Chapter 12.5 – The Real Secret

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Author: Bankuru Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1037 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 629 words
Editor(s): Fire

Some days after my period ended, I was overwhelmed by a familiar feeling.1

It was something I often felt when I was still a male but ever since I came to this world and had my gender changed, it’s the first time I felt it.
Come to think of it, I’ve heard about the female hormone imbalance and stuff, but is this related to that too?

I just ignored it since I thought that it would calm down after a while, but even after going back to the inn and having dinner, it absolutely did not calm down.2 On the contrary, because I touched it while I was washing in the bath, it got much worse.3

(Ugh… I want to do something about this, but Ruti’s here too…)

While I was restless on our bed, from her breathing, I noticed that Ruti is fast asleep. 

(Maybe… I can do it now?)4

Just as I thought so, one hand was already diving down below.


As I touched that place, I had nearly let out a moan.

(Ah, no… I can’t stop…!)

My other hand was reaching for the summit of my hopefully still projecting mound.5

Nh…… Fha…!」

Although I might wake Ruti up if I’m making too much noise, I couldn’t stop myself and ended up letting moans slip out.
Eventually, my fingers got drenched with a fluid that definitely isn’t sweat and the speed my fingers were moving at increased more and more.


I was hit by an indescribable sensation, and with a deep sense of satisfaction, I fell asleep.


One late night, I was woken up by a voice and some rustling sounds.6


At first I thought that she might be having a nightmare but from the rustling sounds, it may be something different.

Nh…… Fha…!」

As I was wondering what it might be, a sensual moan escaped from Natsuki’s lips.

「…… ! (What are you even doing right now!?)」7

Realizing the source of the rustling, I almost raised my voice.
As I was agonized by the sudden events, Natsuki became soundly asleep after letting out a stifled moan for a while.

(It looks like she’s done… Finally.)

As I felt relieved and was about to go back to sleep, I noticed.

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(!? Eh, no way!?)

My underwear was damp.8 Then I recalled what had just happened and my hands reflexively moved on their own.

Ah ……!」

No! Although my mind said so, my hands didn’t stop.
In the end, I wasn’t able to stop myself from finishing, and with a lightheaded feeling, I fell asleep.


Morning has come. Natsuki stretches while getting up. Perhaps feeling refreshed, she seems to have woken up in a good mood.

「Morning, Ruti.」

As Ruti woke up after her, Natsuki greets her.

「…… Morning, Natsuki.」

Ruti, on the other hand, was slightly tongue-tied. It seems that her face is faintly red as well.

「? Do you catch a cold or something?」
「I’m fine, it’s nothing.」

Natsuki asked her in a worried tone but only Ruti replied as such. In a small voice, Ruti mutters to herself「… Stupid Natsuki.」9


  1. Lyly: Excuse me?
    Fire: Oh, you know what it meant. Don’t try to act clueless
  2. Lyly: Wait, excuse me?
    Silva: Lemme guess… did she grow a big “D”? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Fire: [insert shocked pikachu face] Wut
  3. Lyly: Lol
  4. Lyly: It really is happening
    Silva: M-m-master debating!
    Fire: Lewd! Ecchi!
  5. Lyly: Hopefully
    Fire: Hopefully soon™
  6. Lyly: … Excuse me? Ruti?
    Fire: Introducing, Ruti! Ruti has joined the party
  7. Lyly: Exactly
  8. Lyly: … What?
  9. Lyly: … It’s here
    Fire: Baka

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