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Chapter 42 – Parting With Seineforce

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library

「Sorry, there seems to be no available information about you…」

「Is that how it is?…」

The four members of seinforce along with me from the kingdom went directly to the registry office.

「Alim-chan…It seems that information about you cannot be found here」

Ruin-san informs me with an apologetic look.

Why were we here at the registry office?… Was it to look for information about [Alim]? Was it to find clues about myself because I told them about my amnesia.
I have expected there will be be no information tho, since I was someone who came from a different place or rather world, which is called [earth].1

「Umu…In any case there aren’t many people visiting Puppy village anyways… This sure is quite troubling…」

Orgo-san is also quite troubled by it.

「Alim-chan…. Sorry about this」

You didn’t need to apologize Lilo-san. I know that there would definitely be no information.

「So…From now on what will you do?… Alim-chan… I really want you to stay with us, but it seems to be imposible at the moment」

Myuri-chan also troubled and looks sorry, you do not really have to trouble yourself about it tho.

「Don’t worry about it, I plan on going to the guild to register, also I don’t have to worry about money since I still have a lot which I got that from the potions that have been sold to Arkin-san」

「…. We are really sorry about that since we still have a lot of works to do, but we will just continue our investigation and we will send you a message if we find something.」
「Don’t worry about it and thank you for everything until now!」

I bowed my head in thanks to Ruin-san and everyone.

「U~u… Alim-chan….gyu!!!」

Lilo-san please stop the hug attack at every opportunity you could have.

「U~u… Alim-chan….!!!」

Ummm… Myuri-san please please stop with the attack on my cheeks.

「… … …」

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Orgo-san…..You didn’t have to join in silently and just pat my head…

Everyone of Seinforce the cried out.

「We will be going then Alim-chan, see you around!」
「Alim-chan, I will definitely contact you again!」
「I will also contact you」
「Alim-chan, live strong alright? Well having the power to throw stones that fast means you have the strength. There seems to be no problem on that side. I mean I won’t even be surprised if got you’re at A rank when you register.」

Umu…It’s finally time to part I guess…
I wonder when we will be able to meet again.

「…Thank you so much, everyone!」
「We also give you our thanks」

__________ Then I finally parted from Seineforce and is now alone.

Alright! time to go to the guild.
But first I guess I have to find an inn.


  1. ED: an eerie place in the milky way

    TL:A place were a lot of people being kidnapped to other worlds

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