Chapter 148: Orders to return to Zelvis

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Author: Kobayashi Homare Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2980 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1375 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

After Magna’s arrival in the capital, he quickly went to work to restore public safety across the country, and Bordaule soon regained its old peace. But no matter how many buildings were rebuilt, and how many famished people were fed, the lost lives would never come back. Bordaule was clearly weaker than before. The capital still looked desolate, though it got better today. A large crowd had gathered, all of which stared daggers at a group of people atop a platform.

“Please stop! Spare my life! I’ll do anything, so just-”

Nobles that had been stripped of their rank were fixed on the guillotine one after another, and every time their heads fell, the crowd cheered like crazy. They were all the men who had sided with Stied, abusing their ill-obtained authority and the black knights’ power to commit all sorts of heinous crimes. Their houses had all been investigated, all their properties and riches confiscated. This noble’s wife and daughter would follow him soon. I felt bad for them, but it had been proven that they had partaken in his crimes as well.

While every head that fell sent the crowd into maddening cheering, it only made us more depressed in the hero’s party. We had no hesitation when cutting down our enemies in the battlefield, we never regretted it either. Everyone in the battlefield was ready to take other lives, or lose theirs. But even though we knew they were all criminals, it felt wrong seeing them die even though they pleaded for their lives.

“…It seems it’s almost over.”
“Yeah, there’s only one left.”

Diaria had also come back to the capital. She muttered with a low voice, and Luvias answered with a stern nod. The last person up there, whose head would be severed, was her older brother Stied. He had been pale and barely moved when the executions began, losing all motivation to even attempt to escape. Though no matter how hard he tried he had nowhere to go.

“Finally he’s there!”
“Kill him already!”
“He hurt my children so much!”
“Give me my wife back! You fiend!”

The crowd began shouting at him. Experiencing something like that should be enough to show Stied just how much he was hated, even with how self-centered he usually was. Even if he tried to say something, all he managed to do was to flap his mouth senselessly, his face going from pale to a ghastly white.

Tears began forming in his eyes. He desperately looked from one side to another, trying to find at least one person who still supported him or wanted to save him. But Leble had cut all ties supporting him, and all the nobles who had propped him on the throne once lay in front of him, their heads chopped off. There was no one left who would side with him.

Two burly knights forced Stied on his knees and tied his neck to the guillotine. Stied tried to beg for his life with a weak voice, but the crowd’s thunderous roars completely drowned it, so I could not tell what he said. A knight hoisted the blade high, and the crowd became deafeningly loud. As the blade began to fall, I felt like my eyes met Stied’s, but it happened so quick it was probably just my imagination. A moment later his head was spinning freely, and his severed neck began spewing a torrent of blood.

That concluded the execution of the criminals. There were some in the crowd who cheered with their fists raised high, others seemed to cry with joy, there were all sorts of reactions. Eventually the excitement began to wear off, and the cries became more audible. Prince Magna appeared in front of everyone, and they quickly fell silent.

“This takes care of all the people who caused this coup. I’ve confiscated all the items they obtained through illegal means, and I promise I’ll use them to better your lives in the future. I know I can’t bring you back any relatives and loved ones that were killed by them, but please don’t despair and try to make the best of this new life.”

It was already decided that Prince Magna would be the next ruler, so everyone listened without complaining. Though I could tell not everyone was thrilled about it. Eventually the crowd was told to disperse, and everyone slowly headed back to their homes. We also wanted to go back home, but we still had something to do in the palace.

“First of all, thank you for working so hard. I really can’t express my gratitude to all of you enough. If there’s anything I can do for you, no matter what, feel free to ask without reservations.”

Prince Magna said that the moment he saw us. We had not done that expecting some sort of reward, but I felt like not requesting anything would be a bit rude as well.

“Luvias, you choose. You’re the hero after all.”
“Master…okay. Well, I want each of us to get fifty gold coins, and brand new equipment. We’re constantly having to fight for our lives, and I feel like we don’t even have time to sharpen our swords.”
“Is that all? Are you sure you don’t want anything more?”

Magna looked confused hearing such a small request, which did not feel befitting of our service in battle.

“I can’t ask for more in good conscience, considering the state of the country. It’s not like we’re mercenaries fighting for money either.”
“…Okay, I understand. I’ll get you the gold coins really soon. New equipment might take some time to source. Also…”

I thought that was going to be everything, but Magna still had more to say. He readjusted his position on his seat, and looked at Diaria.

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“Diaria, you’re Zelvis’ hero, correct?”
“Me? Ah, yes. For now at least.”

Diaria had not expected to be addressed directly like that, so she was a bit flustered before nodding.

“Zelvis’ president sent us a request, which I’m passing to you now. He wants you to return to Zelvis, since Bordaule is too unstable at the moment.”

Diaria had told me how she was selected as hero in the past. Zelvis was struggling to find a hero, and she was unlucky enough to be selected as one. But she would have died if she tried to challenge a Demon King alone, so she was sent here to join our party. They had also heard about our training school that seemed to make anyone stronger, so they hoped she would gain the skill befitting a hero as well, which had largely been accomplished. But now they wanted her back? Exactly what had happened?

“I’m sure you know there have been many more monster sightings in Bordaule lately, but apparently the same is happening in Zelvis now. The army and the adventurers already have their hands full handling them. I’d wager that’s also part of the reason why they want you to go back.”

So that’s just his guess, though he was seldom wrong. Bordaule was a large country, and things were already getting tough here. Considering how much smaller Zelvis was, it would not surprise me if they were in a far worse situation when it came to monsters.

“I see. I’ll go there immediately then. Everyone, you heard him, so I’m sorry but-”
“We’re going with you, obviously.”
“Don’t even think of going alone.”
“Gotta go pack then.”

She had thought of going back alone, so she stared at us with her mouth open in shock. Everyone laughed seeing her reaction.

“Diaria, we can get there much faster with Flight Magic. And I’m sure whatever is happening there will get resolved way faster if we go together.”
“Lapis…thanks. Alright, let’s go together then.”

Zelvis was a republic, a strange political system. Diaria had been born there, and it was inhabited almost exclusively by elves. Going there by foot could easily take multiple months, but Flight Magic would shorten that to just a few days. I wonder how the people of Zelvis would react to seeing Diaria after all her training? It was exciting just thinking about that.


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