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Chapter 70 – Battle Tournament 6

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Fenderson English Source: Re:Library

There are 5 adventurers here including me. They were strong adventures who have won so far.

A muscular middle aged man, a youth with a one handed sword, an old woman holding a cane, a tall Mohawk person, and me, a pretty girl with red hair.

Everyone glares, sizing up each other. But, I give a pleasant smile and wave at the audience.

The tournament commentator started talking.

〔Now… finally, the 452nd A-ranked battle tournament finals are here. I’m the chief speaker, Kyme Speech. The guest commentators are the three celebrity SSS-rankers with me. This game will start with the sound of the bell. Now… let the bell ring……..〕

The sound like a temple bell reverberated through the arena.

〔Now then…. let the match… begin! 〕

All the others are preparing support and attack magic.

I am in a different league in my quickness thanks to my enchanted gloves and shoes…

In other words, I can activate magic faster than anyone in the world.

I activate the magic Thunder Marches set to hit all the players including me so as not to miss.

I quickly move to the center of the field, manipulating the Thunder Marches to converge in the middle.

A surprised cheer rose from the audience. Good, good. The opponents were stunned from this sudden event.

When I reached the middle of the field, I poured 4000MP into my magic sword, strengthening it.

Since it was strengthened with lightning, it would look like a sword skill, except for high-ranked talents.

While strengthening the sword with a huge amount of lightning, I trigger a storm with「Secret Sword Song Technique・Eradication Four」.

The storm involved all the contestants except me… and disappeared with thunder. All that remains are the fallen adventurers… of course unhurt.

After a moment of silence the commentator speaks up.

〔Um… Gilmars-san… what was that….?〕

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〔Ah, right, that was her sword skill〕

〔ha… but such a violent attack, and the wounds…〕

〔If it’s about that, it’s the effect of that sword. Contestant Alim has such a sword, amazing isn’t it? Looks like it has an effect that it does not leave behind any injury on the one being attacked.〕

〔Well… that lighting… Parasuna-san?〕

〔That is Thunder Marches… as far as I can see, the skill is at its maximum. That girl used it as a diversion.〕

〔Then… all of that, there was no illusions…〕

〔Right, all of that, is that girl’s power〕(Uruto)

Hey, hey, hurry up… and declare victory.

Everyone might recover, ya know? Well, I do recon that they should remain unconscious for more than an hour.

〔…….this means, the champion is… Alim… participant Alim Nariwei~~~~~! The fastest, youngest first time champion… right here, right now, a legend is born~~~~~!!!〕

After the announcement of victory… there was a moment of silence. And then…

A flood of joyful Cheers!

As I had always done before, I put on a performance of bowing and smiling at the audience.

〔Champion Alim Nariwei will receive the following rewards! [Flag of Victory] and… 300,000 bells in prize money, skill cards, and an invitation to a banquet with the king…! Also, just now the three SSS-rankers, yes these three, have recommended that Alim Nariwei will be S-rank from today! And now, the [Flag of Victory] will be awarded by Gilmar Hercules-san_______〕

〔Ahem, that awarding, may We do it? 〕

Someone cut the announcer Kyme-san off.

Uproars could be heard after hearing the voice of that person. Also, I thought my heart would pop out of my chest.

That is because…

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〔Ki… King-sama!? It’s the King-sama!?〕

That’s right it was the King of Mephirad, this country.

〔Yes, indeed…〕

〔I, I… understand! Then, [Flag of Victory] will be awarded by the King!!〕

Haa, the King really comes down with his attendants.

What the, what the, what the heck?

And then he came over to me to present the flag…

Oh no, my hands are shaking.

But, he started to speak to me in a quiet voice. Perhaps quiet enough that only the attendant-sans and me could hear it.

