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Chapter 55: Past the limits [2]

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Author: Kobayashi Homare Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2749 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1280 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Titis fell on her knees. That was the obvious reaction to surviving one’s first battle. Having lived knowing Behemoth would one day attempt to take her life, and then watching the battle to rid her of that burden would leave anyone exhausted.

“I see. I guess we should thank you as well for putting that old vow aside?”
“No need for that. Though…well, I have a little favor to ask as well.”
“A favor?”

I could not read Behemoth at all. Not because he was disfigured by rage, but there was simply such a wide gap between our races that I had no idea what his facial expression meant. But at least the tone of his voice made me think he meant no ill will to us anymore.

“I’m sure you can tell, but that battle left me wounded and without strength. It’s quite possible I might fade out of existence at this rate. That’s why I’d wish for…the spirit magic user over there to form a pact with me.”

Diaria shouted in shock. I was also taken aback by the weird favor. If he asked for any strange terms, she would have to refuse, and I would hate for her to get into a similar situation as the founding king.

“Will…that have any adverse consequences on Diaria?”
“If the pact is formed, I’ll consume a small portion of her magic power every day, so her overall power might decrease slightly. But that’s the only downside. On the other hand, she’ll be able to summon me any time she needs my help, so I believe the positives outweigh the negatives. What do you think?”

He turned to look at Diaria at the end, who was still conflicted at the sudden request. If he was telling the truth, then in the future she would always have the power of the Great Spirit Behemoth on her side. Considering she had no strong spells like Ciel, it ought to be a very desirable outcome…

“What do you think, Diaria?”
“H-huh? Ah, well, if I can do it then sure, I would like that, but am I really good enough? Wouldn’t it be better if you did it?”

Behemoth and I replied at the same time.

“I’m not a spirit magic user so I can’t form such a pact.”
“Exactly. And spirits are supposed to offer more power than that possessed by the person, so even if I could form a pact with her, it would be a disgrace to my pride as a spirit. That’s two reasons why she’s not a candidate. Could we hurry it up then? I might disappear any moment now.”

Even as he spoke his body was turning more transparent. If we waited too much he would fade away entirely.

“Ahh…alright! I’ll do it. Behemoth! My name is Diaria, tell me your true name!”
“Good. My name is Sol, and you shall be my master from this day onwards!”

The moment Behemoth, or rather Sol, uttered his name, Diaria’s body was covered in a magic glow. Then Sol turned into countless specks of light that slowly vanished inside her body. This was my first time seeing it, the pact between a spirit and magician. Once the ritual was over, Diaria began moving her body in different ways and looking at herself.

“Hahh…I can feel my magic power has decreased a bit, but I don’t think it’ll really matter much… What?!”
“What happened, Diaria?”

She suddenly held her hand next to her ear, as if she was talking to someone we could not hear. Slowly blood drained from her face and she turned pale to us.

“Wh-what is it…”
“Oh no! A tsunami will come to the coast thanks to the earthquake Sol caused!”
“Are you serious?!”

I knew that earthquake did not only affect the cave! We had to hurry to the surface and evacuate everyone…but how? At this point, we would hardly be able to get a handful of people before the wave arrived. Maybe we could build a wall? But that would also take too long. Even if we got a wall tall enough in one place, the water would spill in from the sides. My brain kept working trying to come with ideas when Bandit spoke.

“Chill out Lapis! Xanthus should be able to control the waves without much issue! My magic power might be lacking to do anything, but I’m sure ya can! Go, run to the surface and save everyone!”
“Please do it for me too! If saving my life meant sacrificing most of my citizens then my life is worthless! There’s no time to waste so go!”
“Alright! I’ll have to heal you all later then!”

I unsheathed Xanthus and ran up the stairs as fast as I could, and once I saw the door leading to the palace I charged through it without worrying, then breaking through any walls and windows that stood in the way between me and the outside. When I was out, I flew towards the sea.

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“Ah! It’s so close already!”

I could see a wave, tall like a giant wall heading straight towards the city. The people were already in a panic, running from one side to another unsure of where to hide. Almost no one would survive if the wave hit them like that!

“I’ll never let that happen!”

I flew as fast as I could, the trail of wind behind me picking up tents and roof tiles, but I had no time to worry about that. Standing right in front of the wave, I pointed Xanthus at it and imbued the blade with as much magic power as I could while shouting.

“Stay baackkk!!”

As I screamed, a powerful torrent of water spewed out of Xanthus. When it collided with the wave, it formed a whirlpool around it destroying the straight wave, scattering small drops of water like rain condensed to a small spot. I could feel the power of the wave through the hilt, so I leaned forward while grasping the sword with both hands to oppose it.


I won’t lose! I won’t give up! I’ll never let anyone die because of my incompetence! If this wave can overpower me then I was never a hero, to begin with! I don’t care if I die here, at least I’ll stop this wave with my life!


As I poured more magic power into Xanthus, the tidal wave began to slow down. At the same time, it seemed to understand my will, breaking apart and lowering in height, until eventually, it became a regular wave. By then I hardly had any strength left, too tired to stay in the air properly and I fell down. After a while, my view turned blue and I saw bubbles and foam rising, and seconds later I understood I had fallen in the sea. I forced myself to swim to the surface and the first thing I saw was a port built over the sea.

“…Hahah…I did…it…”

My weakened hand let go of Xanthus, which sank to the bottom of the sea. As I left control of my weakened body to the waves, I noticed many people swarming the port. They were trying to find me to rescue me, and that was fine by me…I was too tired and had to rest a little.

“Are you alright?!”
“Hang in there!”
“We’re coming to save you now!”

Many strong arms reached out from a fishing boat, and as I was hoisted up I let go of my consciousness.


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