Chapter 74: Versis’ hero Annero [2]

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Author: Kobayashi Homare Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2186 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1008 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

–––Annero’s viewpoint
Everyone went silent and looked at Luvias. The hero’s parties from Bordaule, Barius, and Versis were gathered here, as well as thirty priests. There were other thirty men wearing lightweight equipment too. Apparently they usually worked as spies, but Luvias had asked them to participate in this mission as well. I was not sure if it was the best idea to have so many spies essentially reveal their identity like this, but men with their skills would definitely come in handy during our mission.

“First, this mission must be kept secret from anyone else. We don’t know how many demons are mixed in with the regular servants of Strom’s king, and there’s the possibility that their guard ranks and civilians have been infiltrated as well. So don’t reveal our true mission to the king or any other person there. Also-”

At that point she stopped talking and signaled with her eyes, which prompted multiple soldiers to come carrying wooden boxes. Inside each box there was a set of plain clothes, a common sword, and some pieces of leather armor.

“I’d like the priests to wear this. If a large group of priests enter the city wearing obvious robes, our plan will be ruined. First, Diaria and I from our party will go to the king’s palace and meet with the king. He has summoned us for a meeting, we don’t know what for yet, but we can’t refuse. So just two of us will go, as Bordaule and Zelvis’ heroes. My master, Karin, and Ciel will wait in the city.”

During our flight from Barius, Lapis had told us most of the details already, and we could only assume that that meeting was something planned by the demons. We also had reasons to believe there were not that many demons inside the palace, so Luvias and Diaria should be strong enough to fight them there.

“Now the main part of the plan. All priests will have a spy with them to keep them safe, and will scatter all over the capital city before casting a large spell over the entire city. If it works out, all the demons there will get into a weakened state, while also disrupting the flow of magic in their bodies. That means that if they’re concealing their true appearance with magic, it’ll instantly get revealed. That will lead to commotions in the city, so as soon as my Master, as well as Bandit and Annero’s party hear cries, they’ll go there and take care of the demons. Is everything clear?”
“No issues here. I’mma do my best when the time comes, I doubt most soldiers will be able to overpower a demon even if it’s weakened after all.”
“I have no problems with the plan either. It’s my duty as hero to fight demons.”

I had traveled all the way here for that reason. My title as hero meant the people expected me to protect them. So if I was helping them by fighting, I would gladly do it.

“It will be a bit tricky to sneak Annero into the city, so the plan will go a bit differently with him than with Bandit. Versis’ party will publicly enter the city, the news of which should spread quickly and possibly prompt the demons to tail them. I feel a bit bad for using them as bait, but it’s the best plan I could come up with.”
“I don’t mind, rather, I’m glad I can serve as a distraction. If I can gather their eyes on me, they’ll be less watchful over the hostages.”
“I’m glad to hear that.”

In short, the strategy was to send Luvias and Diaria inside the palace, while everyone else scattered through the city. Once the priests cast their spell, we would comb the city and eliminate all demons. That sounded easy enough on paper, but we did not know exactly how many demons there were. It was very possible that there were far more demons than we had anticipated, and we also did not know how strong they really were. I had no intention to fall in my first battle, but if the enemy was as strong as me and Bandit… I could imagine it would be a harsh fight. But it was too late to turn away, and things would just get worse if we ignored them, so we really did not have much choice other than fighting.

“That’s our strategy. We’ll commence the mission in a few days at 8pm, we’ll spend a few days undercover in the city so everyone can memorize the city layout, and search for any miasma traces where demons have stayed for too long. But really commit to heart any escape routes you can find, saving the hostages is a priority, but if you die trying your efforts will be for nothing. If you feel your life is in danger, don’t hesitate to retreat. We heroes are prepared for anything, but you priests and spies should prioritize your lives. Now, does anyone have any questions?”

No one had any. Instead, all their eyes were burning with determination. Luvias looked satisfied seeing that.

“Alright, let’s depart then. Master, Ciel, Diaria, if you may please.”
“Let’s go.”
“I’m on it.”
“I’ve never carried so many people, but I’ll try my best.”

There were a lot of people gathered here, so I thought even Lapis would have trouble using Flight Magic on everyone, but she looked perfectly calm as she slowly made everyone levitate. Ciel and Diaria were supporting her as well, so they did not seem to have issues transporting so many people. We would travel together until we got near the capital of Strom, then we would scatter and enter the city at random times. We had to mask our presence as much as possible from the demons.

(I’ll have to do whatever it takes so this mission is successful.)

I reaffirmed my decision as I watched the scenery scroll by below us.


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