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Chapter 109: Back to the guild [2]

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Author: Kobayashi Homare Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2483 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1051 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Night came and the dark streets became crowded. They were a different type of people than those I saw at day time though. Workers finishing their shifts and looking for a place to drink their exhaustion away, travelers looking for an inn, or adventurers returning from outside the city. Most of the citizens ate at home, and some also chose to camp outside too. It was common for the first floor of inns to be a dedicated eatery, offering food to people, which meant the streets were bustling even late at night. That also gave an easy way to convene with others in secret, without standing out.

The guild and Grom’s castle might be under heavy surveillance, but it was impossible to watch every inn in the entire city like that. I went to an inn a short distance away from the main road, and sat in a corner of the first floor as I waited for someone.

“Sorry I kept you waiting.”
“Don’t worry, I just got here too.”

I felt someone approaching, who then sat in front of me with a bright smile. It was obviously Camille. We were both in the inn, which was not the Golden Wheat Pavilion.

“I’m glad you received my message.”
“Well, Rio has become a really skilled waiter too. There was no need to worry.”

After I left the guild, I went to the Golden Wheat Pavilion which Camille had mentioned. I reserved a room there, but left soon after, asking Rio to tell Camille I would be in this other inn if she came to the Golden Wheat Pavilion.

I knew our entire conversation in the guild had been overheard, so I was not dumb enough to try meeting her in the Golden Wheat Pavilion. I went there to reserve a room, just in case, and then left a message for Camille to go elsewhere. When Camille went to the Golden Wheat Pavilion, my room was empty, and Rio would tell her where to find me.

Even if someone was tailing me, it would be of not much use, since the inn was much noisier than the guild, and it would be impossible to overhear anything. If she was the one being tailed, she had her past experience as an adventurer too, so she would know how to lose them. So in the end, we were pretty sure we could talk safely here.

“You aren’t shocked to see how much happened while you were away?”
“I am shocked. I didn’t imagine the entire power hierarchy could crumble like that.”

I called out to a passing waiter and ordered some ale, while Camille just looked conflicted.

“Anyway, I guess you want to know about Maria and the other two girls, right?”
“Yeah, I heard the guild was taking care of them so…”
“Mm, they’re safe. When Krieck heard Grom was being restrained, he got to work to protect them.”

Camille began telling me what happened as she drank some of the ale I ordered. Apparently Krieck organized a group of trustworthy adventurers, and sent them together with Miranda to our house. Luvias’ maid Sepia had been to the guild before, but Maria and Rina had never been there. That was why Miranda went too, as a friendly and trustworthy woman.

“Me, Krieck, Miranda, and those adventurers are the only ones who know this. Krieck has prepared a couple of secret hideouts throughout the city.”
“Secret hideouts?”
“Yeah, on paper they have no connection to Krieck or the guild, but they’re paid for and maintained through the guild’s secret funds. I had never heard about them until now too. Apparently Krieck has them in cases like these when he needs to protect someone.”
“Huh…well, he needs to think of things like that as a guild master.”
“I know. He can be so cunning sometimes, not even telling me after I worked there for so long. Though that also makes him trustworthy.”

Even though we were a long way away from the capital, Krieck was clearly more than capable for his position. I was impressed with his ability to make quick and appropriate decisions.

“Their location should be written here, so check it out later. What are you planning on doing from now on though? I hope you aren’t thinking of laying low and continuing hiding.”

She grinned saying that. She knew me well enough, and my propensity to hit back when poked, so she did not even consider the possibility of me escaping to another country. And I had no intention of doing so.

“I’m obviously planning on striking back. I still need more information though. Things should go well if we find Prince Magna safe, but in the worst case we might need to have Luvias start another rebellion and storm the capital with her.”
“Luvias, hmm…do you think you can convince her to do that though?”
“She has a really strong sense of responsibility. There’s no way she would let the country crumble like this and selfishly save herself. She might not say anything yet, but I know she’ll eventually stand up against Prince Stied. I don’t mean to force her into anything, but I know that’ll happen after enough time.”

Luvias had always said she was supporting Magna so she could have a calm and peaceful life afterwards. But now that Stied had taken over the throne, she would never be able to live like that. So whether she wished for it or not, things would eventually happen the way I anticipated.

“You know her better than I do, so you’re probably right. I think I should be going back home now though, take care.”
“Mm, thank you for everything. And be careful too, Camille.”

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Camille was not the kind of person to get drunk after a single glass of ale. She stood up and walked straight to the door, and vanished into the night streets without looking back.

“Well…I should go check up on Maria then.”

I held the note Camille gave me and stood up. I looked around just in case, but felt no eyes on me. I fastened the triangle bandage on my head again, and since I still had some time free I left the inn.


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