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Chapter 59 – Returning to the Capital

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Fenderson English Source: Re:Library

Fua… sleepy

It’s not even 3:30am yet but I should get up now because we are leaving at 4am.


At 3:30am, we all gather in the carriage, rubbing our sleepy eyes.

I was a little earlier to prepare a warm soup to invigorate us.

I even mixed an anti-drowsiness herb into the soup.


At 4am, the carriage began to move.

I feel like I might want to come back and sightsee again in this town.

I would take me less than an hour to run here so I can visit any time.


We had breakfast at 6am. The menu is almost the same as the first day. The only difference is we had cheese on toast.



From 7am to noon, I played Sugoroku1 with the others.

Similar to last time, Grape-san wanted to commercialize it. This time, we settled on me getting 5% of sales.

Lunch was deep fried white fish. This world seems to have deep fried foods, but I don’t eat them much. Everyone enjoyed eating the delicious food.


From 1pm to 3pm, I checked my status after a long time. The last name I gave to Tekito is shown on my status, huh…

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First off, thanks to hunting the monsters in the sea, my level has taken a huge jump, the typical amount of experience an adventurer would get for defeating a monster is about 1900 and I have gotten 910,110.

My total experience is now 3,267,300 and I have gotten to level 181. The A rank monsters sure give a lot of experience.

Additionally, it seems that level up bonus to HP, MP, STP, and SKP goes to 80 per level and 40 per level for the rest of the stats after level 170.


Since my STP has increased by 1650, I’ll add 1000 to all status. Now there is 1200 left.

Because of Item Master’s extra benefits, C (Dexterity) has increased so much I don’t have to worry about it, so I’ll dump the STP into A (Attack), S (Speed), and MP. I’ll put working on C (Dexterity) for the time being.

This is my current status:

– Status –

Name: Alim Nariui Level: 181 EXP: 3,267,300
HP: 9,340/9,340 (1000) MP: 9,845/9,845 (1200)
A (Attack): 5,180 (1400) C (Dexterity): 5,170 (1000)
D (Defense): 4,670 (1000) W (Magic Power): 4,870 (1200)
S (Speed): 5,270 (1600) STP: 0

– Skills –

[A(X): Thunder Arts – Extreme] Lv MAX [C: Summon Water Sword] Lv 2 [D(X): Fire Magic・Kai] Lv 0 [D(X): Water Magic・Kai] Lv 1
[D(X): Wind Magic・Kai] Lv 0 [D(X): Earth Magic・Kai] Lv 0 [E: Soap] Lv MAX [E(X): Sense Magic] Lv –
[E(X): Heal Magic] Lv 2 [E(X): Ice Magic] Lv – [E(X): Stone Magic] Lv – [E(X): Enhancement Magic] Lv –
[E(X): Weakening Magic] Lv –
[Item Master ★★★★★] Lv MAX [Sword Mastery Hidden Techniques ★★★★] Lv MAX [Sex Change ★★★] Lv MAX [Body Arts ★] Lv –
[Spear Arts ★] Lv – [Bow Arts ★] Lv –
SKP: 4610
Title: Dungeon Capturer of 「Fun」, Godspeed Growth, S Rank Monster Slayer, Monster Genocider, Superhuman, Godly Creator, Gift of fascination,
Badges: Forest of the Rainbow King


Speaking of which, SK1 have not been developed at all.

Well, I have Item Master, so it aught to be ok.


Between 4pm and 5pm, we encountered D and C rank monsters 3 times. I was thinking of going but the encounter rate is relatively high.

When I asked Grape-san, it seems that this road is a shortcut but monsters come out often. So, one has to hire an adventurer escort to take it, huh.

Going by the normal route seems to take twice as long. Does anyone maintain the road?


At 6pm, we have hamburger for dinner.

Hamburger seems to be high class food in this world.

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The technology to produce ground meat seems not to have been developed well.

We ate it with pleasure. Everyone was very happy.

One of the Driver-san’s said he wished I was his wife. Even Gabiina-san said 「Alim would make a good bride.」 they must be kidding.

「Please don’t tease me about that~」 I say, while laughing.


7pm to 10pm:

We ate dinner and cleaned our bodies, then played Othello.

It’s already normal that Grape-san asked about commercializing Othello. My intuition is that this will be a smashing success, so I asked for 8% and Grape-san agreed.

When we return, things will be busy won’t they?


At 11pm, I went to bed earlier than everyone else.

Good night-.


Three hours past midnight, both Gabiina-san and Alim where fast asleep, the coachman shouted out load.

He can identify monsters, but only their ranks. Because of that, he became an specialist driver for Mediana Merchant Association.

Therefore he was desperately calling for help with a pale face.


「A rank… A ranked monsters… three of them at the same time…!?」

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