Chapter 12

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Author: Grim Reaper Anubis Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1799 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1258 words

The next day, it was finally the day I agreed to go to the hot spring with Sister Angeline.

Since we’re going on a leisure trip and all, I thought she’d wear something lighter, but in the end… she was still wearing that glittering robe and pointy wizard hat.

However, it’s not like I had the qualification to talk about her outfit anyway. Since I too was wearing my maid uniform.

She looked at me, slightly surprised.

“Charlie, don’t tell me you’re going in that outfit?”
“We have to change to swimsuits when we go into the hot spring anyway,” I smiled bashfully as I answered, thinking that I had become more courageous as of late. Because even though I’m a boy, I have the guts to go out wearing a swimsuit.
“Oh, you already prepared the swimsuit? That’s good then. As I said Charlie, you shouldn’t worry too much, I was as flat as you when I was fifteen. Heck, my height’s not even 1.5 meters then.”

I didn’t know how to respond to that, the only thing that crossed my mind was that if there was a special effect to “grow up fast” if one became the headmaster.

“That’s why, I’m sure you’ll grow up too,” she held me in her arms and continued, “Shall we?”

I unconsciously glanced at the main entrance. A feeling of unease for leaving the hero alone in the manor rose in my heart.

She should be able to take care of herself for a day right?

“How far is the place we’re going?” I asked Angeline.
“It’s quite far actually. Even with my magic, it’ll take a few dozen minutes.”
“A few… dozen minutes? Is it in a foreign country?”

Hearing that, I took out a hairband to tie my hair to prevent it from getting messy during the teleportation later.

“Let’s go.”

I hastily shut my eyes as soon as she said that. Soon after, I felt as if I had become one with the wind and flew away. No matter how many times I experienced it, I still couldn’t get used to that sense of palpitation…


After a while, we’ve arrived at the hot spring inn located at a mountain foot near the kingdom’s border. Sister Angeline traveled around a lot, so she’d find some interesting place from time to time, this hot spring inn was one of them.

Angeline received a guest key from the owner. She didn’t give me a spare key or anything and directly brought me to the room. As I stared at the double bed in there, all sorts of feelings welled up in my heart.

“There aren’t that many rooms in this inn, so we’ll sleep together for tonight.” As if to confirm my thought on the matter, Angeline said that to me.

“Are we… sleeping together…?”

Obviously, there wouldn’t be any problem for two girls to sleep together, but I’m a boy… Although still underage, it’s not like I’m a little boy of four to five years old.

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I began to worry if the nightgown I brought was fine or not, or if there was any tear on it.

Unbeknownst of my inner turmoil, Angeline proceeded to take off her wizard hat and hung it on the coat stand. As she let loose of her long black hair, a fragment smell soon assaulted my nose.

Her hair is kept in such good shape.
I still remembered Angeline’s hair only reached shoulder-length when she was still 1.5 meters tall.

“Hm? Why are you looking at me like that, Charlie?”
“Oh, I just thought you maintained your hair really well,” I answered hastily.

She let out a soft hum and smiled, then she pulled up her hair ends and put on a big sister act.

“That’s because I dry them with magic after washing my hair.”

She demonstrated to me by releasing a cool breeze from the center of her palm. I was totally speechless. Since I could only dry my hair near the fireplace every time, it couldn’t even begin to compare.

“Big sis, are you an Elemental mage? I see that your magic power is morphed into wind-type before it is released.”

Actually, I’m also asking on behalf of Louie since she once asked me if Angeline is an Enchanter.
Louie— that’s the name of the hero.
And I’m the only one who knows her name.

“It makes no difference once you get to my level, but that’s— the correct answer.”

She winked at me and did a finger gun gesture.

“My root is indeed the elemental magic.”
“Headmaster o’ headmaster, you wouldn’t happen to be this casual in front of your students too right?”
“Of course I wouldn’t, but you’re special.”

While saying that, she took off her robe and revealed her perfect figure.

“W- what are you doing?”

Seeing that she intended to continue undressing, my face turned red as tomato immediately.

“To change into the swimsuit of course, aren’t you going to change, Charlie?”

As I stammered, she continued to undress and proceeded to unbutton her clothes. The clothes drooped a bit and revealed her alluring shoulder as well as the shoulder strap.

“I’m— going to change in the bathroom!”

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I picked up the pink swimsuit to cover my red face and rushed into the bathroom.


I leaned against the bathroom door and took in deep breaths to calm my nerves.

Big sis wouldn’t suspect anything and just associate it as my lack of confidence to undress before her right? If that’s the case, then it wouldn’t be strange to change separately. I carefully locked the door to make sure it didn’t make any sound. I took extreme care to make sure no sound was produced because I wouldn’t want big sis to misunderstand me! I was worried that she would be hurt to know that I even had to lock the door to change clothes.

But I really didn’t have a choice! What if in a one in a million chance, she opened the door and found that I am actually a boy, that I had always been lying to her, what should I do then?

She trusted me so much, to the point that she didn’t even mind undressing in front of me, and yet I had been deceiving her all along, I just felt really guilty toward her…!

I took off my maid uniform in silence and folded them neatly, underwear included. Then I started putting on the swim skirt.

Since this wasn’t my first time wearing it, I wasn’t as agitated as before. But of course, the main reason is that I didn’t look into a full-length mirror.


Even if I don’t look into the full-length mirror, I can clearly tell how flat I am, it’s not even an A-cup, nor will there ever be a cup. Sigh… at least it is covered up by the frills. Although there are breast pads that are waterproof, I’ve already decided not to lie to myself…!

Next, I took the pareo and tied it around my waist to cover up the slight bulge. And with that, I’m done! I had a feeling that this pareo was designed to cover up the flat-chest, but put it on me, I could only use it to cover one thing and not the other.

After I put on the swimsuit, I looked towards the door.

If I just walk out like this…
There wouldn’t be any problem, right?
I feel so restless.


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