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Chapter 68 – Battle Tournament 4

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Fenderson English Source: Re:Library

As soon as the match started, I adjusted my power appropriately and threw my knife at Kizam.

As expected, he tried to parry it with his swords.

In the instant when Kizam’s pair of swords made contact with my knife…!

Dokaan! And a huge explosion was made, the knife exploded colorfully like fireworks. He should have inhaled the numbing agent now.

Due to the abrupt and sudden explosion, the venue has become quite a scene.

When the smoke cleared, Kizam was down, paralyzed and cannot move.

Then the referee came to give his judgment. He then turned his palm to me.

Finally noticing what happened, Kyme, the comentator opened his mouth.

〔It… It’s has been decided!! It was just in an instant!! The winner of the previous tournament fell down in less than two seconds!! Fast! So strong! The winner is Alim Nariwei~!!〕


Applause! Ovations! Cheering! The call of Alim-chan rang out continuously.

I felt good, waved my hand, bowed, showed an angelic smile and then left the stage.

〔How did that hit Kizam just now? Gilmars-san?〕

〔That was a training knife. The amount of gunpowder is exquisitely adjusted so that it doesn’t cause serious injury, and it was set to mainly cause stun damage. Alim Nariwei’s strength can clearly be seen.〕

〔Then… did Alim make that knife herself? 〕

〔Hm, yeah, as a weapons collector myself, there is no other way for such a knife to exist〕

〔What an amazing choice……___________〕

Haaa… I was nervous…

I’m free until the next match… hmm, until my next game. I’ll sleep in the waiting room for a while!

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It feels like someone is poking (punipuni) my cheek…

Who could it be… that’s going punipuni on this Alim-chan’s cheek…?

Then the person who was going punipuni on my cheek finally said something.

「Hey, wakeup, Alim」

「Fue…? Who is it…? Who is it that’s going punipuni on my cheek…? 」

「It’s me, Gabaina」(Note previously I had it as Gabiina-san)

「Hoe…? Gabaina-san..? eeeeeh Gabaina-san!?」


Why is Gabaina-san here? Furthermore, he placed a blanket over me. How kind.

「Why is Gabaina-san here?」

「Ahh… it’s because Alim’s match is next.」

「Oh… thank you very much! So… who is my opponent?」


「Eh? Gabaina-san is it? 」


Gabaina-san has won his matches so far. As I thought, he is pretty strong isn’t he.

「Sorry… but I won’t hold back」

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「Of course! Likewise, I will also be putting forth my full power. By the way…」


「Why where you going punipuni on my cheek? Rather than say, shaking my shoulder to wake me…」


「Gabaina-san? A… it can’t be!?」

I put on a teasing expression on my face and lifted the corners of my mouth in a knowing smile and said:

「Did you just want to touch my cheek? Hey, hey, Gabaina-san, did you want to touch it? right? 」

「Th… that’s wrong」

「Then, why?」

「…. well…. that is….」

Muu… he won’t admit it… in that case…

「Honestly, if you admit to it, I’ll forgive you for going punipuni on my cheek without permission…」


「What will you do? Will you admit it? 」

「… th… that’s right.」

「fufufuun, that’s good! Then I’ll forgive you! 」

Oo, he admitted it. As I thought, my fair skin is very nice to the touch.

After all, I bathe every day, and message (munimuni) my own skin.

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…ara? Gabaina-san seems to be thinking about something.

「(In reality she was having a another nightmare… I just wanted to try make her smile… no, well, she certainly smiled… but it was such a mischievous face… I didn’t just want to touch… certainly… I must tightly hold onto my innocence…)」

「? Gabaina-san? Is there something the matter? 」

「No… nothing in particular. I have to wait over there, so I gotta go already.  Well then, later Alim. We’ll meet in a bit.」

「Hai, got it! Then, see ya later」

…………seems like the previous match is now over.

There will be a fight with 5 people who have wont the 4th round.

But, first I have to defeat Gabaina-san.

The staff told me to prepare. It is about time to enter.

First, Gabaina-san

〔He stunned his opponent in the 3rd round with his magnificent spear technique! In the 4th round how will he display his majestic spear technique!? The 440th, 442nd, and 443rd B-ranked tournament champion and the 447th and 448th A-ranked tournament champion… with a record of many victories! ≪Mister Super Spear≫, Gabaina Drangnia~~!〕

Hee, how many victories does Gabaina-san have? I might be able to do something like that if I got used to it. This might be my most powerful opponent yet.

Well then… it looks like my turn to enter.

〔The girl who beat the previous tournament winner in the third round! Will she show a high speed performance in the 4th round? Alim Nariwei~!〕

I enter with a different gesture from last time. I hear a lot of mentioned of my cuteness.

Fufuun, how is it? Cute aren’t I? Lately I feel as though I have become somewhat sly.

Well then, the match is about to start.

〔Alright, everything is ready! Let the 4th round begin! 〕

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