Chapter 13

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Author: Grim Reaper Anubis Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1918 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1209 words

I summoned my courage and unlocked the door.

“I… I’m done changing…!”

In order to cover up the sound of unlocking, I spoke really loudly. Naturally, my voice was tinged with nervousness.

How could I not? This was the first time I revealed this much skin! I’d be embarrassed even if the other side was Sister Angeline. On the other hand, I was also scared that my identity would be exposed.

In short, I walked out of the bathroom with a blushed face. Would I appear to coy in Sister Angeline’s eyes?

She looked at me for quite a while as my face got hotter from the embarrassment.

“Kyaa~ Charlie, you’re so cute!”
“A- am I…?”

Though I sounded quite uncertain, I was actually a little happy at being praised. I might be a boy, but being called cute in a girl’s swimsuit had somehow satisfied my subtle self-ego.

“This is the first time I’ve seen you in a swimsuit, your skin is so smooth,” She closed the distance and pulled my hand.

“I guess… that might be my only strong point?” Feeling embarrassed, I cast my glance to the side.

“How can you speak like that? You’re really beautiful, Charlie!”

Regardless of how beautiful I am, I’m still a boy… or so I thought.

Sister Angeline had also already changed into her swimsuit. Notwithstanding my embarrassment, the blush on my face became deeper as I looked at her feminine figure that’s been outlined by the swimsuit.

“Let’s go, I’ll introduce you to some people,” while speaking, she dragged me outside.

“Eh? Introduce… to who? Aren’t we going to the hot spring?” I asked in puzzlement as she dragged me along. Since I’ve never worn such skimpy clothes before, the cool breeze that assaulted me the moment we went out felt rather discomforting.

“We’re going to the hot spring of course. I have a few friends waiting for me there.”

Say what?!
There are others?!?!
I haven’t mentally prepared myself for this!!

As we walked past the corridor, we arrived at an outdoor hot spring. Although the spring wasn’t that big, the privacy was top-notch. The surroundings were covered by a bamboo fence.

The three girls in the spring looked over here, and when their sight locked onto me, I could feel the cold sweat flowing steadily in my heart. Though I didn’t show it on my face. This was the first time I wore a swimsuit and I already had to face so many people at once, the hurdle was too high!

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Angeline pointed at the girl with short blue hair and introduced— “She is the Head of the Elemental mages in the Magic Academy, Luna.”

“Hello, Sister Luna,” I greeted bashfully.

Then she pointed at the red-haired girl— “She is the grand mage who remodeled the new and improved Magic Crystal, Merlin.”

“How do you do, Sister Merlin.”

On that note, this grand mage Merlin was truly remarkable. She was the one who created the fire magic crystal that replaced the traditional stove. Her inventions had truly innovated our lives for the better.

Without any pause, Sister Angeline proceeded to introduce the brown-haired girl furthest from me— “And she is none other than the president of the Mage Alliance, Francisca.”

“Greetings, Sister Francisca.”

After I gave my greetings in succession, Sister Angeline introduced me— “And this is my sister, Charlotte.”

“Charlotte?? You’re saying the Saintess is your sister? How shameless can you be, Angeline.” The president of the Mage Alliance was utterly shocked.

“Isn’t it cold out there? Come sit over here.” The red-haired grand mage, Merlin, indicated me with a wave of the hand.

“Oh, yes…”

Rather than standing here as an exhibition, I’d rather get in the water to better hide my secret. Therefore… I dipped my toe into the water to test the temperature. It was a little hot, so I slowly set my foot into the spring. Ripples started to form on the calm water surface as I did so.

As soon as I sat down,
“Want some fruits?” The blue-haired Luna pushed a plate full of fruits in front of me.

“Thank you…”

My face became beet red not because of the temperature, but due to the embarrassment! Luckily, Sister Angeline soon found her place beside me, only then did I start to feel less awkward to be surrounded by strangers.

“How does it feel? Sister Angeline asked.

“Hm? What do you mean?”

“Of course I’m asking about the hot spring. There are miraculous effects for soaking in hot springs frequently, such as health benefits and beautification.”

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“I can feel my whole body melting,” I answered with a smile. However, it was a pity that it still wouldn’t change me into a girl no matter how miraculous it was.

“Saintess, here, eat this.”

Around this time, Sister Merlin passed a bunch of grapes to me.

Just as I took the grapes and expressed my thanks, the president of the Mage Alliance, Francisca, came over with two cups of red wine.

“Please accept this cup of wine, venerable Saintess—”

“Beat it, my sister doesn’t drink,” Without waiting for me to answer, Sister Angeline had seized the wine cup.

“I’ll drink for her,” following that, she raised the cup, “It just so happens that I also have an important announcement to make.”

“Aren’t we supposed to forget about work for the day?” Luna threw a grape into her mouth and said softly.

“It’s not about work. This is a great event concerning our life and death. The prophesied hero — has appeared.”

Then, Sister Angeline drained the cup in one gulp.
The other three all showed the same surprised expression.

“What did you say? A hero from another dimension has appeared? Didn’t that big oaf destroyed all the ninety-nine summoning gates?”
“Angeline, what kind of person is the otherworlder? Have you met them?

“It’s a young boy,” Sister Angeline answered promptly.

“Since he’s an otherworlder, he must have some sort of amazing hidden power.”

“However, are you sure someone capable of defeating that big oaf really exists??? Don’t you remember the insurrection from four years ago?! Even with several thousands of mages from the Magic Tower combined, we can’t stop her rampage. In the end, she left voluntarily because she got tired of it.”

“At that time, General Philip of the Crimson Flame was not in the capital, if not…”

“I don’t think his presence will make much difference, even our teacher— Langley, the great sage of Starlight Luminosity, didn’t stand a chance…”

I silently listened to their lively discussions. Every word that came out of their mouth made me recall all the bad memories of the past.

“Let’s stop right there.”

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Sister Angeline interrupted them with a composed face. It was evident that she was stirred up when they mentioned the name of her teacher.

“I believe in the prophecy of His Holiness. He had never been wrong since the beginning of time.” She answered firmly.

So, does that mean Sister Angeline believed Louie would be the one to defeat the Demon King?


I knew that wasn’t actually the case, the one she believed in wasn’t Louie, but His Holiness instead.


Even I can’t explain why the prophesied Saintess is a boy……


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