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Chapter 59: A confrontation with her brother [1]

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Author: Kobayashi Homare Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2124 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1085 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The next day Krieck began working straight away. He contacted his current provider of paper, asking for details on the manufacturers so he could appoint them as helpers. Next, he checked up on the magicians loitering in the city with nothing to do, gathering them in the grounds where the factory would be built saying it was a special request from the guild. The land that was part of the training school was quite large, so building a factory there had little to no impact on the school’s operation.

Meanwhile, I was also busy on my end. First I handed over the two hundred gold coins to Krieck, then posted a request only for beginners, and began teaching the workers how to remove impurities from paper. At first, they reacted badly, annoyed at the fact that a beginner like me was lecturing them on how to do the job they had their entire lives, but when they saw I produced whiter and more resilient paper, they quickly changed their stance.

We priced the collection of materials at the same rates as picking medicinal herbs, and the requests could only be taken by beginners, so that made it possible for more beginners to have access to them without higher-level adventurers hogging them. There were a few adventurers who started complaining that they never got that treatment when starting off, but I knew that if we listened to them things would never change for the better, so I ignored them.

“I finally feel like an adventurer!”
“Thank you! I’ll do my best collecting those materials.”
“You might run into monsters in the forest so be careful. If you think it’s too dangerous just run.”

Rick and Amy, the first collectors I hired, departed to the forest with bright smiles. I was prioritizing adventurers like them as the first hires, so we had at least a reserve for when the factory was completely built. Gathering materials was something we would also need regularly, so even if we could not hire all of the beginners, a large part of them would be able to take those requests.

“Lapis, thank you. New adventurers will have an easier time rising through the ranks now, and you even managed to lower the guild’s expenses. I can’t thank you enough knowing you’re doing this on top of being part of the hero’s party.”
“I’m glad I was of help.”

I felt he was exaggerating a little, and it was not like I did that entirely out of my own goodwill. I had been spending more time with the hero’s party rather than at the guild, so I wanted to do something for the guild so they would not get annoyed at my constant absences. After my experience in the past, I was terrified of getting on people’s bad side. I hated the idea of garnering a bad reputation again and slowly losing a place to stay in.

Either way, I had done as much as I could, the workers would handle the rest. I just had to go back to my usual lifestyle and work hard, and everything would be alright. I had been able to help them a bit, while also gaining some passive income for the future, so I was sure the guild would get better.

§ § §

–––Luvias’ viewpoint

After defeating Behemoth together with Master, I was getting more confident in my skills. Though I had no intention of flaunting them or boasting of them. We had fought with our lives on the line, the battle so fierce even Master got hurt, but I felt like having survived that made me realize something.

My awkward relationship with Karin and Ciel had gotten much better as well, the distance between us closing after going on countless adventures together and now they regarded me as one of their own. I had even gotten used to talking more casually, or like they put it, loosely. Diaria had always been open about everything, so things had not changed too much with her, though she had proven to be a reliable comrade.

I wanted to fight alongside them more, I wanted to venture into the Haunted Lands with them as soon as possible, but my position did not allow that. As the hero, and more importantly as a princess, I had to regularly meet with my father. Traveling there by carriage would take way too long, so I ended up asking Ciel and the others for assistance, who carried me and Sepia to the capital with Flight Magic.

“Luvias, I’ve heard your actions have cheered up many people. I hope you’ll continue doing so.”
“No need to worry, father. I will become a hero that can protect not only the citizens of Bordaule, but those of the entire world.”

We had an audience with my father as soon as we got there. Ciel and the others were waiting for me in my room. There would be no talks about a salary or anything, only a meeting to catch up with my father, so I did not want to bore them for no reason. Once the meeting was over, my father encouraged me to keep going and I bowed deeply before leaving that place. The nobles lined up along both sides of the hall looked at me with slimy and vicious stares. In simple terms, they were displeased with me, given they always thought of a woman as a tool for lust. I did not remember there being that many like them before, but I felt like they were increasing at an alarming rate.

When I was merely the third princess, they had never given much thought to me, my chances of inheriting the throne being low as they were, but as soon as my name became synonymous with a hero, they quickly changed their attitudes. Many of them had begun asking me to marry into their families, realizing the power that would come with it…but I would never do something so foolish.

Disliking the idea of marrying any of them was the very reason why I had escaped to live under my Master, so who in their right mind would want to return to such a vile lifestyle. Thinking about all that had worsened my mood and without realizing my footsteps rang coarser and my face turned sharper, the maids and servants I passed by shuddering as they saw me. Noticing that I quickly calmed down.


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