Chapter 62: By chance, Freya [2]

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Author: Kobayashi Homare Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2328 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 943 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

–––Freya’s viewpoint

“Any news about the enemy?”
“According to our spies, they’re not moving currently. They’ve stayed still after taking over Berj.”
“And what happened to the residents?”
“The enemy’s attack was so swift they had no time to evacuate.”

The soldiers all looked dejected. If the entire armies from both sides clashed we would likely win, but we had not even considered the chance they would take hostages. If they used all the people who were still alive as shields, there was nothing we could do to attack back. Everyone here, including the king, knew of that possibility, but none dared mention it.

“…If they use the people as shields, don’t bother and attack anyway.”

Everyone looked at the king in disbelief. The usual kindness in his face was completely gone, his eyes sharp as he repeated himself.

“Attack anyway. Even if we were to stand back and spare their lives, that doesn’t mean they’ll get released safely. So if we want our best chance at winning, we should attack even if it results in a handful of casualties.”

He was right. Our enemies had no respect for life whatsoever, so even if we did not attack, all those people would be tortured endlessly or fed to monsters, either way, they were going to die. Though even then…

In truth, I wanted to rush out there and rescue all of them. Simply taking down the monsters’ leader ought to render the majority of their army senseless. And I was confident that a little provocation from me could easily lure their leader out, but I was not too sure I would be able to take them down. If I had at least one more person supporting me, things would go much better… But even then I was a hero, I was here knowing how dangerous this would be. If my plan worked, all those lives would be spared. I was about to tell them my plan to hear what they thought when we heard something loud outside.

“What happened?!”
“Are they attacking already?!”
“Keep the king safe!”

The royal guard rushed to the king’s side, while the generals that were with us in the tent ran outside. I also got out as quickly as possible, but contrary to my expectations I saw someone I recognized.

“Freya?! Why are you here…”

She was just as surprised to see me as I was seeing her. But that much was obvious, we were from Lumielle and Bordaule, but met in Strom. Still, why was she here?! Had Luvias’ party all come here as reinforcements from Bordaule? All the soldiers surrounding her with weapons ready hesitantly lowered them after seeing I knew her.

“Is this someone you know, Freya? Why is she here?”

The king walked out from his tent and asked me.

“She’s…one of the members of Bordaule’s hero’s party. Her name is Lapis, an adventurer powerful enough to take a Lich down single-handedly, and a proficient teacher with many splendid students.”

All the tumult from earlier calmed down when everyone noticed the king was in their presence. Lapis had gotten so well known that her name was spoken even outside her own country. Including Lumielle where I was from, and Strom.

“So you’re that Lapis everyone keeps talking about.”
“Yes. I’m pleased to make your acquaintance, your majesty. I’m Lapis.”

Wearing a short-sleeved priest robe, she introduced herself and bowed in front of the king. Some strands of her golden blonde hair fell to the side of her beautiful face, creating a scene perfect for a work of art. She was so charming even I as a woman was taken aback, while the king and all the soldiers seemed almost bewitched by her.

Cough… Since you’re already here, does that mean all of Bordaule’s hero’s party is coming as reinforcements?”
“I’m terribly sorry, but it’s only me for now. The hero Luvias and the other members left with the army from our capital, but instead of looking for them I came straight here.”

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Hearing it was only one more person helping them, everyone looked down. But my party and I knew different. Unlike everyone else, we had seen her in action before, so we knew just how much help she could really be. There was no one else we wished more to have as a helper.

“Don’t lose spirit, your majesty. Lapis is stronger than me, nay, than all of the heroes from every country. She’s worth at least ten thousand soldiers combined, and with her help, we’ll certainly win this war. And if things go well, we might even rescue the hostages.”
“Are you sure?! Is that true?!”

Everyone looked at her shocked. It was hard to believe that so much power could be hidden behind a peerless beauty like her, so I could not blame them. But she smiled trying to make them feel at ease.

“Anyway, I’m not sure of how much help I’ll be in the actual fight, but I’m sure that if we work together, we can save a lot of people. I’m sorry to switch topics so soon, but I have a plan to take down the enemy leader while freeing all the hostages at the same time. Will you hear me?”
“Of course. If we can save even one more life, then we’ll help you in any way we can. What are you thinking though?”

Having acquired the best reinforcement possible, I prompted a strategy meeting with Lapis that went on until late at night. The next day, the plan to rescue the hostages was set in motion.


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