t get how you did it! All I know for sure is that it’s something I can’t do.8 Still, even if it’s hard to do precise stuff with my breath, if I don’t have a more precise control over it, it’ll be useless in close-range like it was today. I need to practice more on that……

「Good job. And I’m sorry about the idiots.」

After we were roughly done cleaning up, Nera-san greeted us.

「It was the worst but it wasn’t really your fault, so please don’t mind it.」(Natsuki)
「…… Thank you. Still, those guys9 aren’t usually that foolish, you see. They probably got too excited since our idiot leader actually announced that “some cute girls are joining in” and such.」(Nera)

Damn it, leader…… I’m happy about being seen as cute and all, but after that pervert and the sexual harassment earlier, I feel like nothing good came out of it. On the other hand, if I became ugly instead…… Ughhh……

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「Also, how do you both use magic? I believe that Natsuki-san uses magic that’s unique to her race. But Ruti-san, by the looks of it earlier, it doesn’t seem like you recited a conclusive clause, am I wrong?」(Nera)

What’s that? To begin with, all I know is what I learned from Ruti and I can only use magic in the form of breaths, so I don’t really understand why Nera-san’s asking about this. Ruti also seems somewhat confused as well.

「Even if you ask me how, I use it like I usually do…… Magic is just formed by your imagination materialized with magic power, right?」(Ruti)
「While it’s true that imagination gives form to magic, normally a chant is used to fortify the imagination and the conclusive clause stabilizes the mental image so…… 」(Nera)
「…… I, that was all my parents taught me and I didn’t have any problems while using magic, so I didn’t really think about it.」(Ruti)

Maybe Ruti was just born in a family of geniuses. Since Nera-san seems shocked about it, that might just be the case.

「Hmm? Pardon me for my sudden question, but if my memory was correct, Kerry and Jeff didn’t seem to be chanting anything earlier, right-…… did they Nera-san?」(Natsuki)
「You don’t actually need to be too formal, you know? So in the case of those two, they chanted when they defended against the first attack. And about the second thing they did, it was physical reinforcement that’s done with magic power. It’s achieved by simply circulating magic power, so it doesn’t require chanting……. Considering this, it seems like you two aren’t aware of how to properly circulate magic power as well.」(Nera)

Is it really okay if I talk more casually? Unlike the leader, Nera-san is someone I respect though. Well, it’s a lot easier for me, so I’ll start being more casual.
I know about circulation by experience but that’s probably not what Nera-san meant by that, huh.

「But still, to think that you two can use magic that much without even learning about the basics. It’s amazing and at the same time, absolutely baffling.」(Nera)

Well even if you say that…… Hm? Does this mean that if we learn about the basics, Ruti and I can still get better at magic?10

「Umm, does the Order of Mages teach about the basics?」(Natsuki)
「Oh, that’s right. If you can teach us, then we’d like to learn about it.」(Ruti)

Seeing that Ruti asked after me, she might have realized it as well. After all, it’s best to be better with magic than we already are now.

「Yes, of course. It is part of the training after all. I believe that you’ll be learning about it together with the other new mages.」(Nera)

Yay~! Since we can get something from this, I’m not that against being a member of the order for now.


  1. Lyly: Natsuki likes being the little spoon (Just my opinion)
    Fire *Smh Lyly*
  2. Lyly: All these Natsuki noises lately are a blessing
  3. Lyly: Are you threatening them or are you saying sorry, pick one lol
    Fire: Why not do both of those, *double the effectiveness*
  4. Lyly: Oh, so this isn’t the first time this happened, huh
    Fire: The thirst bois are running rampant these days
  5. Lyly: More noises, bless you
    Fire: *Natsuki noises*
  6. Lyly: Magical Dragon Violent Natsuki
  7. Lyly: As natural as breathing, lol
    Fire: Ez
  8. Lyly: Lol, Ruti wat?
  9. Lyly: Lol, what have you been doing people
    Fire: Soooo, how normal are they usually
  10. Lyly: Wait, you’re still getting stronger?
    Fire: They haven’t experienced their power up arc. They’re not overpowered, yet!

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