「A red haired beautiful girl, as I heard before… are you Alim?」

「Y..ea… that is correct….」

「Hmmhmm, you know you don’t have to be so nervous?」

「b..but so suddenly, what is it…」

「haha, yes. Well, hmm, there are two reasons I came down… Hmm, the first one is that this will go down as a legend.」

「Umm… the second reason?」

「We shall talk about it at the banquet later, for the time being congratulations, small adventurer.」

「Thanks you… I am pleased…」

After that, they returned to the seating place for royalty. Even so, the King, he resembles someone I’ve met. Blond hair, looks like he’s in his late forties, and is well-dressed… but who could it that I’m reminded of?

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Kyme-san confirmed that the King was seated and then moved to resume.

〔…never thought the King would… ah, anyway! The victor is Alim Nariwei~~~~!  From now on I will call her [Heavenly Sword Girl]! I look forward to her future endeavors~~~!〕

You have obtained the title [A-rank Battle Tournament Winner]. As a result 200 SKP and STP have been obtained.

In addition, the name [Heavenly Sword Girl] has been added.

Furthermore, your title [Seductive Beauty] has been promoted to [Goddess of Charm]

So you can have granted titles displayed on the status…

Furthermore, I’ve gotten more SKP and STP. And the charm has gone up.

Participating in this battle tournament… I can say that I am glad I did it.

Nevertheless, the cheers for me are never ending.

It can’t be helped. I make a full turn while waving my hand, and give a wink.

〔Now then, everyone send Alim off with applause! Next the S-rank final will start at 1:30 that is 1:30___〕

I left as stated. Gabaina-san was waiting in the waiting room.

「Congratulations on being the champion, Alim」

「Thank you very much!」

「You’re not going to watch the next match? The winner will attend the banquet with the King with you the day after tomorrow, you know? 」

「No… it’s alright」

「Hmm… certainly, it might not be as interesting as what has already happened this time around」

Hmm? He doesn’t have a very good reaction?

What’s wrong?

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「Why is that so?」

「Unfortunately, one of the male contestants named Faust… he tends to do foul play, particularly targeting females and sexually harassing them, it’s not particularly popular with the public. I also dislike it. He had been suspended for about 5 years, but recently he was readmitted. He does have real ability but… Anyway, he has a high likelihood of becoming the champion… I think he is the type of person who would act disrespectfully to the King or try to do something to Alim…」

Ah, in other words, there is a hateful person who performs sexual harassment, and foul play, and it is possible they might win.

Well then, all the more reason to head home. Oh, I would like to hear who the B-ranked champion was.

「Is that so? In that case, I will head home. Incidentally, I did not hear who the B-ranked champion was… do you know who they are? 」

「Ah, Aa, about that….!」

Huh? Did his expression become lighter? Is it someone he likes?

「It’s a guy who is the team leader of the Fist Iron party, known as The Hand Asch. He has a scary face, but he is a good guy… he is an old pal… no, should I call him a bad friend? He’s an old friend. We used to play practical jokes… and my father got mad. Haha…」

As expected. I was right. He continues talking about the man called The Hand.

「Really, we were about the same strength… but he said 『No thanks, too much of a bother』 and decided to stay at B-rank. And then, he said something about 『killing some time』 and entered the tournament, but he showed excellent results and became A-ranked today! …that guy had troubled look on his face…」

「Hee, what sort of person is he?」

He continues talking.

「About that, he’s the type that takes care of business. Has a bit of a bad mouth. But he’s a man who is reliable in an emergency. Even though, his appearance is pretty bad. Many are scared of him. That’s why, now, I am telling Alim about him. In addition, I talked about Alim while drinking with him previously… don’t hesitate to talk to him at the banquet.」

「Is that so… I’ll talk to him if I have a chance.」

「Ah, you should do that」

I finished the conversation with Gabaina-san and returned to my residence.

I’ll celebrate a little today.

I shall eat a lot of Child Dragon steaks

After spending some time extravagantly, I spent some slow relaxation time then went to sleep.


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